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A New Awareness

2013 has been an interesting year to say the least and now it is over. Once again the energies of change are upon us. As 2014 dawns, we may feel a little less sure of ourselves and of the world as a whole and yet there is always the promise that comes with the new year. It will be another year of growth and change. We may not always enjoy the growth that comes to us but have faith. For we as a race are as capable of monumental goodness to balance out that which will shock us. Be at peace my friends and may the new year bring you a bounty of good times, and love.

Abrupt Shifts

Have you seen the posts on social media that talk about coming shifts? Is it a "Blue Moon," "Black Moon," "Pink Moon," or some other name given to the second new moon within the month? Have you wondered about the hype or about what is really being talked about? Have you waited for months, years or even decades and still things haven't "shifted" for you? So why do hunger for these shifts if they are so elusive? What makes them so special, so surreal, that people will grasp at any mention? Why do we feel so betrayed when these "shifts" pass us by? What is it that is really happening? How do we deal with what is released during these events? What am I missing if I don't experience anything?

So what are these shifts that everyone is talking about? Basically there are two types of shifts that seem to be most prominent; firstly there are the general energy shifts and then there are the spiritual shifts or life path shifts that are also happening. Each will affect people differently and some not at all, or at least not in ways that are noticeable.

These shifts in and of them selves seem simple and straightforward. Yet they can be the cause of a lot of angst whether you actually experience anything or not. Not every shift will affect people the same way and that again can create a sense of nothing changing and that it is all a hoax or something for the gullible minded masses out there. The general energy shifts usually begin with either an astronomical or earth-bound events. Astronomically we are hearing a lot this year of double full or new moons in many months. Yet there have always been periods when our orbit will in time bring these natural occurrences into being. So why the hype this time around? Quite simply as we become more aware of the changes spurred on from then end of 2012 and in to the coming years of unconditional love. This has been very evident as people claim more of their own personal power and desires. People began to claim their paths with a heart that was more open and more at peace with accepting some of the changes they were facing.

With 2014 we've seen a continuing of those changing dynamics and the astronomical events seem to be holding more sway. Even normal odd behaviour during the full moon seems to be intensified and that is something that will continue for at least the balance of the year. We are seeing people being drawn into realms of thought that would have been pushed aside as nonsense not so long ago. Emotions and chains of thoughts contained within also seem to be growing exponentially into different and unexpected path choices. These are creating much of the social and economical hysteria that seems so out of place and it is also responsible for people demanding answers and accountability from those in a position of power.

Trying to align our spiritual shifts with these major events can be stressful. It is true that some of these events will proceed changes to our spiritual path, however that will not make them any easier to experience. In fact it can make things feel worse and if these changes do not herald a change, for whatever reason, our faith gets shaken and claims of coming changes are dismissed as a waste of time and energy. When we don't get to experience the breakthroughs that are promised as part of these coming shifts we can find ourselves becoming angry and frustrated. A sense of "why bother" begins to creep into our thoughts and actions.

This is, of course, detrimental to our spiritual progress and we begin to prefer being stuck in our present situation instead of finding another means to move forward. Accepting that changing path or perception of our path can be quite challenging and if we haven't dealt with the emotional repercussions of those changes and the shifts that caused them then we sometimes rebel even more.

Abruptly changing spiritual energies can definitely leave us feeling lost and out of sort. We are all in some way looking for the key that will open our paths more fully. Yet our paths take us through these events and emotions so that we can face ourselves and our desires. Sometimes are paths are simply to experience the changing dynamic around us and at other times we will be part of that change. Trying to sort out which energy we are actually in can be frustrating. Faith and trust in our own inner knowledge and guidance is what is important. The journey we are to experience is the journey of our own being irregardless of what others may say. Changing energies provide us with an opportunity to change how we approach our own being and our path and nothing more. They are opportunities to revive our inner flames and desires and to boost our faith in ourselves and the Divine that guides us.

I bid you peace as you are journey through the shifts that await you. Blessings.



Howlite (Revisited)

When I began writing about crystals I was aware that I was doing an injustice to the energy of many crystals with my then limited experience. I am therefore going to revisit a number of crystals and give them proper dues.

Howlite is a fairly common crystal. Howlite can range from blue, to green and to white, although many varieties, especially the blue, are chemically or heat treated to enhance their colours. Howlite usually has the appearance of marble with darker veins running though it. Most Howlite is from the United States, with smaller amounts coming from.

As a tool for physical healing, Howlite is very beneficial for the relief of insomnia and is often used in gem elixirs to treat insomnia. Placed under the pillow, Howlite aids in quieting the restless mind. (NOTE: please consult a gem elixir practitioner before creating or taking gem elixirs). Howlite has also been shown to be beneficial to both teeth and bone as it can aid in balancing the calcium levels within the body. Howlite is also beneficial for releasing anger and the effects of anger within the body. This is especially true if the emotions and anger have been stored within the heart and circulatory systems. In many stressful situations a small piece of Howlite placed where it can be touched will absorb much of the negative emotions raised and allow the mind and spirit to move through and past these events.

Spiritually, Howlite is a stone that can open the doors to the spiritual dimensions, and aid in attuning thought processes to intuitive messages and communication. Howlite is used extensively in past life regressions due to the ease with which the past can be viewed without attachment. Howlite can aid in making sense of the lessons of past lives and how those lessons relate to this life. Those who do astral journeying find Howlite to be beneficial for accessing the realms of the Akashic records and the living "Other Side." Howlite also allows the user to examine themselves without the harsh criticisms and selfish jealousies of the ego.

Howlite has an interesting effect on the mind in that it allows a person to distinguish between the dreams that have potential and the ones that do not. It also creates an environment within the mind and spirit that allows the potential to form a working path that a person is able to focus on and achieve in the waking world.

Howlite should be cleansed fairly regularly and depending on the amount of stress and emotional upheaval it is exposed too. If used for healing it is best to cleanse Howlite after each use. You may also notice that the Howlite begins to take on a dull, filmy appearance when it is in need of a cleansing. A quick rinse in warm, running water and then allow Howlite to rest among quartz crystals.





Thoughts for April and May

April is the month when we see and experience a real rebirth in our world. The long winter begins to fade from memory as warmer days and early flowers and buds re-awaken our spirits to our potential and to the potentials hidden in our lives. Life is either bursting forth and is about to. Plants come to life first and we as the caretakers prepare our gardens and clear away the debris left by the long, hard winter. We even begin to plan new plantings and set our goals and intentions for these outward gardens. We do so with our inner gardens as well. We prepare our hearts and minds for the coming season of personal growth. Spiritually we are always growing yet with the spring we find ourselves becoming energized and more animated in our planning and execution of our dreams. We can feel and bring forward our youthful exuberance and it permeates our every day routines.

May Day and May itself are all about the dance of life. There is no denying that life is here, in all it's newness and boisterous fervor. The tradition of dancing around the May Pole was just that, a dance to remind us of our connections to the various forms of life and joy that are everywhere in these early days of spring. The weaving dance of life continues in all our our spiritual plans and workings at this time of year also.



"Bursting Forth Into Life"

"Today the new dawn is calling.

New and bright it heralds a change.

My spirit has struggled to grow and to be accepted.

My life has changed and the old has fallen away and become the steps I take to raise myself up.

My path and my journey open before me.

Fear itself falls away with the first tentative steps.

A rush of energy and joy surges passed me and through me.

Each step may or may not be well planned but they are steps,

and each step has a significance and adds to the whole.

So today I will step forward, step up, and step into life."



April 2014