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Tarot Cards
Tarot cards have had a place in human society for a long time, at least five hundred years and probably a lot longer than that. Their beginning is obscure and unknown. The tarot cards represent the obstacles and growths that each person must endure along the path of life. Reaching the end of a cycle is not the end but a return to the beginning, to be repeated with new obstacles and new challenges.

Tarot decks are normally divided into two sections, the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana represent stages and major influences on each stage of your journey. The minor arcana represent the separate facets of each stage. They are aids to understanding what is occurring or why something has occurred.

The fourth card in the Tarot Major arcana is "The Emperor". The Emperor represents all that is good and bad with the father figure. To begin to create a life, a home, a business or a family. It is the creation of our life ethics and ideas, and putting these things into effect within our life. If reversed it can be a challenge to look at ourselves realistically. Have we become tyrants, unable to view all sides of a question and therefore unable to grow and continue on our path?

The Emperor


The crystal pictured below is howlite. Howlite is known to have calming effects and is very useful in stressful situations. It allows the brain to rest from wearying thoughts. This is also an excellent stone to use as a sleep aid.

To use howlite I have found that it is beneficial when placed under your pillow or in your pillow case at night. In the morning be sure to place the stone into the sunlight and allow the howlite to re-energize.

If you intend to use any of the healing properties of the crystals mentioned in this newsletter, it is important to remember, that if you are under a doctor's care that you continue any medicines that have been prescribed. Many crystals do have healing powers but they should first be used to harmonize the body's chakras, the energy centres. This will allow any medicines to work more effectively and to treat only the ailment.

Meditation and the Sounds of Silence

Ideas for meditation can come from nature, songs, animals, even our collective human experience. We've been taught that we don't have a collective human experience or instinct but we all will react instinctively to the beat of a drum, to the sound of thunder, or to the sight of a new baby. Watch a young child when she or he hears music. The light of joy that comes to their eyes, the shake of the hand if they are too young to stand and the bounce and sway that comes when they can stand and dance on their own. The feel of the natural rhythms that surround us and beat through us have a way of refreshing and revitalizing the spirit. Meditation allows you to tap into this resource for your own good.

Take the time and insights that meditating gives you to look at yourself and the world around you realistically. Not every situation is as it seems, confrontations can be ignited by fear, jealousy or envy not alway anger. Most of all enjoy the experience of meditation. It is not mysterious, a lie or waste of time. No time spent on healing you body, mind and soul is ever a waste.

Hints to ease your path into meditation

Sometimes when you are beginning to meditate, visualization can be very helpful. It can be difficult at times as we are not use to picturing items in our minds. We can remember telephone numbers, names and other important lists but it can be difficult to picture a place or an item. It can be difficult for you to follow a meditative thought when you begin to visualize things in your mind, so use the mental creation of the pictures as your meditation. You will find that you still will feel refreshed when you return to the now. To start simply try to picture a place that you have recently visited. If you find it difficult to remember the place, bring all of you senses to play. What did you see, hear, touch, smell and taste? Sometimes you will find one of your senses is stronger at remembering. You can use this sense to start the visualization process. Slowly reconstruct the scene and in your mind walk again the paths and experience the joy of the time spent there.

Meditation Thought for the Month
Divine Mother, I have heard Thy voice whispering in the fragrance of the rose. I touched Thy tenderness in the softness of the lily. In the whispers of my devotion, it was Thy love that answered.
By Paramahansa Yogananda, "Metaphysical Meditations"