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A New Awareness

2018 is here and we now must face our most cruel and base emotions and fears. We've made a commitment to be better than we were and the movement for change is upon us. Spirit is rising to meet the challenges. It will be important to take time to really understand our reactions to the events unfolding in our world.

Changing Conversations

The changes happening in conversations and commentary around the world reflect a growing need for all to be heard. While that is a wonderful thing, many of the personal conversation changes are being overlooked or ignored much to our own detriment and exclusion. So while the world sorts out how we can best communicate we can look at our own conversations, both internal and external, and how we process those conversation and pass them out into our communities and circles.

Every conversation has the power to fracture friendships, upset emotional balances, or support and benefit those participating. Unfortunately since we've been taught to "get out what needs to be said" we don't understand or want to realize that tact; discretion and simple courtesy can get washed away. The art of conversation has not been taught nor practiced in much of our society of late and as always any talk about conversation must include a segment on self-audit and a true examination of where we exist in any moment.

Internal Conversations

We all talk to ourselves. It's the first and last voice we hear, even when we listen to spirit. It has been shaped by every experience, every hurt, every joy, every blessing, every curse, every loss, and of course every love. We repeat what we've been told and we try with all our heart and spirit to either prove or disprove it for our life path.

It can take a very long time for our own internal conversations to become supportive and we can be far harder on ourselves than anyone would believe and we can be harsh when we don't feel we deserve praise or thanks. We can dismissive of even our most wonderful accomplishments. Though we do at some point in time realize that the only one we hurt is ourselves and we begin to change that story, sometimes on our own and sometimes with the help of others.

We grow, we change, and it isn't always what people expect so their criticisms can strike harder and deeper than we are prepared to let them go. These changes, once processed internally, begin to change how we perceive our friends', their lives, and conversations. This can cause other frictions between circles and communities.

External Conversations

How we process our changes will ultimately influence all of our external conversations. When we find our voice and claim our passions and beliefs our spirits wish to soar and share our newness. Yet we will still experience the pain and disillusionment of the conversation of others. We tend to forget that others have very different journeys to experience and those experience will be unlike anyone else's simply because of who they are.

When we begin to live in our new perspective and we enter into diverse situations, we can, without realizing it, insult even new acquaintances. We, in our exuberance, can cruelly and carelessly dismiss another's experiences and beliefs. Have you ever watched any of the conversations going on? Have you seen someone start saying no and stopping listening before the story is even a few sentences old? Have you watched someone get defensive over a subject that others wonder why the fuss? Have you watched people stop participating in the conversation and possibly begin to look elsewhere? Has someone asked you to stop talking about something and you've continued?

On we talk, telling our tales ignoring the pain, discomfort, and beliefs of others. As with all conversations emotions rise and it can unleash some very uncomfortable energy. When we add to this individual levels of empathy, intuitiveness, psychic, and sensitivities can add additional strain and upset.

The conversation meme asking us to think before we speak asking "Is it true?, Is it necessary?, Is it kind?" really fits back into how we talk. We know that people will use words to hurt and to harm especially when they are hurting. Yet this meme actually talks to plain and simple courtesy. Even unkind things sometimes need to be said but it doesn't mean we can't change the words to make understanding easier and the words less hurtful. Taking a few breaths before we respond can help us in calming our own responses.

As we grow conversation will always be a vital part in sharing our stories, our hopes, our pains, and our joys. We need to relearn how to have the conversations we need to have. In a world of quick texts, quick emails, quick calls and quick misunderstandings, it really is time to learn the art of conversation. To change our conversations may not be as simple as a meme and a few breaths but it is possible. With a little forethought, a little patience, and a little common courtesy we can regain our conversation and the topics that we need to respond to.

I bid you peace as you experience the joy simple, and supportive conversations. Blessings.




Diopside is an ancient gemstone and was fairly well known in antiquity. Diopside is found in a variety of locations around the world including Canada, South Africa, India, and Russia. Diopside is usually blue, black, or green (rarest) with or without a star shape. Legends tell that the star formation are small stars that have fallen to earth and have retained their shape.

As a tool for physical healing, Diopside works primarily on supporting the blood and circulatory systems and is wonderful for those who bruise easily. Diopside also supports the clotting of blood around injuries. Green Diopside is often used to treat kdney and bladder infections.

Spiritually, Diopside is a stone of calm reflection and solution. Diopside can help sort out issues and problems whether recent, older, or reoccurring. Diopside is a real benefit for those who have temperamental flair-ups as it has a soothing effect and can aid in maintaining an emotional equilibrium.

Diopside is naturally a high-energy gemstone and should be cleansed at least briefly during the month. A quick rinse under running water and allow it to sit in full sunlight for an hour or two. Jewelry will benefit from recharging in a bowl of polished hematite stones.





Thoughts for April and May

Spring has sprung and the birds of spring are hearalding change with their joyful songs. Newness is all around even as the last vestages of winter hang on to the small spaces they occupy. Life is exploding with more vibrancy and expectation than ever before. We have a chance and need for change. We have seen the changes in our world and we want her healed and well for her health is our own health and her joy ours. Change is of course neverr easy but it is always happening.

The gentle rains of spring give way to ever warmer and longer days and our joy spreads through all our early planning of fun with family and friends. Connecting with those who care can ease our discomfort as we begin the process of growing beyond our expectations.



"Welcoming Dawn"

"The pre-dawn hours are still and silent.

Yet life is already awake and rising to meet the day.

A lone robin begins her song to greet the new day.

Soon others join in her chorus and

the world gently wakes to a beautiful energy that flows so freely.

It is given to us each day filled with joy, love, and acceptance.

So I too rise and embrace the new dawn and

I too will share in the joy, love, acceptance and

beauty that surrounds me."



April 2018