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Crystal Divination - Major Stones

Crystal have been used for healing for centuries but they can also be used for divination. In the ages before reading and writing the folklore of crystals was wide spread. Crystals are divided into Major stones and Minor stones similar to tarot cards. The 12 Major stones, with allowable substitutions and meanings are:

Crystals can be cast in a Gypsy method or selected from a covered tray. Using a covered tray is used most frequently with the minor stones, and will be covered then.

The Gyspy method uses the 12 Major stones and a pebble to signifiy the one seeking an answer. Begin by drawing an 18" circle on the floor or ground. The one seeking an answer holds the stones while thinking about the question and casts them into the circle. If the pebble goes outside of the circle, cast again. If the pebble leaves the circle for a second time it is best to wait a day and try again. Any stones that land close to the centre of the circle represent events that will happen sooner rather than later. Any stones that land close to the pebble represent events that will directly affect the person seeking answers.

As with all crystals after a reading the crystals should be cleansed, recharged and stored according to their specific needs.



Sardonyx is part of the Chalcedony family and it is a composition crystal with layers of Sard and Onyx. Sardonyx can range in colours from black, brown, red to white. It is mentioned in the bible as one of the 12 foundation stones in the walls of New Jerusalem. With it's wide colour range Sardonyx can work on many parts of the body. It was said to help lower fevers and calm raging tempers.

Sardonyx is a stone that helps the wearer to see things as they really are and not as they would prefer to see them. It allows for greater self-control and sharpens the mind. Sardonyx can help aleviate depression and is very benefial for lung and respiratory tract infections. Allowing the energy from Sardonyx to soak into the body over the areas of the liver and the back will release discomfort and to allow for greater healing. For best results with Sardonyx consider the area of the body you wish to heal and then opt for specific colours. Red sardonyx is very stimulating, brown is for grounding, black is for absorbing and the white will purify. Together these colours create a balance which allows the body to heal without disturbing the energies of the surrounding colours.

To cleanse sardonyx you should place it in a bowl with hematite stones overnight or under running water every week. Charge Sardonyx by placing it in sunlight for a few hours.



More and more today we are bombarded by people telling us what we should eat, what we should say, what we should do and who we should like; what we often forget to do is listen to our own guidance. If by listening to our own soul's response to people, places and things we can save ourselves heartache, pain and trouble, maybe it's time to learn to listen to yourself. In conversations and in reading you will come across things to which your body and soul will react to and it's important to start recognizing those signs. The unexplained shiver across your back or the slight discomfort in your chest and number of others are things you would be wise to pay attention to because they speak to a truth or untruth that your soul recognizes. It may be part of someone else's path and circle but it doesn't mean it has to be for you. Your soul tries very hard to communicate it's ages old knowledge but most of us are taught at a very young age that it's imagination. It's time for us to teach ourselves and our children that it's acceptable to listen to our "gut instincts."

If when you meet someone or are introduced to someone and your stomach turns or you feel uneasy, listen to yourself, save yourself disappointment and potential heart-ache.

If you are talking to friends, acquantances, doctors or advisors and you get a discomforting pain or feeling in your chest, close to the solar plexus, be aware that the "truth" they are trying to tell you is not your truth nor is it the truth of your own soul or divine spark.

In conversations, listening to a speaker, in reading and you get an unexpected shiver up, down or across the back or body, pay attention. This is speaking a truth that you need to hear and possibly incorporate into your life. The feeling "someone is walking across your grave" shiver is something that has stirred your soul into remembering a truth. Will it make your life easier? Possibly, possibly not. However what is important is that you recognize it for what it is. Truth be told, living a good, spiritual life isn't easy but finding and listening to your truths can at least make the road more bareable.


Smudging for a New Day

Starting each day with a small ritual of cleansing can help you get through tough days and can help to bring simple joys into your life. It helps to bring you fully into this existance but can let you remain connected to your guardians, guides and angels. It is also an excellent time to spend a few minutes reviewing your dreams for messages and intuitive insights. In today's society everything is very time based, the problem with this is that time is a man-made concept. It is something that both dogs our every step and skips by us at an amazing speed. Taking time to feel the essence of the day helps you to step outside of the confines of time to allow you to function more productively.

  1. Remain in bed for a few moments. Remind yourself of all the positive possibilities that are available to you today and each day. This is also an excellent time to review any intuitive dreams.
  2. Slowly begin to stretch and rise from your bed. Have a smudge stick, incense or oil burner near by. Light it and allow the scent to surround you and fill the room with clean energy.
  3. Stand and face the direction of the rising sun. Feel your spirit's connection to the earth and remind yourself that you can stay connected and grounded throughout the day.
  4. Imagine the sky above you and feel your spirit stretch to the heights. Know that your source, guides and angels are here to help you soar above the mundane disappointments of everyday life.
  5. Stretch your senses to connect with all of the elements to help you stay balanced and in tune with the simple joys and abundances of life; joy, peace, strength, wisdom. Feel the force of their impact as a warm, golden glow over the solar plexus.
  6. Review all of the tasks and jobs that lay before you today and visualize yourself completing each task confidently, efficiently, and easily.
  7. Extinguish the smudge or oil burner but allow the scent to surround and follow you during your morning preparations.


"My Offering to Thee"

"Divine Mother, with the language of my soul I demand realization of Thy presence. Thou art the essence of everything. Make me see Thee in every fiber of my being, in every wisp of thought. Awaken my heart!

Beloved Father, my wordless chants of yearning for Thee will sing in cadence with my heart-throbs. I shall feel Thy presence in all hearts. I shall watch Thy hands working in the law of gravitation and in all other natural forces. In the tread of all living creatures I shall hear Thy footsteps.

Thou unseen Charmer of Souls, Thou art the fountain flowing from the bosom of friendship. Thou art the rays of secret warmth that unfold buds of feeling inot blossoms of endearing, soulful words of poetry and loyalty."

from Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda