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Numerology is the divination of your path and personality by assigning a value to each letter in your name and totalling up the numbers. There are 3 main divisions of numeric systems; the Pythagorean, the Hebrew and the Hebraic. Each table has it's own benefit so it is up to the user to decide which is best suited to their needs. Also it is a fun way to get some understanding of self and of purpose. Click here to view the three different numeric system tables.

The resulting numbers are the Digital number, the Heart number and the Personality number. The Digital number is the essence of the person and the driving force behind their life but it must be balanced and examined under the numbers of the heart and personality. The Heart number is an indicator about the inner person as they wish themselves to be and can include secret aspirations. The Personality number is how the rest of the world views this person.

To obtain the Digital number add all of the values for all letters of the name together and reduce to a single number.

To obtain the Heart number add all of the vowel values together and reduce to a single number.

To obtain the Personality number add all of the consonant values together and reduce to a single number.

Numberology Meanings

Number 1 - Is the number of the Creator, a primal generator and it is a very powerful number. As your digital number a 1 can extremely forceful or you can be extremely obstinate, you would want to rise to the top of which ever position/career you chose. You have a one-track mind and your word is law. You must find a way to balance humour and your feelings of superiority in order to achieve a balance throughout life. 1's are either very memorable people or crashing bores.

Number 2 - Are naturally reticent and will more readily agree to comprimises. 2's may seem placid but be aware that they are always aware and planning their strategy for success; therefore they can seem deceptive. 2's enjoy quiet times and they are aware of the need for balanced dualities; no male without female, not good without bad.

Number 3 - Are bright and full of life. 3's can be accomplished in many tasks but rarely do they bother mastering one type of trade. 3's are very intellectually minded with a sharp, witty sense of humour. 3's are charismatic but rarely bother trying to settle down. 3's also dislike obligations and they can be overly independant and proud.

Number 4 - Are usually happy to be in the background and can be self-righteous and usually found plodding along in life. 4's can be resentful and dislike anyone who is creative or who will upset their comfortable life. 4's can also be very powerful if they allow themselves as their number is found everywhere in nature; 4 seasons, 4 directions/cardinal points. 4's can be discribed as "pillars of society."

Number 5 - Are clever and charming. Their energy is usually of a sexual nature and they can make excellent bedmates however they may not be the most faithful of lovers, if badly placed in their number. 5's like to move and dislike being tied down to one location for too long and this can include their chosen occupations. 5's dislike constraints and resent limitations. "5's may be dangerous to know but great fun to watch."

Number 6 - Are true homebodies, enjoy harmony and are very even tempered. 6's make excellent mates, wonderful parents and loyal friends. 6's will stand for their principles or for the right of a friend to stand for theirs. 6's can be like a sunny day if well placed in their number.

Number 7 - Are mysterious individuals that can seem stand-offish if you don't know them. 7's usually hide their true feelings and can go through life disillusioned and unhappy and therefore may be bitter and extremely sarcastic.

Number 8 - Are those who show an unwielding amount of determination to see something through. 8's are tough and they find things to be either black or white. 8's can win or they can loose but either way they do it big and with all that is available to them. 8's also have a tendency to be very materialistic.

Number 9 - Are idealists and are more than capable of being able to realize those ideals in their lives. 9's are the wise counselors. 9's are passonate, strong willed, determined and emotional charged to follow through on their dreams. 9's can be impulsive and be unwittingly critical without realizing what they've done.

Numbers 11 & 22 - While these numbers will reduce to lower numbers after another reduction it is important to notice that they occurred. These people are the true masters. They are exceptional and can grasp concepts in the most obsure ways. They will border on genius.


Crystals & Gemstones


Soapstone can be found around the world and it varies in colour from whites and grays to pinks and red to greens and yellows. Soapstone is a very soft stone and is often used in sculptures or carved for jewelry. Soapstone is known to have healing properties for skin irritations and rashes. It can be ground and applied as a paste or in an ointment over a variety of skin irritations. Ground soapstone can also be used to absorb excess sweat from the body. Even today you can find soapstone in many cosmetics.

Psychically soapstone is an excellent stone for emotional people to wear because it is a soft stone is allows the wearer to perceive ways in which the world and they can exist without loosing themselves in the turmoil that can surround them. Also it is a good stone for people, especially children, to help them succeed in school and work because it can impart a feeling of ambition and a will to strive to do better. Soapstone is especially a good stone as it will allow children to develop their own personality. Soapstone can be used to balance the body's glandular system and is particularly good for the throat chakra.


Raw Soapstone

Carved Soapstone

Thoughts of the Season

Christmas is fast approaching and we are seeing more and more that we are drifting further away from the meaning of Christmas. When did it become so important that whatever "Aunt Susie" or "Uncle John" gave to one they had give to all the others? How can you compare the love that someone holds for you in their heart to a dollar figure?

We have forgotten that Christmas is a time for family and community, and a time to share the bounty of the fall. It is a time to celebrate community in which we live, the family that supports us through the events of our lives and friends that come and go from our lives like the seasons. It is a time to watch the Earth take time to slumber and rest and for us to follow her example. Also, Christians will also celebrate the birth of Christ; however it isn't enough just to celebrate His birth, we have to reawaken what He taught, and it was taught by all the great masters not just by Christ. We are all interconnected, that we are all Divine children and that we need to stay connected with those who are important to us.

I ask that this year, you make a vow for yourself and your family to be more connected to your own God-centres, to our Divine Parents, to enjoy the simple abundance given to us each and every day. Make this your reality this Christmas so that it may follow you and give you support and so you know that you are never alone.

May the Father and Mother God keep you and bless you all this Christmas.


Monthly Meditation - I Am in All Places

"I am beholding through the eyes of all. I am working through all hands. I am walking through all feet. The brown, white, olive, yellow, red, and black bodies are mine."

"I am thinking with the minds of all, I am dreaming through all dreams, I am feeling through all feelings. The flowers of joy blooming on all heart-tracts are mine."

"I am eternal laughter. My smiles are dancing through all faces. I am the waves of enthusiasm in all God-tuned hearts."

"I am the wind of wisdom that dries the sighs and sorrows of all humanity. I am the silent joy of life moving through all beings."

by Paramahansa Yogananda "Metaphysical Meditations"


A Christmas Vow

"I will prepare for the coming of the Omnipresent baby Christ by cleaning the cradle of my consciousness, now rusty with selfishness, indifference, and sense attachments; and by polishing it with deep, daily, divine meditation, introspection and discrimination. I will re model the cradle with the dazzling soul qualities of brotherly love, humbleness, faith, desire for God-realization, will power, self-control, renunciation, and unselfishness, that I may fittingly celebrate the birth of the Divine Child."

by Paramahansa Yogananda "Metaphysical Meditations"