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A New Awareness

As 2015 begins we may find ourselves full of hope for the new year and for all the promises that this new beginning brings. It will be important to remember that while there will be new beginnings, there will also be many more endings. Many of these ending may indeed seem overwhelming but are truly part of the re-balancing needed within our own spirits. The energy changes and shifts will still continue although they should not fluctuate like those of 2014. Again of year of change is upon us and it is important to be calm and loving as each of us travels along our life path.

Repentance & Sin

As Christians come to the high point in their spiritual year with the ending of Lent and the celebration of Easter, it seems a fitting time to talk about repentance and sin. It seems to be on every channel and the theme of a number of programs. Of course, society has told us what we should believe these to be but do we really understand the rhetoric and meaning of the words, or energy contained within.


Sin, we believe to be fairly simple. In its most basic format it is a breaking of divine law; a sin against God. Yet in truth sin is a little more diverse than that. We need to look at sin in two ways. Firstly, as society sees it and then spiritually in what the history of the word entailed.

Seems strange that such a simple word could be misconstrued, doesn't it? Yet, sin in more ancient times, always had two meanings.

Our society, Western society at least, is based on the premise of 10 divine laws. We all know them as the 10 Commandments. They quite simply were meant to govern how we deal with one another. Simply based on respect for one another, our property and our community. They are the basis of our legal and judiciary systems. Then of course we have the 7 deadly sins; sloth, greed, gluttony, pride, envy, lust and anger. These are the standards of acceptable ethics to which society strives to hold us to. We've all been told that we sin when we break the laws that govern our existence, even those that fall within the scope of acceptable behaviour. Sin in these instances is an error in judgment of our choice of actions in any given circumstance.

Spiritually when we look at the word sin there is another facet of it that we miss and it deals more directly with how we interpret our place in the world. Sin, in spiritual terms, talks to how we are moving along our path. We all come in to this world with a plan or a path that we will follow. Some of us will have an easier time than others but still we all move ahead. On our paths and in our journeys we will make many choices, some will move us closer while others seem to take us further away. Sin in these contexts are simply the choices that move us away from our goals. We missed the mark! It was meant simply as an acknowledgement that the goal was not attained by the means we had devised.

As society began to exert control over our spiritual practices it became more fitting that one of the meanings was dropped into obscurity. In its place society attached a level of shame and ridicule that created a stigma against any one that was accused of such "sins." For millennia we have allowed ourselves to be shamed for our errors.

Unfortunately, many religions, now use our sense of guilt and shame to accuse us of sins that happened years, decades and even centuries ago. This isn't to say that the events should be forgotten, just the opposite. We should remember those events; the good, the bad and the ugly. We need to keep them as reference points or where not to return to. Yet we do need to remember that the events are not our sins but they are events that shaped our societies.


Repentance also has to two-fold energy. The first part of the energy of repentance is forgiveness. It is the same forgiveness that we covered a few years ago. It must contain a forgiveness that covers both the offended party and offending party, as all forgiveness must. It is a delicate balance that is struck between accepting blame and still being able to move forward and beyond the events.

Yet repentance has a deeper aspect to it and it is one that is rarely examined or brought to mind. Repentance has the energy of movement. It is more that just examining and apologizing for the wrongs that occur. It has movement and action and is a call to do something to balance out the cost of the "sin" that was committed. This isn't a punishment for the actions taken; that is the dominion of society. Repentance is an actual, heartfelt need that must be settled personally, and spiritually, in order to allow the spirit to release the cost of the sin.

Yet it can be intimidating in its magnitude, depending on the offense. It really is quite simple, although the application that can be a little daunting. Do we pay it backward to the party we wronged? Do we pay it forward to help others who may experience similar pain? Do start some new movement to bring awareness and strength to a cause? Do we go to war? Do we protest for change? Do we strive to make society more tolerant? Do we change laws? Do we fight injustice? All the while the possible forms that repentance can take grow and change with each situation.

What is it that calls us? That is for the individual to come to terms with. There is no right answer except to say that to do nothing is not acceptable. Repentance needs action and movement, both of which must be heartfelt and honest for the spirit to release its pain and allow change and growth to recommence.

I bid you peace as you work through your own thoughts of repentance and into a brighter sense of being. Blessings.



Aragonite (Revisited)

Aragonite is a very common crystal and its distinct growth pattern makes it an easy crystal to identify. Aragonite was know as a healing crystal long before today's literature. It was widely used in ancient Greek and Italy societies. Most of the aragonite we get today comes from countries around the Mediterranean Sea, such as Italy and Morocco and from the UK, Spain and Germany.

As a tool for physical healing, Aragonite has been used to heal and promote healthy joints. Aragonite has been said to help strengthen the immune system and can aid is spreading warmth to the hands and feet. As a benefit to bones and the nervous system, Aragonite helps to heal strains that can occur to the spine and discs. For disrupted sleepers, Aragonite placed under the pillow or as a large crystal near the bed can aid in reducing night-time twitches and restlessness no matter the cause.

Spiritually, Aragonite is a crystal of calm, creating a peaceful and calm demeanor no matter what situation is being faced. Aragonite is a stone that provides for a quick reminder of how to ground oneself. It is often used as a touch-stone to aid in creating the sense of being grounded and in restoring a sense of calm. Aragonite can also aid in creating a mind-set that allows for tolerance to grow. For those who are experiencing a rush of spiritual awakenings or occurrences, Aragonite can help to slow the process to make it more comfortable and not so overwhelming.

Aragonite should be cleansed every few weeks with warm running water and then allow it to rest overnight in a bowl of rock or clear quartz crystals.




Thoughts for April & May

Spring has finally here! The long cold winter no longer holds sway over the awakening earth and on our spirits. Over the cold winter months we planned our spring time adventures and dreams began to take root. Now is the time that we begin to prepare our garden, physically or spiritually. April and May have always been the heralds of new beginnings. We clear out any of the remaining dreams and unfulfilled seeds from the last year. We may even see signs that life is returning quicker than we had thought possible. Yet each year we do the same thing and we think the same thoughts. Yet with the energies of 2015 some of us may find a difference in our daily lives especially during these two months. Old habits seem out of sort and perhaps even more convoluted than we first would have thought. It is a true passing away of the old with this spring.

Old ways just are not producing the results we had attained in the past and we need to prepare our hearts, and souls to accept rapid and substantial changes. Like our gardens, things just will not be as they have always seemed to be. The earth and our spirits are now rebelling against the traditional norms and making us think differently in order to achieve the desires we hold dear. Can we do it? Yes is the simple answer but more importantly we really will have little choice to but change if we wish to see the growth we desire. So take a deep breath, take a good look around, and go for it!



"Sunrise On a New Day"

"I lay awake in the still of the twilight, nothing but the sound of my breathing.

Thoughts quickly turn to the day past, was it good day or a not so good day.

Trepidation as the realization that a new day is here.

Yet why trepidation?

Isn't today a new day? A new day to try again to move along a path I chose.

Within the stillness a voice whispers to me.

'Get going'

It brings a smile and a realization that this new day is about to begin.

The sun is rising and with it new opportunities and new adventures.

So I will welcome each new day and leave the past where it belongs .. in the past."


April 2015