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A New Awareness

2013 is a year that is destined to bring to minds, hearts, and souls of mankind, a new and wondrous understand of love. Love with all of it's nuances; the good, the bad, the messy, the aches and the splendid. It will allow us to better understand ourselves, our connections and bring about a more complete knowledge of compassion and of our spiritual growth and empowerment. Understanding this new energy will allow us to grow in ways unexpected. Therefore let's journey forward into a wonderful new experience.

Energy: A Basic Understanding

We all hear people talking about energy; it moves us, it stays with us, it effects us, it effects our homes, our work and even our pets and other acquaintances ... and so on. We understand, in the scientific terms, what energy is. We have a rudimentary understanding about the workings of energy, like the energy that runs through the electrical wires of our homes and through the nervous system of our bodies. Therefore, it's understandable that we equate spiritual energy with these reference points. We may not understand how it stays with us and the effects that it can have on us but, we believe we understand it. Yet, spiritual energy is much more than any of those examples. It is an actual living force in our lives, whether we want to believe that or not. There are many aspects of this living energy that people may not equate to energy in general but it is though changing our understanding and accepting a broader aspect of energy, that we can have a better grasp on the effects of energy in our lives. While energy encompasses a huge part of our existence, its forms and uses vary greatly. This is a simple introduction to some of the concepts of spiritual energy.

Within the realm of spiritual energy we hear a lot of talk about positive and negative energy. These two concepts are simple enough. Positive energy boosts our moral, makes us feel good, warms us, and sees us through the darker parts of our path. Negative energy pulls us down and makes us lethargic, heavy, makes the darker parts of our path almost unbearable, and can disrupt so many other aspects of our lives. Yet it isn't only our own perceptions of this energy that can effect us. The energy of other people's thoughts and wishes can compound our own senses and outweigh our own positive energy. An ill will based on jealousy, greed or a wish for harm or hurt from acquaintances can disrupt the most serene of environment. Yet the negative energy from family and friends has the ability to cause major damage, especially when it's presented to us from "a loving place" or so they would have us believe. We all have a relative or friend that is more than willing to say "that's great but ...." As with unconditional love, it's the "but" and our existing relationship that can stop us from properly filtering the energy before it impacts us. This negative energy can be the most deceptive and destructive because we expect support, understanding and compassion from those people. Therefore, it is important to filter all energy that we come into contact with, so only that energy that serves our highest purpose is allowed in. At times it can be difficult to recognize that negative energy that has entered into our lives. There are a few simple things to be observant of which will help you notice not only how you're feeling but how your home environment is. Strange or erratic behaviour from pets can be an early indication that the energy in your home is not where you desire it to be. Strange odours or scents that linger and are unpleasant, candles that burn in odd patterns and light fixtures that need constant care and bulb replacement can all be signs of growing negative energy. Removing negative energy from our thoughts, bodies and homes can be tedious but necessary. There are many ways and means to do this: smudging body and home, mirrors, salt and herb mixtures, toning, crystal and metal singing bowls and water/oil/wine mixtures. It's important that you find one or more means that you are comfortable with and that you use them regularly or find someone that can do this for you.

An energy that we often forget about that can cause major disruptions in our everyday existence is the energy of words. As I've mentioned in an earlier newsletter, words themselves have more than just meanings to them. Words hold an inherent energy that outweighs any cute acronym that is given to make the word less scary or to make it hold more promise. Hope, conservation, try, heart-break and a number of other words are so over used by society and so programmed into us to mean certain things. Yet the energy of these words when spoken, or when thought, compound any negative energy that surrounds us at that time. The inherent energy is stifling, crippling to any growth, or promise we hold for ourselves and at the very worst cause illness and dis-ease within the body. These words speak to a deep and hidden fear that impacts our feelings of self-worth or lack there of, and our feelings of competence, ability and peace. It's important to begin the process of removing these words and replacing them with words that contain the energy we are truly seeking to embody. The simple action and thought of removing useless, and harmful words is an easy step to begin integrating all positive change and energy into our lives.

Another energy that everyone is concerned about is money. Money, is in fact an energy. It flows and it changes what it comes into contact with. Just look at your bank statement. Money energy enters and movement happens. It can grow. It can flow into something new, whether into an item or in payment for a service rendered. It can sit and seem to wait just like the power within an electrical switch and it will leave us as quickly as turning off that switch. In spiritual terms, money is always a means to change and is always changing. It is how we view the change of monetary energy within our lives that is the crux of the Laws of Abundance. We desire it to change our lives yet the ability to change and redirect this energy is within us. We grasp tightly to what we have the same way we leave the lights on, out of fear of what may be hidden in the dark beyond. Yet this brings with it an energy block. We refuse to let go out of fear of losing this energy. While we don't wish to let it flow out easily, it becomes an opportunity to change how we view it. Again, it becomes another aspect of our spiritual selves that requires balance; whether it is in the flow in or out. Hence it is important to keep monetary energy in positive perspective and while this is not easy most of the time it does become necessary to live abundantly. Understanding that debt comes and goes and positive balances come and go are part of the ebb and flow that is inherent in all energy.

The healing energies are another form of energy that have had and will continue to have major, life changing effects on us and our world. Healing energies, though, must be broken down into two parts; one for the energy of healing itself, and one for the healers and caregivers. Healing energies, along with caretakers and healers are especially vulnerable to the flow and flux of energy changes. Within the body we have a number of circulatory systems and each of those systems creates and thrives on a series of energy pulses; whether it is to stimulate the heart to pump blood, the lungs to exchange air or for the liver and kidneys to cleanse toxins from the body. Yet, there is another set of energy systems, the chakra system and all of it's subsidiaries. We know of the 7 main points of the chakra but the body contains hundreds of points that stimulate and move energy. Every physical body has a grid of meridian lines that aids in the movement of energy. Many healers , especially massage therapists, acupuncturists, reflexologists and others, deal with the physical manipulation of these points and meridians to move and free up blockages. Then there is Reiki, Pranic, Aura and other pure energy healing that simply enter into the body through the aid of a healer. This energy flows through the body, repairing, easing pain and realigning the circulatory systems of the physical body in order to regain a balanced existence.

For any healers or caregivers, regardless of their field or whether they are just there for someone, the balance of aiding someone in returning to their state of wellness or just being able to live out the balance of their lives in comfort can leave us feeling drained and off kilter, if we are not aware of the energy we share. Healers and all caretakers are vulnerable to a form of 'tag-along' energy. It is the energy of dis-ease, illness and stress that we pick up from friends, family and clients alike. This 'tag-along' energy can effect us and our clients. For our clients, this 'tag-along' energy can be transferred it to more than one of our clients. This happens because we've changed and opened energy zones within them, and this vulnerability is exactly what the 'tag-along' energy is looking for. Then we as healers are also vulnerable because we open our hearts to share in the energetic re-balancing to have the off-kilter energy attach to us. This type of energy is the energy that has you dragging your feet at the end of the day, not in a feel good inside way, but in an absolute state of exhaustion. It can bring pain, illness and other physical discomfort to what started the day as a strong, healthy spirit. We've opened to an energy that feeds off of the good intent while fighting the current of healing. It looks for a weak spot within and attaches like a leech to drain and deplete internal resources. This leeching energy can effect anyone though and it's through our emotions of caring loving that openings are found. This is especially true of family and friendship relationships. The need to be around and near these people who are open to giving and sharing energy can even become an addition in some ways. A hit of energy is needed; they sometimes use the excuse of not having talked recently, or that they never get together anymore. This dragging energy needs to connect to a physical form and that is why it seems to stress meeting, touching and being near. The need becomes over powering and obsessive. Therefore it is up to every individual to be aware of how they feel around people and to learn to put in place the means to protect and shield oneself from these drains. It may be hard to accept that someone who loves you can drain you but it happens and it happens much more than we realize. These people do not have to be removed from our lives unless there is a sense of danger or a true feeling of unease. A simple separation may be in order and contact can be re-established after shielding has been implemented. As healers and caretakers, we need to be very aware of any 'tag-along' energy as we need to take the time between clients to remove any excess energy by one of the means mentioned above in addition to any sanitation routines that are part of the practice.

It isn't just our home environments that suffer from negative energy. Ever wonder why sometimes we enter a store and quickly leave it without really looking around? Ever gone to a party and thought 'how can I get out of here early or now?' Ever rifled through boxes on a shelf to pick one behind or beside the first one or decided to buy it somewhere else? Ever looked at a few identical items but not liked one or more of them? We can find normal, logical responses to each of these ... didn't see anything I wanted, was looking for a box that wasn't open, this object is just seemed a bit better and so on. The reality is we're picking up on energy. Perhaps it's compatible, perhaps it's not but the logical mind needs something physical to define the difference that is being sensed. In a nutshell, you're reading energy. The building may be nice, the people too and yet there is something "off" about it. These are times to listen to the reaction we are experiencing to the energies within a place. That is not to say it is a "bad" or "evil" place because the person next to you may truly enjoy it. It is simply an energy that doesn't correspond or resonate with our energy in a positive way. We can visit with those different energies as long as we take the time to be aware of how it makes us feel and if it changes. We may also find that after a period of growth or change we will find comfort in new places while the old haunts no longer hold an interest for us. This is all part of the energy of spiritual growth and we all experience it.

Finally, there are the "energy shifts" that everyone seems to be talking about. These refer to the huge astral and metaphysical energies, that surround and permeate all of existence, that are changing. These have an enormous impact on everyone. Rational people can seem disoriented, angry and basically not themselves. People can be lethargic, seem to be ill weekly, find themselves crying for no reason and everything about the waking world seems off. We are reacting to the energy of change that was foretold about this new era. There is a lack of faith in the known laws that have governed our existence up till now because these laws seem to be changing and that is upsetting for many people. Yet they don't know why they're upset. The things that used to work don't and things that make no sense now flow and become reality with even greater ease. Business itself is and will continue to have great misgivings about what is happening, as will a great many people. Money and resources are being re-balanced and there is a huge fear factor for those whose only interests have been to get more and have more and be more. The upheaval caused by these energy shifts can be overwhelming to say to the least. The feeling of being off kilter and out of sorts for no physical reason plays directly into the base fear that something 'is really wrong with me." It also creates huge separations because we don't want people to know we feel differently. We mask the emotional turmoil and feed the fear, while we also cocoon ourselves to try to sort things out. Society looks at those who talk about the shifts as being a little off, yet something inside is making those connections and there is an enormous search beginning for the rational mind to try to comprehend so that assimilation of energies can begin. It is very important during this time to really let go of normal expectations and allow your mind and spirit to flow with the changes.

I bid you peace as your understanding of energy grows and you begin to recognize and flow with the surrounding energies and changes that come your way. Blessings.




Apatite is a common crystal for healing, although some colours are easier to obtain than others. Blue Apatite is one of the more common colours while yellow is quite rare. Apatite colour can vary from blue to green, to a yellowy-orange, to white or to violet. The picture below shows an example of the blue Apatite in which a white lattice work of the inner structure is visible. Apatite is considered a master spiritual stone due to the positive effects on both the physical body and spiritual communications. Apatite's early history is marred and fairly obscure as it was often mistaken for other similar crystals, suck as Beryl. Today, Apatite is found almost everywhere and it is mined quite extensively as it is often a source of rare-earth minerals and phosphorous for fertilizers.

As a tool for physical healing, Apatite is often used in releasing stored energy within the body. Much of this stored energy is used for aiding in the healing processes of the body, from the cellular level, to the nervous system and meridian and chakra systems, and up to repairing bones and joints. It can focus some of the stored energy to heal from emotional exhaustion and will then refill the body's emotion energy reserve. For overactive children, the use of Apatite can aid in channeling the energy into constructive activities so that the body and energy systems can calm and regain a sense of balance. Apatite has been used to change the body's metabolic rate and suppress hunger especially when based on emotional responses. Used in conjunction with other crystals, Apatite can magnify and enhance other healing properties and speed results. Apatite can aid in removing mental blocks and confusion allowing the wearer to find solutions to problems.

Spiritually, Apatite is a stone of universal communication. Apatite clears the lines of communication blocked by fear, guilt, and confusion. It has the ability to open the veil between the physical world and the inspirational world of spirit. Apatite is also known for it's ability to aid in the manifestation of desires and in making the life path choices necessary for growth and movement. Apatite can also make the repercussions of past life choices and experiences clear in this life so that changes and forgiveness can be given. Apatite helps to remove feelings of apathy and creates a desire to promote and work for the higher good of all involved. It can also aid in releasing buried sorrows that can cause irritability and frustration.

Apatite should be cleansed fairly regularly since it aids in energy movement. Apatite should be rinsed under a stream of warm water and then left to dry in full sunlight. Please note that some Apatite may fade if left in strong sunlight for long periods of time.


Apatite apatite-back



Thoughts for April and May

April comes and we begin to unshackle the joys that we've waited till the appropriate time to enjoy. Life is returning, and early flowers and spring birds return to bring life and colour to our world. Our drive and desire to change, whether to see change or be change, revs up and it becomes a palpable energy. It can take over and run rampant and yet in our joy we embrace these chaotic energies. We don't wish to stifle or control this chaotic energy because it represents movement and newness. April marks a change in how we deal with our energy, and the energy around us. We allow ourselves to release old and stagnant energy much easier because we can see and feel newness around us. We fear less the unknown, as we wish and desire to depart from old habits and standards. We begin to recognize our fresh beginnings and we embrace them with open hearts.

May explodes into being in a burst of colour, sound and excitement, and in may places we celebrate ancient rites and traditions. There is no doubt about the changes the world is seeing. Life is in bloom! Life is fragrant and intoxicating. As April left us riding the up-swell of new energies we may have felt adrift, May brings us a desire to harness that energy and to begin to move toward our desires. We find within a way to use this energy, to harness the potential and to begin to filter it into our lives. We begin to sort the energy into the parts of our life that need pushing and nudging into order to nurture and grow our dreams. May brings focus and more clarity as we see early results of the push of April's energies. We tend these gardens of desire by weeding out and sorting through our emotions to establish a more defined journey. With hearts aglow we willingly stride forward.



"As I Flow"

"Early the sun rises and the stirring begins.

Deep within me my spirit responds to the waking energy of the world.

This energy pulls, lifts, and coxes me back into my body and into consciousness.

I allow myself the time to simply exist within this rising energy.

I feel it nurture my desires, my dreams and it boosts my faith to surpass my expectations.

It flows as constant as the sea, throughout my day and throughout my connections.

The rising and ebbing of this energy is as alive as I am!

This is the energy of life; Divine in origin and blessed with life.

Today, I choose to rejoice and celebrate this wondrous gift."



April 2013