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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Relationships - Words

You may think that this is a strange topic to discuss as part of our journey forward on our path of knowledge but it is more apt than you realize. Words can move us, enrage us, hurt us, humiliate us, fill us with ecstasy and joy, calm a troubled soul, sooth a tear, heal a heart, bring comfort to soul in torment or allow a loved one to pass without regret, fear or worry. As much as words can work for us, they can also work against us. Words that can allow us to communicate can also create barriers against understanding just as quickly. It doesn't help when we have one word with four or five different meanings or five different words that mean the same thing. Unfortunately this is one of our biggest trials while we are in a corporeal body.

It is the atmosphere of this planet and our bodily limitations that cause us problems. When we reside in our soul-form or spirit bodies and whether you call that place Heaven, the Other side or Enlightenment, the fact is communication is easier. If by a simple thought you could share exactly what you feel, what you wished to say, then the possibilities suddenly become endless. Misunderstandings vanish with a thought, a look and a shared empathy with each other. When in this human earth-bound body however we find that the limitation of speech and how others interpret it more often causes people to feel traumatized, unloved, and unwanted. The vast array of damage that a "careless" word can cause is dramatic and sometime irrevocable while on this plane. We can easily misinterpret the body language that accompanies these words and if we interpret wrong, oh how the hurt goes deep and the sense of betrayal runs rampant.  

As a part of the conscious effort we have to begin to look behind the words to the actions and intent carried by it. Not always do people "walk their talk," and as such it becomes all the more pressing that we balance what we hear with the actions and deeds that accompany those words.  To say that words are just words and they don't mean anything is almost too simple, although at times very apt.  It is possible that those who are trying to communicate have not had the support or guidance to be able to talk openly and honestly.  To have lived in an time or area where your gender, age or social standing can dictate whether you are heard, or to have lived a life of neglect or abuse; these and many other scenarios can have a dramatic effect on how you present or hear the words that are spoken. 

Take for example a conversation between friends. One friend is in midst of a very tough life test and as friends will do, they talk trying to release the pain, stress and hurts involved. As you watch your friend struggle and as you struggle for "just the right words to ease the pain" something else gets said.  To you it may sound perfectly rational and logical ... to your friend, it may feel like a slap in the face.  Was someone in the wrong?  No, but now the miscommunication can run on and run deep.  The hurt can over run any rationality and can fester and ultimately disrupt even the most like-minded soul friends.  It may separate friends for a short while or for as long as this life lasts. Each one wondering "what happened?" or worse blaming each other, themselves or others who have entered their life circles.  

All the while the outside world watches, accusing each of willful distraction, playing both ends to the middle, playing mine-games and all sorts of other biased, relationship disrupting terms that are frequently applied to such talk.  These can cause more harm than good if you don't know the intent or can't see the action behind them.  While we sometimes say these things to help others understand what we have experienced with these people, each one of us has to recognize that each relationship we encounter and are part of is different from person to person.

So ultimately you have to decide how much belief you are going to put into someone's words. We also have to accept that sometime words do fail us and miserably! Be true to your own mind, heart and soul.  Allow others to say what they will but watch for the intent and their actions to follow. Remember to a great degree .... words are simply words.  Even some socially unacceptable words have their use in expressing emotions, frustrations and joy. Like all words though, they can be an ineffective means of communication ...but for most people it's all that's allowed on this plane.




Mica is a crystal that varies in colour and uses. Much of the mica found today comes for the US, South Africa, Brazil and many of the Scandinavian countries. The structure of the Mica crystal is very delicate with a noticeable shimmer along the fracture lines. In past times the glistening Mica particles were a warning to be wary of false glistening promises; as in the saying "All that glitters is not gold."

The colour of Mica ranges from pink to violet, gray to black and green.

The pink and violet Mica is also known as Lepidolite. Both of these colours of Mica have protective properties both physical and psychically and can aid in the development of your awakening intuitive nature. Lepidolite/Mica has been used for healing liver disorders and when placed over the liver it can help with detoxification of it.

The gray and bluish black Mica is also known as Muscovite; these colours of Mica have the ability to strengthen your belief in the future and of your potential. Muscovite/Mica has been used for healing the digestive system; especially those relating to the intestinal tract. It has also benefits when used against colds and sometimes against the fluctuation of blood sugars in diabetes.

The green Mica is also known as Fuchsite; and it has the ability to calm restless, agitated individuals while energizing those who need motivation. It can also be beneficial for those wish to focus there attention to specific projects. Fuchsite/Mica has been used for healing the blood. It has been said to have the ability to stabilize blood counts and can aid in the protection of bones.

When you notice that the colour of the Mica begins to change or grow dull it is time for the stone to be cleansed. Wash the Mica under lukewarm running water and allow it to dry in the sun.





"I Go Within"

"I was a prisoner carrying a heavy load of bones and flesh, but I have broken the chains of my muscle-bound body by the power of relaxation. I am free, Now I shall try to go within.

Bewitching scenic beauties, stop your dance before my eyes! Lure now my attention away.

Enchanting melodies, keep not my mind enthralled in the revel of earthly songs!

Haunting sirens of sweet sensations, paralyze not my sacred intuitions by your enticing touch! Let my meditation race for the sweet bower of eternal divine love.

Luring aroma of lilacs, jasmine, and roses, stop not my homeward-marching mind!

These tempting enchantresses of the senses are now gone. The cords of flesh are broken. The grip of the senses is loosened. I exhale and stop the storm of breath: the ripples of thought melt away.

I am sitting on the alter of my throbbing heart. I watch the roaring, shouting torrent of life-force moving through the heart into the body. I turn backward to the spine. The beat and the roar of the heart are gone. Like a sacred hidden river my life-force flows into he gorge of the spine. I enter a dim corridor through the door of the spiritual eye, and speed on until at last the river of my life flows into the ocean of Life and loses itself in bliss."

From Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda