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Our Narrow Perception

Many times in our lives we hear people talk about seeing the big picture; yet that view of the big picture is only in relation to individual gains and is blind to the true scope of what is really included in the big picture. If we were to actually looked at the big picture we would need to look at each impact along the path out to the extent that our big picture encompassed. Instead of looking like an inverted triangle with us as the focal point, the big picture is a box and individually we are in the centre of the bottom line. The implications can be overwhelming when put into that context and to be honest it would be near impossible to cope or comprehend, so, we compromise on how broad a spectrum of insight and inspiration we will allow to shape our foundations.

We all face our world differently as we must. The lessons we learn as children, and as we grow, all aid in shaping us into the beings we are working on becoming. We've learned to trust some things while we are critical or dismissive of others. We trust in our lessons and in the teachings that have formed our lives and knowledge inherent in it. Yet there are times when something unexpected is noticed or a surprising result is achieved. This can unsettle us in ways that we would not have expected or thought possible.

This kind of stretching of our perception and vision can be unsettling. It can shake our foundations and it can bring discomfort or self-doubt that may cripple us for a time. These can be times of raging tempers fueled by uncertain emotions. Any challenges to our perception are never easy to experience. The potential changes to our foundational thoughts and beliefs can be a very disconcerting thought.

So how do we learn to expand our perceptions? We need a great deal of patience and kindness, with others, and with ourselves.

Our lessons can show up when we least desire or need them and as a result how we approach it sets a course for our growth. It can wear us down if we aren't careful to take our thoughts and behaviours in hand. At our hearts we know who we are, and who we desire to be, as individuals and as societies. We know our worth when we slow down and widen our perspective and it allows us to see the worth in others that would not have been seen before.

I bid you peace as you begin to expand your perception of the big picture. Blessings.




Amegreen is an interesting and unique stone. Amegreen comes to us from Africa and is a combination of Amethyst, Prasiolite, and White Quartz, sometimes called Snow Quartz. The colour of Amegreen can vary depending on the structure of the elements; some will show distinct veins of colour while others may be mottled. This unique combination of crystals creates a powerful influx of energies to build and support spiritual growth and communication.

As a tool for physical healing, the role of Amegreen is one of support for the body. The Prasiolite within supports the endocrine and other systems that strengthening the body. The Amethyst within it brings a calming energy that may increase concentration. The White Quartz within benefits the process of learning and how to reclaim self-worth and acceptance. Amegreen can aide in bringing willpower and self-acknowledgement of trends and events to allow healing. Amegreen reminds us to allow heart-based creativity to infuse love and compassion in all we strive to create.

Spiritually, Amegreen is a crystal for growth and development. It is a stone of communication and communion. Amegreen is able to bring information from spirit and can sharpen and strengthen intuition. It can also increase clairvoyance, psychic visions, and aid in calming thoughts to find the best path to follow. Using Amegreen during meditation can aid in deepening the stillness to ease communication with the Divine.

To cleanse Amegreen rinse under warm water however Amegreen should not be left in direct sunlight. It will benefit being with tumbled hematite to recharge.


Amegreen - amethyst and whit quartzAmegreen - Prasiolite shown



Thoughts for April & March

April is the month when we see and experience a real rebirth in our world. The long winter begins to fade from memory as warmer days and early flowers and buds re-awaken our spirits to our potential and to the potentials hidden in our lives. Life is either bursting forth and is about to. Plants come to life first and we as the caretakers prepare our gardens and clear away the debris left by the long, hard winter. We even begin to plan new plantings and set our goals and intentions for these outward gardens. We do so with our inner gardens as well. We prepare our hearts and minds for the coming season of personal growth. Spiritually we are always growing yet with the spring we find ourselves becoming energized and more animated in our planning and execution of our dreams. We can feel and bring forward our youthful exuberance and it permeates our every day routines.

May Day and May itself are all about the dance of life. There is no denying that life is here, in all its newness and boisterous fervor. The tradition of dancing around the May Pole was just that, a dance to remind us of our connections to the various forms of life and joy that are everywhere in these early days of spring. The weaving dance of life continues in all our spiritual plans and workings at this time of year also.




"Today I will look at all that I carry.

The love, the care, the pain, and all of my perceptions.

They are a part of me and will always be,

yet today order is needed and a new structure established.

Change is at hand and I desire and need to be free from some thoughts and burdens.

Each will have a time to be explored and maybe a new place in my life.

Some will be willingly carried; others will be left though the memory and lesson remain.

Today I start looking forward to joy and new beginnings,

as I begin my unburdening."



April 2021