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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.


Are we destined to follow a pre-determined path?

Many spiritual paths include references to Scripts. Unfortunately people tend to use terms like "Pre-ordained."Again our choice of words determines how we will interpret the meaning and how it applies to our lives. If we say that our lives are pre-ordained then we begin to believe that we don't have any options. While a pre-ordained life may be what we think we are living it doesn't allow for the choices we will make. For we always have a choice. Whether to stay or go, to endure or cave in, to stand tall or hide away, to be strong and powerful or to stay tiny and meek, to try something new or stay with what we know or to live or die; all choices and each with a new set of options and choices. Pre-ordination doesn't allow for us to fully become whomever it is we are. Pre-ordination would mean that the choices would never appear therefore there would never be a chance to change, to grow or to evolve into the wondrous person we feel we could be. The term pre-ordained brings with it feelings of entrapment, imprisonment and no hope of change. So as it is with all of the words we use, by substituting Scripts in place of Pre-ordained we get the sense of flexibility. Scripts get rewritten all of the time to fit the evolution of a movie or play and so too with our lives.

The concept of scripts allows for personal and spiritual growth and for the potential changes needed to accomplish this growth. Scripts are about the lessons we are to learn in life and it is said that if we didn't complete the script of our last life then that is where are life begins again this time. Scripts help us to gain full understanding of where we are, where we've been and where we're going in the Karmic balance of life. It is said that we write our scripts before we come into physical life and at least lay the ground work for the directions our lives will take.

The wonderful thing about accepting the premise of scripts into our lives is that it helps us to change our perspective. If we understand that we wrote that we could and would endure these trials; then at some point there was true belief in our ability to persevere, conquer and move past these lessons. At some point we allowed for influences to guide us out of what we thought we knew into something more wondrous and fantastic. When we place our life in those terms we begin garner a sense of being in control and as we discussed in a previous newsletter, that is where we belong. In control of our life, our emotions, our worth and our being.

Scripts also helps us to begin to detach from the drama that is all around us. Which also helps us to get through our lessons and the lessons of the world as a whole. Events in our lives no longer carry the emotional attachments and guilt that we were so readily willing to accept just a short while ago. Scripts also allow for us to cease the procrastination that sometimes seems rampant in our lives. We are less likely to become trapped in mindless abandon if we believe we put ourselves into situations that we know on some aspect of our being that we can escape.

Accepting scripts as part of our path of spiritual growth takes some of the unknown out of the "fear zone." It puts our mind-set into one of control and strength. It allows us to begin to form for ourselves a "code of conduct," what is acceptable, what is not and to who is worthy of our time and energy. We can begin set our standards of what we expect and it gives us the resolution to face those who would normally try to force submission upon us. We no longer see ourselves as weak or subservient. We see ourselves as equals; there is no status to be gained, there is no "one-up-man-ship." There is only humans living their scripts and doing the best they can as they evolve.

For myself, my journey of discovery on my script came about from my relationship with my ex and a past life regression session. The abandonment repeated from a previous life and so to did my emotional state and understanding of self-worth or lack thereof. However this time allowing an energy I understood from long ago to resurface and beginning to acknowledge what I knew to be true for me, brought about a wonderful transformation. No longer to be held captive to what others thought of me, no longer to be meek and unassuming. The choice and excitement at accepting my connection to sources of information and guidance without the constraints of another's "mastery" over me. The potential and possibilities that opened before me we staggering and just a little daunting at first. So the influences changed how the options would be presented. From tiny comfortable changes to life altering and world changing, the progress allowed me to break the cycles of hurt, depression, abuse and wrongful dependence. To find not only forgiveness but to find growth beyond what I had scripted was possible. Now to live a life full of my choices, my options and ultimately to influence and change the world.

Scripts allow us to be aware of our options, aware of our potential and mostly aware of being.

I bid you well-being on your discovery of scripts and your life's possibilities. Blessings.




Idocrase comes to us mainly from the United States and Italy. It is also know as Vesuvianite. The crystals can vary in colour depending on the source; however green, brown and yellow are the most common colours. Idocrase may also be found to be pale blue or red. This is due to copper impurities in the crystal. Vesuvianite was first discovered in the lava fields near Mount Vesuvius, hence it's name. The red and pale blue forms of Idocrase come mainly from the state of New Jersey, while some of the brighter "jade" like Idocrase comes from California.

Idocrase is a stone of the "higher self," it allows the user to access the higher realms and connect easily with their sources of guidance. Idocrase is said to help people see all aspects of life whether visible or not. Idocrase allows the user to see beyond imagined confines and opens the mind to new possibilities. Idocrase also allows for the release of stored anger and negative emotions and connections. These emotional releases combine into a sense of freedom where everything is possible and creative inspiration can take hold. Feelings of being trapped are replaced with hope and a sense of security that allows the user to become comfortable with their life and the changes that can or are taking place.

On the physical body Idocrase offers the benefit of aiding the body in absorbing the nutrients it requires from food. With the release of the hidden and trapped emotions Idocrase is of great benefit to those who suffer from depression. The ancient Greeks and Romans used idocrase as a potent stone for healing, especially after any long illnesses. As Idocrase purifies the body of toxins, both environmental and emotional, it is even more relevant as a healing stone in today's world. Idocrase is also said to help strengthen and rebuild tooth enamel.

Since Idocrase is a stone of healing it is important that it be cleansed to remove any traces of illness or emotional distress. Rinse Idocrase under warm running water for a few moments. Then allow the Idocrase to rest among clear quartz crystals over night.


Idocrase idocrase2




The celebration of the May Day is one of the ancient celebrations that continues to this day. Although it may mean different things to different people ultimately it is in celebration of the sun's return and the growing warmth of the year. It is a time to celebrate the renewed, ever present reminders of living. The energy that brings forth the early flowers and the tender shoots of our food crops also brings a reminder of the growing potential of our own special dreams and hopes.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

Help us to spread our wings and take flight as a new growing season begins.

Help us to see our potential, not only as children of the Divine but as Light Beings working in this world.

Brighten our path with wonder and warmth so that we can find our way to our Divine truth

and guide us as we journey ever homeward."

Blessed be.



"Dance of the Spring Spirit"

"I rejoice with my entire spirit as the chill of winter leaves my body.

I will allow the gentle spring breezes to caress me and ease my thoughts into the gentle oblivion of higher thought.

I will search and find peace and healing as my thoughts on life and dreams take shape as I hold them aloft while in the safe embrace of this divine oblivion.

I will allow the gentle rains to wash away any misconceptions and give me new sight that I may see the glory and wonder of the divine world that surrounds me.

My soul will rise and dance with new life and new vigor that I may celebrate my connection to God and Goddess and All.

I will share this joy and this newness with whomever I meet for I am renewed."