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A New Awareness

As another year comes to an end and a new one begins we find ourselves at a crux of change. Whether the change is good or not, whether we agree or disagree, we must commit to being the best we can be. Not only for ourselves and our families and friends but for our communities, our cities and our world. Yet our spirits are embracing newness and a reason to trust in the building of our awareness. We can grow and become the best that our spirits need us to be. We must learn to shine.

Words and Energies

As we know words are an imperfect communication means but it is the mainstay of what we have. We watch how our language changes as we contact and communicate with other cultures and languages. The mixing of languages is already seen in any number of nations and communities as trade and commerce are slowly creating a global village. Words with all their imperfectness still have the power to build up or tear down those we speak with. They have the power to inspire or discourage others.

Yet within all of this we tend to forget about all of the other words we use, for every word has energy and that energy doesn't change. We can see that this is becoming a bigger issue than we would care to recognize. Society seems to be a powder keg waiting for the wrong word, the wrong intent, or some other reason to tear to shreds something that isn't the cause by but is a result of past communications. As humans we tend to be lazy about things that come easily to us and speaking our minds and joining in with action and words commits us to accepting we are as much at fault as anyone else.

Words can be frustrating that's a given. Why say something is nice or good, when great, fantastic, wonderful, magnificent, or mystical and a plethora of other words sound so much larger and grander than the others. This is where we start to see the problem with our language. We have begun to distrust the words we use when they're simple and easy to understand. We seem to think the bigger the word the more our praise we're offering and of course then the opposite must be true too. Things just aren't bad or have gone wrong, they're disastrous, calamitous, the ruination of a nation or a life, monstrous, a monstrosity, a disaster of biblical proportions, and so on. We have lost the art of middle conversations, and mild, tempered words are now seen as insincere and lacking.

Unfortunately not all these words mean the same thing. They're close but we tend to pick and choose the meaning and therefore the energy of our liking. We either add the meanings we wish to see, thinking we're broadening our perspectives or we try to change the meaning to fit a new way of using it. The speech pattern becomes a norm as more people hear it and decide they like the new meaning rather than using the other words. We all do it and yet we rarely think about the words we use and the impact of those words on our path, our family and friends, and our society.

As an example, people who know me know that I rarely use the word HOPE. We see it everywhere and its used constantly. We believe the word contains a positive and a forward moving energy of change and it does at least for a bit. Yet there is a second part to the energy of the word HOPE and that we tend to ignore. Think of the scenario of someone sharing their dreams and as a response someone offers an "I really hope it works out for you!" If we are honest there is a "but" that tends to form in the mind, at the end that basically says you don't believe what that will be the outcome. Already the energy of change has doubt thrown onto it by everyone who thinks the same thing and in reality the person stating the dream has heard the same response from themselves. Hence the word I use is trust when I express my dreams and visions and respond to others visions and desires. While the energy of trust may have a bit of doubt depending on the people and circumstance energetically it is a more positive wish for the dream and vision to manifest. Many olde English writings show how this was used more often in correspondence and conversations ... I trust your journey went well, I trust this letter finds you well, I trust you and yours are well, and so on.

Another example I wrote about last year was my tendency to say to myself was that I "just want to go home" when my chronic pain became too much. A simple statement that has two very different meanings; one home is where I reside but when you're there and saying you want to go home, Home becomes source and that option was presented very clearly when the choice to leave this plane or finish the path I started was presented. Ultimately words matter even our own inner dialogue can change things energetically. Of course there are other words that require us to use our intuition to find the energy traps in how and when they're used but those get noticed as time and our own evolution dictate. Words are simple or complex and all around us.

The whole thing sounds burdensome and bothersome, doesn't it? Yet we can only prosper when we choose to look at the language and words we use to convey our dreams, our empathy, our sympathies, our support, our disappointments, and our joining with others. Simplicity in our speech and an awareness of the energies within carries benefits beyond just creating the most positive, moving, and honest energies. It creates an environment when people can meet on common ground with common understanding. No confusion, no misunderstandings. When all is said and done, isn't that the intent of all communication?

I bid you peace as you discover the power, strength, energy, and beauty in the words you use. Blessings.




Dumortierite is a crystal with a fairly recent history as it was identified a little over 100 years ago by a French paleontologist. Dumortierite is normally a beautiful blue colour and can vary from dark to a blue violet in colour, however some specimens can be red, brown, black or white. Dumortierite comes to us from a number of places in Africa including South Africa and Namibia, along with Madagascar, Russia, Austria, Canada and the United States.

As a tool for physical healing, Dumortierite works on the digestive system and can ease various stomach ailments. It can greatly help to reduce excitability and calm the nervous system and can aid those who suffer with tension related pain. Dumortierite can ease the pressures of doing routine tasks and chores. When used in meditation Dumortierite can aid in creating a sense of deep relaxation and support the Throat chakra.

Spiritually, Dumortierite is a great for calming perspectives especially when dealing with stubborn or difficult people. Dumortierite allows the bearer to easily find compromises and work together and can allow for greater tolerance of others and their perspectives. If you have trouble communicating your own spiritual ideas Dumortierite is a great crystal to help release any un-ease you can feel. It will allow you to express your spirituality openly and clearly. It is also helpful in removing stubborn attitudes. Dumortierite is another crystal known to increase a person's patience.

Dumortierite should be cleansed regularly and frequently, approximately every week or every other. Rinse under warm running water and allow it to rest among lead crystals or quartz.





Thoughts for April & May

April is upon us. Its delicate fresh blooms are everywhere. Tulips, Daffodils, Magnolias and more blanket the gardens and early blossoming bushes. There is a renewed sense of passion and life in the air. We, in the northern hemisphere, shed our winter guises and our bodies celebrate the gentle warming breezes that wrap around us. We watch as the many returning birds begin to build and reshape their nests. We can sense the passion that brings new life to our world and we so desire to be a part of it. We don our spring attire and join with the rising tide and passion of life. Allow yourself to be swept up in this renewed vigor for it has the power and potential to carry you through the mud and on to very bright and beautiful days ahead.

May begins, of course, with May Day. A traditional celebration that was the beginning of the farming season that ends the long, cold hold of winter. In even more ancient celebrations May Day was considered the beginning of summer. In May the pulse of life is stronger and even more vibrant. The scent of living is more robust than that of April and it creates within us a yearning. A yearning for carefree days of summer. Its easy to get carried away and begin wishing summer was here. Yet May brings with it a unique and special set of emotions. There is a renewed sense of wonder especially when we see new life everywhere. No longer restricted to the plants, animals have begun rearing their young and we rejoice and revel in a sense of awed wonderment at the new life and the emotions this brings with it. Allow these emotions to be present in everyday and you will find your perceptions of your life changing.



"A Step Along the Way"

"I rise each day determined to do my best,

I move within the space and awareness of where my visions have taken me,

What I do today may not be big or great but it is where I need to be,

My dreams, visions, and myself are still growing and becoming,

Today I will work to toward continuing that growth,

Another step along the way."



April 2019