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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Thoughts Do Become Reality

We've all heard this statement and thought "Here we go again... another feel good, make it real" story for the gullible. With so many people believing it to be so... we have to ask our selves is it real or is it that we just don't understand what is so great about the "think positive" mind-frame that seems to envelope so many of the spiritual talkers. It is much more than a feel good, think positive mentality. It is actually way of living.

Thoughts Do Become Reality is much more than just the self-fulfilling prophesy that we've talked about, although that is what people tend to think about most often. Self-fulfilling prophesy is the one aspect that seems to rise up and brings us face to face with our thoughts. The "Thoughts Do Become Reality" actually runs the gambit; from positive affirmation to the negative and even vindictive thoughts. It can effect us personally, it can effect our friends and families, our co-workers, our acquaintances and even those we feel little or no connection to.

On the negative side, it is much more than just wanting to see someone get their "comeuppance" or "just dues." The more knee-jerk reactions of wishing someone ill health or other such accident begin to have real ramifications for us. Any resulting incident can bring on a huge sense of guilt and remorse for at some level we do understand that in thinking for and wishing for such an event, we may actually have played a part in a tragedy. Society will tell us that "accidents happen" or that "bad things happen" but it doesn't stop the self-imposed karmic destruction that happens when ill wishes return. Nor does it stop the retributive karma that can affect us when those spiteful, angry thoughts return.

To our selves, "Thoughts Do Become Reality" can show up in a number of ways, one being the negative thought of self-fulfilling prophesy. These are usually accompanied by remarks such as "See, I told this would happen," or "I'm the one who has to suffer with this...," "I'll never get the job," I'll never get rid of these...," and "I never get a break from..." On the negative side, "Thoughts Do Become Reality" can be devastating to those who feel victimized by society and their peers. It can lead to a spiral of depression and self-recrimination that feeds directly into more negative thoughts becoming reality in their lives. The victim who considers themselves a victim will always be a victim because of the thoughts that say "I'm a victim." All of this isn't to say that every negative situation we encounter is because we've thought about, but our thoughts definitely have an effect and have a tendency to hold us in those hurtful patterns long after we could have moved forward.

On the positive side, Thoughts Do Become Reality, can range anywhere from simple joy at manifesting a parking spot close to the mall door, finding the perfect outfit at an affordable price, finding enough money to get groceries for the week, finding the perfect and affordable house, to a total transformation of our life. The thought process is the same, it's just that we tend to deal with the size of our wishes differently. When we manage to manifest the wonderful parking spot, we're happy and believe and trust that everything is working out in our favour... "we're meant to be here today." However when it comes to getting the job of our dreams, the promotion, freedom from debt or worry, we suddenly convince our selves that we either aren't worthy, (because it hasn't happened yet), or maybe that it's too big of a dream. We quickly forget how we felt when just a little earlier when everything in our thoughts was coming into being.

Thoughts Do Become Reality can be a wonderful thing when we allow it to be added to the every day structure of our life. Changes can and do happen; sometimes over the span of minutes, sometimes over longer periods of time but they do happen. The "Thoughts Do Become Reality" mentality and thought process can carry us through the turmoil in our lives if we allow it.

I bid you joy and strength as you explore making your thoughts your new reality. Blessings.




Flint is a common crystal found in many regions of the world; North, Central and South America, the British Isles, Australia and some north African countries such as Egypt. Historically flint was one of the first raw materials used in tool making. Knives, arrowheads and spear points were used by most cultures. Flint can be found in a limited colour range; black, gray, grey-black and occasionally with white or beige veins.

As a tool for physical healing, flint is said to stimulate rejuvenation in the lungs, aiding in the healing of respiratory infections and ailments. Flint can also help to purify the blood while strengthening kidneys. As a stimulant to the nervous system, flint can help repair the ganglions, which transmit neural messages throughout the body.

On the psyche, flint boosts self-confidence and self-assurance. It encourages people to be themselves in spite of the demands of society and peers. Flint can help individuals feel more centered and grounded in their lives and surroundings. Flint is very beneficial for older individuals as it can promote the desire to lead more active and productive lives. A piece of flint tucked under the pillow is said to a ward off nightmares.

Flint should be cleansed at least once a month under warm running water and then allowed to rest in full sunlight.



Flint Arrowhead



The celebration of the May Day is one of the ancient celebrations that continues to this day. Although it may mean different things to different people ultimately it is in celebration of the sun's return and the growing warmth of the year. It is a time to celebrate the renewed, ever present reminders of living. The energy that brings forth the early flowers and the tender shoots of our food crops also brings a reminder of the growing potential of our own special dreams and hopes.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

Let the fires of life be renewed in our hearts and souls.

Let us connect to the source of life, feel both its gentle caress and its passionate embrace.

Help us to bring this passion and this caring into our every waking moment.

Allow it to burst forth in unbridled joy and, help us to find the strength to embrace our dreams and hopes.

Fiery passions to ignite the spirit and gentle caresses to nurture growth.

Give us reason to celebrate this glorious renewal.

Blessed be."



"My Garden of Dreams"

"A new season creeps closer and the birds return to sing their songs of joy.

I tend and prepare my garden of dreams with hope, love and joy.

For in this garden my dreams are blessed and they are nurtured even when I lose my way.

I can see and feel the gentle touch of the Divine with each new dream seed I cherish enough to plant.

Each hope, each joy, each beautiful thought carefully and loving sown into the warm, eager earth.

Warmed by the gentle sun, watered by spring rains, and given life by hope and love.

A garden of dreams where everything is possible and every breath hold a promise.

I will gladly tend my every growing garden of dreams."

April 2010