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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Happiness: Should it be forced

Recently, I have seen a number of articles either promoting forced happiness or warning of harmful implications of forcing ourselves to be happy. The comments seem to insist that forced happiness means that we are not dealing with our emotions, not sorting through the mental and physical pains. This, I believe, to be a mistaken overview, although it is easy to see how some people will ignore the pain and then ultimately collapse when the load of suffering becomes too great. It does happen and it happens often usually with wide ranging implications for other family members and loved ones. However before we choose whether or not happiness should be forced, there are some considerations that I believe we need to be aware of. These considerations may influence us as we attempt to understand how we deal with our life events and how we help others deal with their events.

Firstly, we need to understand that some people are naturally happy while others are naturally gloomy. Naturally happy people seem to be able to smile while the world around them crumbles; no matter the size of the tragedy or depth of the devastation, they smile and have positive words of support to offer. Others, tend to the other extreme and insist on suffering through any pain and devastation, shunning words of support and offered help, existing in their pain and sorrows and sometimes sharing it for all to see. Of course every increment in between has their own share of individuals who have chosen how they will deal with unhappy events and the day to day dramas of living. I say "chosen" but it isn't a conscious choice, at least not a first. It is how the spirit is programmed to respond, its a part of their written life path and has become their existence. We do however have the ability to rewrite some aspects of our life path and I believe that this is one of those things we can change, if we wish to.

For those individuals that are naturally happy, we must not forget that they are suffering. It comes down to how their spirit has chosen to deal with those instances and events in their lives. They mourn, as does everyone, but mostly in solitude; seeing their pain as theirs and theirs alone. This isn't a show of strength nor should we assume it to be. They tend to consider grieving a more private matter and in truth are able to find comfort in either grieving alone or with one or two very close friends or family. Many find their faith in the Divine renewed and that source of support is all they seem to need. They can talk in small groups about the pain and devastation and smile and laugh through the tears. It is how they heal their spirits. It doesn't mean that they have shut these instances out of their lives any more or any less than anyone else. In turn these individuals tend to find a peaceful place of existence sooner than most others. They do tend to recoup their original view of the world more quickly; however the grieving process can and most likely is still occurring deep within them.

For those at the opposite end of the scale, we must remember that their need to share their pain and hurt is the only way they feel that they can get people to truly appreciate what the events and dramas have meant to them. The grief they feel is overwhelming and in some instances life altering. Rage for the sake of raging, raging against the Divine, raging against society and the "norms" of everyday life, raging against family and friends... all of these have a place in how they express the hurt they feel. They feel that if they suffer, others should not only commiserate but be intimately involved. They also have an unexpected sense of guilt over them when they do start to feel happy. They feel unworthy of the lightness of spirit that comes from simple happiness, so they shun it and retreat back into the pain.

Unfortunately, some friends and family will forego interactions with either group because they either find it painful and disheartening to be near or they find it "inappropriate" to be happy so soon after a tragedy. Others see the vibrancy of life either glowing bright or ebbing as the events are reenacted or talked about and they too will find ways to avoid close interactions. Of course for everyone else they exist somewhere in between the two extremes of happiness and being unhappy. Trying to find the balance between happiness and sorrow. Its a journey that varies each day and with each new experience.

The nay-sayers to the "forced happiness" lifestyle say that if you are forcing yourself to be happy then you haven't dealt with your true emotional self. I don't believe that to be the case in most instances. A choice to be happy tends to bring about a soothing energy to soul and although the pain and grief are still palpable, we must find a balance between them. What we must appreciate is that the balance is in continual shift and too we must shift if we are to remain healthy; mentally, physically and spiritually. When we stay stuck in either emotional imbalance we cause ourselves great problems, nervous breakdowns, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of failure and rejection and the list goes on. The list is true for both extremes in personality.

Ultimately though, forcing ourselves to be happy does not mean that we are ignoring our emotions. What we must realize when we look at our emotions, tragedies and dramas is that they are "stuff." What happens when we leave "stuff" lying around, waiting to trip us up ... we fall and usually harder than if we had dealt with it when it was foremost in our minds and important. In this world of de-cluttering and looking at our excesses, it may be time to look at the "stuff' that we've buried ourselves under. As with all "stuff" we need to sort through it, dealing with the backlog when we find it. Cry out our grief and then get on with living, doing what we can, helping where we need to, whoever we lost would want nothing less for us. So at no time is forcing yourself to be happy denying our emotions because when we are finished sorting out all the stuff that matters all that is left is a void; an emotional void. What better way to fill a void than with joy and happiness, it opens us to new experiences while helping us to sort out long held pains and sufferings. That is not to say that everything is bright and cheery all at once. It takes time and happens in smaller measures but it does take some effort and thought. The effort of listening to comforting words, the comforting sounds of nature and life, the comforting sounds of other peoples laughter, the comfort of a glorious sunrise and magnificent sunset and so on. Each contain a nugget of peace and happiness, and each is given to us every day of our lives for us to notice and to choose the ones that are right for us so that we can regain balance and find our way into happiness. Even forced happiness does not happen in one major event, forced happiness happens in tiny little steps. What it does though is it helps us to transition our spiritual awareness out of purely emotional state of being and back into balance with our world and our spiritual life.

I bid you peace as happiness surrounds and heals you. Blessings.




Ulexite is a common stone and is frequently referred to as "TV Stone." Due to the crystal's inner matrix, it actually magnifies any surface it is placed against. Ulexite is a transparent, clear crystal that will appear to have a fibrous appearance from the side. Ulexite is common to the west coast of the United States of America and is usually from the states of California, Oregon or Nevada.

As a tool for physical healing, Ulexite works on the vision problems. Resting Ulexite on closed eyes can help ease stress and bring clarity to vision. Used as an elixir, Ulexite has been used to smooth wrinkles. Ulexite as an elixir has also been used for its anti-bacterial and disinfecting properties.

Spiritually, Ulexite brings situations into focus. It can also help the user distinguish between truths and deceits in another person. During meditation if Ulexite is placed on the 3rd eye, it can aid in bring visualizations into focus and aids in dispelling any negative energy trapped within. Ulexite allows the user to find their spiritual path with more ease and allows them to explore their true inner self without any other influences.

Since Ulexite is a vision stone it should be cleansed at least on a monthly basis. A very brief rinse in warm running water is usually more than sufficient to cleanse any residual energy. Please note that it should not be left in water as it does tend to dissolve. However if Ulexite has been used to enhance dream visions and clarity, it can be left within a dish of clear quartz crystals overnight, two or three times during the month to recharge.


Ulexite Ulexite-tvstone



Blessing for May Day

The celebration of the May Day is one of the ancient celebrations that continues to this day. Although it may mean different things to different people ultimately it is in celebration of the sun's return and the growing warmth of the year. It is a time to celebrate the renewed, ever present reminders of living. The energy that brings forth the early flowers and the tender shoots of our food crops also brings a reminder of the growing potential of our own special dreams and hopes.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

guard our tender dreams and aspirations.

Help us to grow them into the magnificent reality that is life.

Teach us how to tend each new dream, with love and grace, in spiritual living.

Help us to know when to give aide to each dream and when we must leave it your tender care.

In each new day, help us to see the greatness within each sweet dream and

to recognize that same greatness within ourselves.

Blessed be."



"A New Day"

"Slowly the sun rises above the horizon, spreading warmth and light,

yet in my head visions of the previous day remind me of things left undone, things

that have shattered my inner calm, and the things that have haunted my sleep. Yet this

new day, and this new dawn are calling and it will not be denied admittance to my mind, heart and soul.

It promises a new beginning, a renewed sense of being. It promises answers and solutions.

It offers restitution and inner strength and it brings clear vision and grace.

It offers a new perspective on past events and new insights into this new day.

Slowly the warm golden glow reaches my physical form and for an instant we merge and become one.

New life is held with this golden warmth, Divine grace is building around me and within me.

Strength, passion and potential all unite and set a light burning within.

It is the light of a blessed New Day and with it I am renewed."

April 2011