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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Relationships - Soulmates

The world today presents us with many varied meanings for "Soulmate" and the search for that special someone can become all too consuming. By definition "Soulmate" is someone so like you that you could be looking at your spiritual double: the same emotional response, the security of knowing who you are talking to and so on. We have television commercials telling us that we can meet that special someone if we check into this web site or that dating service. Unfortunately in this life and in this physical state of being we are alone and when confronted with the myriad of pressures and injustices we hope for someone to stand with us. So the search for "that special someone" or "Soulmate" begins.

To examine the state of a "Soulmate" we need to understand our own unique creation and answer a few basic questions.

  1. Do we all have a soulmate?
  2. Are they here for us?
  3. Who are we looking for and why?
  4. What choices do we have?

Most spiritual beliefs have a starting point for creation but many others also believe that we have always been and always will be, that creation was instantaneous and we will continue to exist until we are all absorbed back into Source/God/Goddess. The Eastern religions seem to have a better understanding of the duality of nature. We are a duality and from the point of creation, for lack of a better description of a starting point, that duality, soul and soulmate have existed like twins.

One of the souls charts the path to experience an incarnate life of lessons, tests, defeats and victories while the other agrees to experience vicariously in order that they can provide support through intuition and psychic awareness. They walk with us for as many lives as they will but like our incarnate existence here sometimes one will out grow the other. Even with all the lessons we come to learn we don't come without a support network, whether we are aware of them or not.

This begs the question of "Who then are we looking for?" At the bottom of our need is the hope that there will be someone to offer us a hand up when we fall, a sympathetic shoulder or an unconditional love reminiscent of the love of our divine parents, God/Goddess. We forget that this strength and love also resides within us and we must experience the love and strength of self before we can find it truly reciprocated by others. The human incarnate condition is one that restricts our senses and our awareness of connection. Society adds to the alienation by segregating our human race by petty differences. When we finally become aware of these inner strengths and take the time to learn to stand alone and love ourselves, society again censors us and "normal" once again takes on a new segregated meaning. It is the ultimate in divide and conquer mentality. Becoming aware doesn't erase the desire to have someone but it does change the urgency we attach to finding this person, the type of person we will accept and what if any sacrifices we will be willing to make.

From a growing spiritual out look we begin to search not for a body but for a soul that resonates similar knowledge, growth and who may be on a similar path. Is this someone you will marry? Not necessarily. We find resonating similar souls in all facets of our lives; grand-parents, parents, potential spouses, sons and daughters, girlfriends, boyfriends and a host of acquaintances that we pass by every day of our lives. It is why some people say they can't talk to their spouse but they may have a friend that holds all their secrets, hopes and dreams. The love of a similar soul need not be the all encompassing, all consuming passionate love of lovers but it does offer a safe haven for when you feel like you have been beaten up by the world at large and an uncensored, unrestricted love. While we may never really feel a totally unconditional love in this life, a similar soul offers us a love that comes close. Similar souls will come and go from your life as you need them and as you both grow, only a few will remain for a life-time of support and love. For those who find them in their own families, like myself, you can feel blessed for there are many who walk a portion of their path alone.

As for the concept of unconditional love, it is probably the easiest love to understand but the hardest to practice. Unconditional love is the celebration and thankfulness that someone is, period. Not what they do, what they say, or what they own but a true joy that they are part of your life and for whatever experiences they go through.

I hope you open yourself to the possibilities this offers and that you will continue to walk this path of discovery with me for we are richer when travel together. Blessings.



Fluorite is a very common constituent of life if you live in North America, it is in it's other form fluoride and it can be found in toothpaste and drinking water. Folklore attributes Fluorite to be the creation point of rainbows because of the vibrancy and colour range of the crystals. The colours of Fluorite are yellow for internal organ health, green for the respiratory system, blue for inflammations (joint discomfort) and violet for opening and clearing your mind. Some gem literature also mentions that the colour variations found in Fluorite can be attributed to it containing a small amount of all the other gem stones.

Fluorite is symbolic of taking ownership and responsibility for your actions and decisions and your willingness to follow the life path that lies before you. Fluorite also has the same benefits to body's bones and teeth as fluoride and was used in past ages to help combat the effects of arthritis To use in the treatment of arthritis laying the crystal over the affect area and let it pull the pain from the joint. It has been used in the treatment of respiratory dysfunction and skin diseases.

On the spiritual side, Fluorite also has the ability to strengthen psychic connections and open the mind to the possibilities that exist outside of the every day reality, without being caught up in the exhilaration of potential. It is also been used to open up outlets for concealed emotions. Green Fluorite has been suggested as an aid for releasing pent up wild energies while grounding the emotions.

Fluorite should be cleansed under lukewarm running water and left to sit in the sun for a day.



"On Worldly Pleasures"

"Wisdom's fire is burning. I am feeding the flame. No use sorrowing more! All perishable pleasures, all temporary aspirations I am using as fagots to feed the eternal fire of knowledge. The old cherished logs of desire that I had saved to fashion furniture of pleasures, I cast into the hungry flames.

Ah, my myriad ambitions are crackling joyously at the touch of God's flame. My ancient home of passions, of possessions, of incarnations, of many kingdoms of my fancy, of many air castles of my dreams - are all being consumed by this fire of my own kindling.

I am beholding this blaze not with sadness but with joy, for that fire has not only burned my home of matter but all the sorrow-haunted buildings of my fancy. I am glad beyond the wealth of kings.

I am king of myself, not a fancy-enslaved king of possessions. I own nothing, yet I am ruler of my own imperishable kingdom of peace. I am no longer a slave serving my fears of possible losses. I have nothing to lose. I am enthroned in perennial satisfaction. I am a king indeed."

From Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda