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Druid Sticks

Druid sticks have been used and are still being used in many forms of divination around the world. Many cultures have systems of divination that produce a series of tetragrams. I-ching is another form although there are more variations. The Druid Sticks produce a total of 16 tetragrams.

To use the Druid Sticks, prepare an area for reading. If you have a cloth that you use for your Tarot deck, it can be used for the Druid Stick reading. Hold the four Druid Sticks in your hands, mix them together and meditate on your question. Blow gently over the sticks and cast them onto the cloth. Keep one hand covering the sticks while you align the sticks into neat rows. By observing the pattern created by the lines on each of the sticks, you will receive your answer.

Druid Sticks


DRAGON'S HEAD - New Beginning, vigilance. The past is behind you.

DRAGON'S TAIL - Ending, negativity. Walk away from the past. Learn lesson.

MAJOR FORTUNE - Friends, harmony, good fortune, victory.

MINOR FORTUNE - Protection from misfortune, less successful, influence.

THE BOY - Leadership, responsibility, male qualities. Indicates male figure.

Interpretations, cont'd

THE GAIN - Prosperity, promotion, new possessions and good fortune.

The Girl - Wisdom, healing, intuition, feminine qualities.

The Joy - Rainbow, harmony, happiness, peace of mind, fun times, good health.

The Loss - Loss, illness, accident. Take care in decision making.

The People - Gatherings, family, friends. Chance to learn.

The Prison - Obstacles, worry, limitations. Pay attention to emotions.

THE RED - A time for contemplation. Stop and consider.

THE SADNESS - Disappointment, loneliness, sadness, grief.

THE UNION - Love, friendship, partnership, joining.

THE WAY - Journey, action, obstacles overcome, new ideas.

THE WHITE - Wisdom, patience, moderation, able to balance physical, mental & spiritual.

Smudges & Smudging
Smudging for the Season

Smudging can be used to bring in the new season and recognize the ancient rituals. With May Day (May 1st) fast approaching, it may be time to honour the season. May Day celebrates the renewed fire within the Earth and within the human soul. The month of May is for renewing your connections with the Earth, with the vitality of the human body and soul and with the season of growth and blossoming.

Gather outside in the open. If the weather doesn't permit being in the open a covered porch can be used.

End the ceremony by smudging yourself, others in the group and to the light of the candles which heralds the suns rebirth.

Dealing with Negativity

Negativity is very prevalent in our society today. It's in the news, the workplace, just about everywhere people seem to meet. If we aren't careful it can be a very destructive force in our lives. Worst of all, it can come from within or stay within and fester.

Working in a negative environment can have a devastating effect on your professional and family relationships and your overall health. We come home miserable, depressed and totally exhausted and in turn we snap at anyone who caringly asks how we are. Do you find that you get aches and pains at work, like headaches, back aches? That is a build up of negative energy. Being aware of how you feel first thing in the morning and how you feel as the day progresses can give you the greatest insight to working in a negative environment. Pay attention to who is present when that un-ease starts to develop and then really listen to what is being said and how. A lot of negativity starts as a well meaning comment or concern and finishes making you feel drained and uncomfortable. Do you find that you doubt yourself or worry over things that you have no control over; that's another form of negativity. Some people will use that negative energy to advance their own agendas while using and abusing you. It isn't pleasant and you don't have to tolerate it.

When you get up in the morning, find something to be grateful for; simple abundances can make up the greatest joys in life. When you are ready to go to work ask for the Divine to shield you in white light to keep out the negativity; feel or visualize this energy surrounding you and protecting you. You can ask this again through out the day if you feel like your weakening. Ask the Divine to also remove any lingering effects of negativity. Make a mental, physical and spiritual break from that energy. If you need to symbolize breaking the bonds; using smudge and a feather to "cut" those ties can be very helpful.

Be ever mindful of your energy and the energy that surrounds you. Protect yourself, you are special in the eyes and heart of the Divine and you are entitled to good loving energy and a healthy, happy life.

Meditation Thought for the Month - "Finding God in Joy"

"No matter what causes it, whenever a little bubble of joy appears in your invisible sea of consciousness, take hold of it and keep expanding it. Meditate on it and it will grow larger. Watch not the limitations of the little bubble of your joy, but keep expanding it until it grows bigger and bigger. Keep puffing at it with the breath of concentration from within, until it spreads all over the ocean of infinity in your consciousness. Keep puffing at the bubble of joy until it breaks its confining walls and becomes the sea of joy."

By Paramahansa Yogananda, "Metaphysical Meditations"