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A New Awareness

As 2015 begins we may find ourselves full of hope for the new year and for all the promises that this new beginning brings. It will be important to remember that while there will be new beginnings, there will also be many more endings. Many of these ending may indeed seem overwhelming but are truly part of the re-balancing needed within our own spirits. The energy changes and shifts will still continue although they should not fluctuate like those of 2014. Again of year of change is upon us and it is important to be calm and loving as each of us travels along our life path.

Moments of Doubt

Recently, I heard a program discussing the moments of doubts that seem to plague people. The reference then turned to Christ and how he doubted his path in the garden of Gethsemane and asked for the chalice to be passed to someone else. Yet the person discussing these events went to blithely about quickly he moved forward with the path that laid before him. I began to wonder about the message, hidden as it was for the rest of us, about inner strength and what we face.

We all face moments of doubt and it doesn't matter what the issue is. It can be as simple as what road to take or as difficult as whether or not we give up our life for something or someone we hold dear. Moments of doubt, like our dramas are dependant on where we are in our lives at any particular moment. Moments of doubt plague us, whether we are sure of our spiritual path or not. They are an overwhelming and constant voice that plays in our heads. Should we, shouldn't we, is there another option, is there someone else or somewhere else to turn to? All of these are valid questions and the emotions raised need to be dealt with.

Spiritual leaders, prophets and others seem to brush aside the emotions that plague those of us who are struggling and yet their sense of doubt can be just as great if not greater than ours. This is not something that we or they can breeze through with a deep breath, although at times it may seem that way. Moments of doubt are real and are a natural and necessary part of all spiritual and daily living. It is through these moments that we gain clarity and much more.

As we experience these moments of doubt we tend, as humans, to go within ourselves. We search not only for answers but for our feelings, and our gut reactions. These moments create within us the communion with our divine source and we acquire not only knowledge but trust, forgiveness and strength. These moments of doubt are dealt with deep within our spirits. Yes, we may seek the advice of others who care for and support us. We can search online and in books for options and opportunities that these moments have created for others. Yet even with all of this external information, we will find something missing, something intangible but critical. Hence the need to go within, alone, and into the very depths of ourselves. Sometimes we are lucky and we find a light that is bright and comforting and at other times we can be met with darkness hidden in despair and fear. These times are the times that change us, that mould our paths, that allow us to come forward to change ourselves and our world, if need be.

These are the times that try a soul's resolve and sometimes we break before the onslaught of the change. This is never a failure but a chance to renew our path, correct our direction and ease on into a new reality. The world continues on as it has but subtle changes can be seen. Our moments of doubt create ripples in those we care for and in our selves and can become something much greater than the fear and hesitation that others see.

Moments of doubt are in fact the seeds that burst forth into life. They are challenging in their complexity and are both a hindrance and a boon. How we face these moments shape our being and our growth.

I bid you peace as you work through your moments of doubt and become the being you desire to be. Blessings.



Sodalite (Revisited)

Sodalite is a very common crystal. It's dark blue colour and white mottling make it an easily recognizable stone. Sodalite is available from a wide range of countries including the United States, Brazil, France, China and Russia. Sodalite has a long and varied history. Ancient writings attribute protection and inspiration for artists in all trades. Sodalite fell out of popularity during the Middle Ages but has since re-emerged to its rightful place for spiritual strength and healing.

As a tool for physical healing, Sodalite has been shown to have a beneficial effect on blood pressure and various circulatory systems of the body. As an elixir, Sodalite has been used to help control mild diabetes, but it should only be used with consultation of someone qualified to create elixirs. Sodalite has been shown to help clear glandular blockages and clear neural pathways. Sodalite also can have a balancing effect on a body's metabolism and can also aid to re-balance many of the mineral levels needed within the body, especially calcium deficiencies. Sodalite has also shown itself to be a positive sleep aid. It is said that Sodalite worn close to the throat can help heal vocal cord, larynx, and other throat problems. Sodalite also is known to boost the immune system. Those who work in all forms of radiology will benefit from wearing Sodalite, as it helps the body rid itself of excess exposure to harmful radiation and chemicals.

Spiritually, Sodalite is a crystal of inspiration. Sodalite opens the spirit to a more harmonious existence and in being able to see all sides of issues and problems that arise. It helps the wearer clear mental cobwebs and blocks that can hinder spiritual growth and inspiration and can make it easier to find and follow your spiritual path. Sodalite is also a crystal of communication and allows the wearer to find the appropriate words and means to express their thoughts and intentions. Sodalite can also aid in helping to break old patterns of behaviour in order to create new openings and beginnings.

Sodalite can take a long time to take effect on the body and therefore is often worn for long periods. Sodalite like many other healing crystals will show subtle signs of needing cleansing. The crystal itself can become dull and even begin to change colour ever so slightly. Sodalite should be cleansed weekly under warm running water and then allowed to recharge overnight in a bowl of fresh water with clear quartz crystals.

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Thoughts for February & March

The days have begun to grow in length and now we can see that change. Even if winter's chill seems colder and the winds more harsh, we understand that change is coming. In our hearts we allow the fires of life and desire to swell and to fill our thoughts. February is the month of love and it is not just because of the cold that we seek one another. We know that the tide of life is changing and in getting ready for the spring we open our hearts to all that is possible. We allow our spirits to ignite in passion and in possibility, just as the Earth begins it's own renewal of life.

With March comes spring and all the freedom that word brings to mind. The change is here, in the soil, in our minds, and in our bodies. Our spirits understand the change and urge us to move and to put our growth into motion. Even small steps begin to have meaning and significance and give fuel to the fires of our dreams and aspirations. So that as soon as winter's chill begins to fade we are ready and excited about the new possibilities that we will bring into being in our spirit's spring.



"A Single Step"

"Today my thoughts are a little clearer.

The fears and doubts that blocked my way and dimmed all that is bright, are but shadows.

Beyond these shadows I can see light and understanding.

The dimness still calls to mind the doubts of all my insecurities.

Yet today I will be stronger and I will take a step forward.

Each step is a new milestone and something to be proud of.

It may not be what others expect or even what I expect, yet the step and the choice is mine.

Today I will take a step away from my doubts and into the light."


February 2015