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Divination - The Art of Listening

We have talked about numerous forms of divination; tarot cards, scrying, books, and spoken word, however if we don't actually listen and take the messages we get to heart we missing the message and sometimes the lesson. So lets talk about the art of listening, sometimes it's not as easy as it sounds. Let's face it, if the message is what we want to hear that's great but if we don't want to hear it we can find any excuse in the book to nay-say it. Listening is truly an art form. One that many people have forgotten how to do. We have come to depend on the voice of others and of technology in order to find our answer but in doing so we have distanced ourselves from our Source/The Divine, our Guides, our angels and our own souls/God-centres.

Sure we "listen" but do we really hear?

Silence can be very daunting and terrifying. That is one of the reasons that many people avoid it. In it you have to face your own "demons" and yourself in honest introspection. In todays society it's hard to find a silence to listen in. We are bombarded daily and constantly by sound so it's understandable that the quiet whispers of our soul can get lost in the surrounding din. It's helpful to once in a while practice an exercise of silence to begin re-attuning yourself to hear. Start small maybe a half an hour at a time and try to build up to 5 or 6 hours at a time. You can do this as often as necessary to rebalance and centre yourself.

  1. Turn off all radios, televisions, telephones, pagers, palm pilots, computers and cell phones, along with any other electrical devices you may have for communication.
  2. Put away the paper and any books that might draw your attention.
  3. Try to move through the time without saying anything, without humming. Exist in the now. If you can do this alone outside you will really notice the silence. If others wish to participate it's important that any questions or conversations be finished before you start.
  4. Notice the vastness of a silence but also notice how your soul responds to it, how it explores itself and it's environment.
  5. Now ask yourself a question and when you get your first answer do not nay-say it but begin the process of seeing how it actually may fit into your answer. You just might surprise yourself.



Turquoise is a stone that has been in use since ancient times. It obtained it's current name when it was discovered in Turkey by the Crusaders. In the many of the Middle Eastern countries it may be referred to as Eilat stone. Turquoise can range in colour from a beautiful sky blue to a soft green blue. It is now most commonly found in the United States, Mexico, Tibet, Poland and Israel.

In the Middle ages Turquoise was believed to make women loyal and virtuous while giving men a guarantee of success and power. In todays society the wearer can reap the benefits of having spells of depression lifted, an increase in self-confidence and endurance. Due to the stones positive effects, it was used in the harness of horses and wagons to promote surefootedness and safety while travelling.

Turquoise is best known for it's ability to help people to understand and relate complicated ideas to others and to themselves; it is a true communicators stone. It also has been used to help the wearer to gain a better understanding of who they are, where they belong in the scheme of things and to understand the intricate woven pieces that make up the fabric of our social interactions.

It is an invaluable aid for healers as it allows for better understanding of problems and illnesses. For those being healed turquoise aids a multitude of conditions. It has been used to treat respiratory infections, both lung and throat, and also for gout, and stomachaches. Turquoise has been known to help reduce recovery time after illness and has been used to reduce inflammation and it can provide it's wearer with extra energy and can counter mood swings.

To cleanse turquoise you should place it in a bowl with hematite stones for a while and then place it overnight in amongst rock crystals. The hematite will recharge and cleanse it while the rock crystals will balance out any excess energy.


Smudging For a New Born

The birth of a child is a wonderful thing and a magnificent gift. Each child comes into this world with their own purpose and their own path to follow. Offering a smudge blessing to the new born can help to ease their transition into this physical state, help with clearing away any past life memories and can help to ease their way into becoming a part of the spiritual community. You will need smudge, a feather, flower petals, a crystal.

  1. Light the smudge and use the feather to distribute the smoke.
  2. Smudge yourself, the rest of the group and the baby, try to keep the smoke out of the eyes of the child.
  3. Call upon the Divine, the Source, God the Father, God the Mother to bless and keep safe this child.
  4. Call forth the child's guardians, angels and protectors. Ask them to bless and take care of this child as they grow. The guardians and angel will not leave the child while they are in this life but this helps to cement the bond to the community and family by accepting them and their role.
  5. Have each of the people there place a flower petal on the child and offer a gift-wish; such as joy, laughter, peace and so on.
  6. Smudge the crystal, dedicate it's energy to helping the child grow. After the ceremony keep it in the child's room, if you wish smudge a second crystal and have that one near the child when you go for walks or in the car.


"Expanding Love"

" My kingdom of love shall expand. I have loved my body more than anything else. That is why I am identified with and limited by it. With the love that I have given to the body, I will love all those who love me. With the expanded love other those who love me, I will love those who are mine. With the love for myself and the love for my own, I will love those who are strangers. I will use all my love to love those who do not love me, as well as those who love me. I will bathe all souls in my unselfish love. In the sea of my love, my family members, my countrymen, all nations, and all beings will swim. All creation, all the myriads of tiny living things, will dance on the waves of my love."

from Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda