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Crystal Divination - Minor Stones

There are many minor stones that have properties of divination. Used in conjunction with other knowledge of crystal/stone properties, they can be used to interpret almost any situation.

There are many other crystals and stones that can be used just ensure that you are open to the infusion of information as the indications are guidelines.

Using a covered tray is used most frequently with the minor stones. Usually the stones are spread out on a fabric covered tray; most people find black velvet most suitable as it will help disperse some of the energy of others who have touched them.

The person seeking answers would draw stones randomly from under the cover and place them on a fabric mat in front of them. Normally 9 stones would be drawn. For the most part the stones would not be laid out in order but are usually placed freely around the first stone chosen. The closer the secondary stones the closer the situation or force is to the questioner.

As with all crystals after a reading the crystals should be cleansed, recharged and stored together. Once crystal have been used for divination it is not wise to use them for healing due to residual energies.



Magnetite is an iron based ore that has both a negative and a positive pole; thereby making it magnetic. Magnets are experiencing a resurgence in popularity as people once again discover the positive impact that it can have in the body. It unique property allows it to be used to attract or repel energy, or to energize or de-energize. Magnetic therapy in it's modern application is used for a variety of illnesses and injuries. Current medical trials have shown benefit from magnetite's properties when used for sports injuries, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, liver disorders and blood and circulatory problems. Used as a chakra healing stone, it can be place on the crown chakra to help promote a feeling of release, relaxation, harmony and a sense of freedom.

It is said that in ancient times magnetite was used by Alexander the Great as an amulet against enchantment and all of the men in his army were supposedly given these amulets. In Chinese medicine magnetite was used to redirect energy from over-active organs to less-active organs in order to obtain a healing balance in the body.

To discharge excess or negative energy from magnetite, place it over night in a bowl with hematite. Once a month magnetite should be place in a dish of sea salt for 24 hours. Magnetite should not come into contact with water at any time.



Smudging for Psychic Protection

With the coming of cooler whether and the eventual migration indoors we are more apt to come into contact with those who will leave their psychic impressions on us. We end up feeling tense, threatened, jittery, nervous or just very ill at ease without just cause. We have to release those feelings and regain our own perspective of our path in life. For those who frequent psychic fairs, it may be wise to do this as a guard against ill thoughts. As much as we would like to think that everyone feels the way we do, we have to realistically understand that that isn't always the case. I'll give 2 ways to cleanse; one for if you have smudge and candle available and the other for those occasions when that isn't practical.

1. With smudge and candle

2. Without smudge and candle


"Take This Darkness Away"

"Mother Divine, draw aside Thy glittering veil of cosmic motion pictures and show me Thy delusion-dispersing face of mercy.

O blazing Light! awaken my heart, awaken my soul, ignite my darkness, tear the veil of silence, and fill my temple with Thy glory.

Heavenly Father, destroy in us the wrong thoughts of ages -- that we frail human beings. Manifest Thyself as the light behind our reason: the deep blaze of wisdom."

from Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda