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A New Awareness

Our emotions are running at an all time high and we seem more and more unable to control them. Our temperament doesn't match where and what we thought our lives would be. The normal supports that have worked for us no longer hold much potential. Yet still potential and promise abound if we pay attention.

A Time of Isolation

As our lives and world try to navigate through the myriad of crisis overshadowing our everyday lives, we are hearing more and more about isolation and the need to self-isolate. Yet with every mention of isolation we hear of those who don't. The reasons why we don't care to be isolated can vary as much by person as by situation. We are an odd mix of wanting to be close but still separate, even as spirit has been raising our awareness in coming together for change, and for the greater good. Being alone is something that we can have a very hard time dealing with. Why would someone not want to be in touch and in demand?

As we've struggled to stay isolated we've cleaned, cleared, and removed some of our excess from our homes and lives. Yet this presents us with another problem; what to do when the only thing left is to do is to face ourselves? Our personal traits, whether extrovert, introvert, or somewhere in between, can only take us so far. Extroverts sometimes need a little quiet although for less time, introverts also need contact a little less frequently and yet being forced into a state of isolation can upset the equilibrium of everyone. At first its easy, just a little inconvenence, but as time stretches it can be harder to maintain that calm semblance of normal times.

As human beings we all need contact in some form or another. Whether we thrive on outward contact or not, it can be easy to use this as the basis for our full spiritual context; the how we see ourselves and our place in the world. But not all of our efforts can be external and current events are forcing us to look within. When we avoid facing ourselves we can make our journey longer, harder, and have repeated feelings of loss and abandonment that can lead to anger and fear taking hold.

So how do we work through this? Firstly we need to relearn how to use kind words and gentle actions towards ourselves. Have you ever sat and thought " today I'm going to pamper myself today"? This is the start. It brings to mind the kind, soft energy and words that we tend to forget to use towards ourselves. We all have regrets, some thing we may have done or said differently and while they aren't life altering regrets they do make an easy starting point for some of this internal work. Siting and examining the questions that we raised and ignored or acted upon can give us a starting point to understand why we do some of the things we do. Building an understanding of ourselves then allows us to help our children, and loved ones work through some of their turmoil.

As with all spiritual work this can be a daunting task and it is rarely straightforward. It is also far too easy to listen to unfounded criticism and internalize it. Our programming, beliefs and habits run deep and have taken a lifetime to get us to where we are. We have all worked through some issue or another without the added turmoil of being isolated and yet this isolation has done some good. It has ceased some of the explosive tendencies that we have in our society and it has allowed tempers to calm and it has allowed for everyone to take a breath.

I bid you peace as you take the time to heal and rest while the world recovers. Blessings.




Chrysocolla is a crystal with ancient roots in civilization. Seen as a crystal of reassurance and conciliation/reconciliation, Chrysocolla was highly prized by many societies. Chrysocolla comes to us from a number of sites including the United States, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Britain, and Russia. Chrysocolla tends to be a blue-ish green but can be either more blue or green depending on its place of origin. Chrysocolla is sometimes referred to as a soft stone. Touching the stone gives the feeling of it almost having a film on it.

As a tool for physical healing, Chrysocolla is recommended for children to promote good bone health and growth. Chrysocolla is cooling and soft to the touch and is said to ease anger and aggression. Chrysocolla has been used to treat throat, lung, and respiratory problems. Sipping an elixir using Chrysocolla is said to ease throat irritation (Never take elixirs without consulting a professional). It can also aid in reducing inflammation such as arthritis, detoxifying the liver and intestinal tract. Chrysocolla helps to bring oxygen to blood and to the cellular structure within the lungs strengthening and increasing overall capacity.

Spiritually, Chrysocolla is a stone of tranquility and calmness. Chrysocolla very beneficial to all of the chakra system; clearing, balancing, energizing, and in deep work with the solar plexus it can aid in drawing out negative, deeply held emotions. Chrysocolla aids the heart chakra in releasing hurt and trauma while restoring its capacity for love. Chrysocolla helps in understanding self and brings an inner balance and peace.

Rinsing Chrysocolla under warm water to cleanse it and place among hematite stones.





Thoughts for April & May

April comes and we begin to unshackle the joys that we've waited till the appropriate time to enjoy. Life is returning, and early flowers and spring birds return to bring life and colour to our world. Our drive and desire to change, whether to see change or be change, revs up and it becomes a palpable energy. It can take over and run rampant and yet in our joy we embrace these chaotic energies. We don't wish to stifle or control this chaotic energy because it represents movement and newness. April marks a change in how we deal with our energy, and the energy around us. We allow ourselves to release old and stagnant energy much easier because we can see and feel newness around us. We fear less the unknown, as we wish and desire to depart from old habits and standards. We begin to recognize our fresh beginnings and we embrace them with open hearts.

May explodes into being in a burst of colour, sound and excitement, and in may places we celebrate ancient rites and traditions. There is no doubt about the changes the world is seeing. Life is in bloom! Life is fragrant and intoxicating. As April left us riding the up-swell of new energies we may have felt adrift, May brings us a desire to harness that energy and to begin to move toward our desires. We find within a way to use this energy, to harness the potential and to begin to filter it into our lives. We begin to sort the energy into the parts of our life that need pushing and nudging into order to nurture and grow our dreams. May brings focus and more clarity as we see early results of the push of April's energies. We tend these gardens of desire by weeding out and sorting through our emotions to establish a more defined journey. With hearts aglow we willingly stride forward.



"Time Alone"

"Fear shakes the world.

Pain and loss run through the words I hear.

News and noise via for attention.

So for my sake I will spend time alone.

Solitude brings quiet and peace.

Here I will examine myself, my dreams, my desires, and my relationships.

Here I will rest and recover my balance and authenticity.

Here I can come to know all facets of me

Here I will heal."



April 2020