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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Opportunities - Past and Present

Oh, how we love to complain and compare all the events of our lives ... "how much better things would have been if only I had ...!" and "I wouldn't have had to ... if only I had...!". We look at our past and wonder "what if." Unfortunately we take this "what if" and we begin to compare it to every decision we could have made and we begin a cycle in which we are unable to move forward. In some ways this can be as debilitating as fear but with a huge dash of guilt for good measure. Our friends and family compound these emotions when they reminisce over our lives with us and ask why we didn't do something different. Whether it's about who we married, where we worked, what job we chose, why we went to this school instead of that one, why we moved, and so on. Why, Why, Why? Magical words that can unravel our emotions, create guilt, foster a sense of unworthiness in everything else we do, and wreck havoc in our thoughts just as we begin to think we've finally gotten our life "back on track." If we look back at our life and begin to examine every action we could come up with all sorts of examples of "missed opportunities." But were they really missed or is there something different or something more at work here?

We look back at the relationships we've had over the years and we wonder where they are now. Sometimes we seek them out through the internet and sometimes they search for us. We find them 20, 30 or more years later and see them seemingly successful, happy and all of a sudden the life we are living seems absolutely devoid of any richness and happiness. We begin to wonder and sometimes even begin talking aloud to friends and family .. "if I'd married so-and-so that would be my life right now. I could have been...!" Worse yet, we have family asking, "why didn't marry one of those nice people you dated in high school, college, university, or from somewhere else?? Talk about self-sabotaging and spiritually deflating criticism!! To put things into another perspective it would be wise to wonder, why all those years ago, that relationship didn't go any further. Was it because you both really, deeply wanted something different? Was it a "comfortable" relationship that you really didn't think of in that manner (or they didn't)? Or was there something else pulling you to something new and on to a new path. The reality is that all those years ago, that person, that perception of where your life was going, was different and the desire to stay in that scenario wasn't there. So there really wasn't any lost opportunity because is wasn't one you or they were willing to or "supposed" to take. For who is to say, that they would be who they are now if they married you or vise versa. All of this guilt, all of these emotional and spiritually deflating thoughts just because of a few simple relationships. In this case, hindsight is not 20/20. Hindsight is biased, self serving and is the one wearing "rose coloured glasses!" Hindsight does not serve in anyone's spiritual best interest.

However these thoughts go well beyond just our relationships and they can permeate everything we do and every choice we make. Some people place a great deal of stock in where they live, where and when they travel, how and why they spend their money and so on. Then years later when other people begin talking about doing those same things, we begin to wonder if we're missing out. We forget all of the great things we've already done and experienced. We forget the joy and the desire that drove us forward at that time. We deny the fact that those joyful experiences we chose earlier in life were there out of our joy for life and were there for us to enjoy when our path took us there. Somewhere within our spirit, we weren't concerned with mortgages, raising children, being the end all to beat all in someone else's world ... and that's okay. We need to remember that each life and each path is as diverse as the person living that life. Comparisons deflate the spiritual progress that has been made in everyday life and it creates a sense of not only wastefulness but of having missed out and a sense that perhaps we've have been taken advantage of in some way. Unfortunately, when we try to live by what others expect for us, we do an injustice to ourselves and to those people. Their desire, for the most part, is to see us happy, and successful (in relation to themselves) but it is a vicarious view of a life not of their choosing.

Even in the present, we find that it is easy to constantly second guess our decisions and within a few minutes we've created, a storm of emotion over our choices. We know where we want to go in our lives but society's and family expectations sabotage our inner knowledge. We quickly revert to childhood memories of inadequacy and doubt fills any void we create. While we can't be sure of every step we take, we need to accept that we've taken a step. In taking the step we've made a choice and we owe it to ourselves and our spirits to see where it will lead. It may not take us where we expect or provide the assurance of where we are going but nothing on the physical plane does, not really. Things change, and they change constantly and we need to be flexible in our thoughts. This isn't a betrayal of our path, its an understanding and belief that the important lessons will be constant. Life is about change and choice. Most times going back isn't an option and there is a reason why. Simply put, in the instant we make a choice we are no longer the person who made that choice. We've defined anew who we are and where we are going. That is reason enough to keep going.

I bid you peace as you turn toward moving forward with your life's path and leave the past where it belongs, in the past. Blessings.



Iceland Spar

Iceland Spar is a beautifully clear, refractive crystal. Iceland Spar is found primarily in Iceland, the United States and Mexico. Due to it's structure and refractive properties, Iceland Spar will give the effect of doubling any printed material that is viewed through it. In ancient times, Viking seers and soothsayers used Iceland Spar as part of the divination practices. It traveled throughout Europe as the Vikings raided and settled in other communities.

As a tool for physical healing, Iceland Spar as an elixir/water is frequently used for skin inflammations, such as eczema and psoriasis. Drinking Iceland Spar water (before doing this check with crystal elixir specialist) is said to ease various forms of arthritis, and some back pains. Due to its high calcium content, Iceland Spar is used to strengthen and promote strong nails, teeth, hair and can improve the skeletal structure within the body. Caution is necessary as it may effect eyesight when ingested.

Spiritually, Iceland Spar has the ability to help the wearer sort through their perceptions of love. It can aid in being able to recognized insincere promises of love and untrue oaths of devotion. Iceland Spar is a stone of true love. It can also be used to facilitate aura cleansing. Iceland Spar allows the wearer to review and revisit past emotional attachments so that any unresolved issues and emotions can be seen from a new perspective and released. As an intuitive crystal, Iceland Spar allows the user to quickly connect to the Divine while either meditating or while doing distance healing work.

Iceland Spar should be cleansed monthly. A quick rinse under warm running water and then allow it to sit in full sunlight for the balance of the day.


Iceland Spar

Iceland Spar


Thoughts for April and May

April is upon us. Its delicate fresh blooms are everywhere. Tulips, Daffodils, Magnolias and more blanket the gardens and early blossoming bushes. There is a renewed sense of passion and life in the air. We, in the northern hemisphere, shed our winter guises and our bodies celebrate the gentle warming breezes that wrap around us. We watch as the many returning birds begin to build and reshape their nests. We can sense the passion that brings new life to our world and we so desire to be a part of it. We don our spring attire and join with the rising tide and passion of life. Allow yourself to be swept up in this renewed vigor for it has the power and potential to carry you through the mud and on to very bright and beautiful days ahead.

May begins, of course, with May Day. A traditional celebration that was the beginning of the farming season that ends the long, cold hold of winter. In even more ancient celebrations May Day was considered the beginning of summer. In May the pulse of life is stronger and even more vibrant. The scent of living is more robust than that of April and it creates within us a yearning. A yearning for carefree days of summer. Its easy to get carried away and begin wishing summer was here. Yet May brings with it a unique and special set of emotions. There is a renewed sense of wonder especially when we see new life everywhere. No longer restricted to the plants, animals have begun rearing their young and we rejoice and revel in a sense of awed wonderment at the new life and the emotions this brings with it. Allow these emotions to be present in everyday and you will find your perceptions of your life changing.



"Moving Forward "

"Life moves forward, the days move forward, yet I feel stuck and unsure of my footing.

I try to move forward each step seems fraught with danger and uncertainty.

There is a fear! I hear the voices of friends and family and the hear the fear they carry.

Yet I know in truth that their fear is unfounded and more importantly, it isn't mine.

I know my life is outside of their understanding but not out of their concern.

I will accept their concern because I am loved, their fears I gladly release.

Each breathe, each beat of my heart tells me that my spirit and soul speak truly.

So today, I will move forward! I will take that single step.

I will have faith and trust in my spirit and in the Divine."


Special Submission

This month I am very pleased to bring you a verse by a talented, beautiful young authoress. Her name is Sahana Rao. Sahana has written a unique piece that is more about life and our perceptions than the title may suggest. I hope you enjoy it.





I Am More Than Just A Road

Sahana Rao

Was I once where thousands stood and smiled, or where thousands weeped and cried? Was I created for a good reason or a bad? These days, I frankly can't even remember. I am getting so old. My memories of times past are all faded into one, just as I have. One of these days when I can no longer serve the purpose for which people needed me, they will come to rip me out of the ground or suffocate me with a new and improved version of myself. I won't be able to feel anything anymore simply because I wasn't able to reach their level of satisfaction, but I tend to find that nothing is worthy enough to reach their level of satisfaction. I am getting too old for these games. I know that I am enjoyed by millions. I am used everyday. People walking by will stop and stare at me for a few moments of their life, because I bring them joy and the realization that nothing has to be the same and that being unique is the best thing. I'd like to live for thousands of generations to come. When you are unique, you are different, and in this day and age, different is not good. Everyone yearns to be the same and to be accepted by everyone. I don't feel that the word unique has meaning anymore. Candidly, I am just a road and that's all I'll ever be, but I've seen more than anyone ever has. I have seen pain, joy, hurt, anger, even fear, but most of all I've seen love. That's all that really matters in life, isn't it?


April 2012