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Your connection to the metaphysical world and to the gifts given to us by the DIVINE.

Spiritwalk is a web site and newsletter directed at those interested in learning about or understanding the spiritual world that surrounds and is a part of us.

Our societies and our world are changing. Sometimes we feel that we are at the brink of destruction and yet there is so much more to be proud of and to share in. With this site and newsletter, we hope to help you transition into the richness of life that is spiritually based while joyfully celebrating your life and journey.

As our lives flow and change, within the awakening spiritual energies, we find that our sense of reality begins to shift and change. Our perception shifts an we embark on a new way of functioning. This journey can be both frightening and exhilarating. Allowing others to open paths and introduce you to the possibilities presented in various belief systems and from guided sources, allows you to find and even create a path that your soul can travel, that meets your needs and desires. One that is for you travel while you become whole.

Taking responsibility for your soul and it's growth can be one of the hardest yet most rewarding things you will ever do for yourself!

Life is a journey no matter which path you choose. It is the journey that matters not the destination. Most importantly, this is a journey that you may begin alone, but if you allow it, it will not be a lonely journey for many travel these paths.


Come and Renew your faith in the Divine, in yourself and in the gifts we have been given in this world. Maybe too we can begin to heal our bodies, minds and souls and our most precious gift, this Earth.



Cheryl Camillo