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Divination by Chinese Astrology

With the beginning of the Chinese New Year on January 29th, the year of the Dog, once again the quest begins for knowledge of what this year will bring. As with western astrology, the Chinese have used animals to symbolize the strengths and qualities inherant in people. Unlike western astrology however, those born within the year have the qualities attributed to each sign. The 12 year signs for Chinese astrology are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit/Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. The Chinese year began on the 29th of January this year. The year does not have a staturatory value like the western calendars, it is based on the phases of the moon and is therefore changeable in relation to the dates we use. On average the Chinese New Year can begin anywhere from the end of January to the middle of February. It usually coincides with the second new moon . That said The following years are attributed to each of the signs:

The traits are as ingrained into the nature of the sign as in the animal itself. As with all traits they can be placed well in the sign or they can be ill-placed. I've also included the hour of the day that is governed by the sign. In Chinese astrology all aspects of a person's birth are noted as they all represent intergal facets of how that person's life will unfold and the prospects that will come to influence their life.

In slightly more advanced divination each of the signs has the potential to be governed by an additional set of traits. These relate to the natural elements of the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each adds it's own mailability to the traits of the sign. Years that end in 0 or 1 are said to be Metal. Years that end in 2 or 3 are said to be Water. Years that end in 4 or 5 are said to be Wood. Years that end in 6 or 7 are said to be Fire and years that end in 8 or 9 are said to be Earth. The synergy of the elements are based on the natural flow of the elements. Wood is burnt to produce Fire; Fire turns wood to ash for the Earth; Earth holds the metal until it is mined; molten Metal flows like Water and water returns to nourish Wood and so the cycle continues.

The traits attributed to each animal sign are either magnified or lessened depending the element that is attached to it. A quick synopse of the elemental impact follows:

For a truly complete reading one would have to consider the year, month, date and hour of birth plus a calculation of the number and types of elements for each of the times. Also would be include branches of fate, codes of times, lucky dates/times, forces at work and elements at which point the telling would be as detailed if not more so than a typical astrology chart from western astronomy.

A brief projection of what each sign could expect in the Year of the Dog:



Moonstone is normally a translucent stone that can vary in colour from a pale off-white to a pale green or pale blue. Moonstone has be used by ancients for a deeper connection to the Moon and to the intuitive side of human nature. In some cultures moonstone is given to a new bride to boost fertility and to encourage a large family. Moonstone is considered a very sacred stone in many parts of India and Indonesia. It is the perfect stone for women because of it's ties to the feminine and the Moon. It is also a strong stone for remembering that our lives are based on cycles and that those cycles are ever present in our lives.

Moonstone has the ability to calm and soothe tempers and emotional upheavals bringing forth a sense of harmony to the wearer. It has also been used to help women regulate and balance their hormones, thereby easing menstrual discomfort and easing the discomfort of pregnancy and labour. Due to moonstone's affinity to the feminine psyche, women are sometimes advised not to wear it during the full moon or during menstration. Moonstone has been used in the treatment and strengthening of the immune system, digestive tract and lympatic glandular system.

To cleanse moonstone the preferred method is to place it in a bowl with dry hematite once the menstrual cycle is finished. Recharge the moonstone over night in the light of the full moon.



Programming can be such an insidious thing in today's world. Some of it coming from loved ones with true concern for our well-being. Other programming comes from the world at large and seems destined to upset and to send shock waves of panic through our lives. For example, from end of summer on we hear of flu vaccine shortages, we hear of possible pandemics, we hear of increased cases of influenza and respiratory illnesses in our major cities. All so you can be "made aware" for your own protection. So when do you stop letting yourself be ruled by these attacks on you health and well being?

The answer is simple ... now. While I understand it's easier said than done, you have to take control over your reactions and what you will truly let influence you. You have the right to turn off the news and put down the paper. If it's important you will hear what's necessary but without the negative, fear mongering talk that follows. The world will carry on with it's own charted course as we continue on with ours. That's not to say you won't catch a cold or the sniffles but it doesn't have to bloom into anything worse. If it does, then you haven't listened to your body, or you haven't tended to your needs and obligations. These needs and obligations are not the ones that family and friends put upon us. These are the obligations that we wrote into our life chart of experiences. While we may not appreciate those experiences, they do help us to grow and hopefully become wiser. If we accept these experiences as lessons, and learn from them we don't have to repeat them.

So as you walk along your spiritual path, take charge of what you will allow to influence you. That strength flows through you as your divine right to know what you need to be healthy, strong and safe.


"Reveal Thyself"

"Divine Beloved, make me know, at once and forever, that Thou hast always been mine, ever mine. My error-dreams are past, buried in the sepulcher of oblivion. I am awake, basking in the sunlight of life in Thee.

The ocean of God's abundance flows through me. I am His child. I am a channel through which all divine creative power flows. Bless me, Father, that above all things I seek Thee first, as befits Thy true child."

From Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda