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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Connection and Dependence

There is a lot of talk about being connected … not just in the physical “wired” sense, like the internet and instant communication but in truly physical and metaphysical states.  Today’s society is so very fond of using buzz words especially dealing with spiritual matters and “connection” seems to be the current focus of so many talk shows and books.  The other side of connection is dependence and a lot of pressure has been applied to separate us from these so called “debilitating” dependencies.  However, do we really understand just what people are talking about?  Or are we far too easily convinced to be fearful of our connections and our dependencies?

Connection … it seems self explanatory; connection is the act of being connected, to a place of connection, to a relative, to an associate or to a friend.  All of these fit and as spiritual beings we also know that there is connection to the world around us and to the Source of All things. From the tiniest insect to the macrocosm that surrounds our world and universe, we are very much connected.  Seems like a bit of stretch at times, doesn't’t it?  Or is it just a little too daunting to embrace the full concept?

In reality it is as simple as breathing … we are connected.  We are connected to all living and non-living things and everything we do has an effect.  Some are monumental, others are barely noticed but still, there is connection.

When we talk about our spiritual connection there can be a tendency to get a tiny bit “high and mighty” about who we are connected to.  God, Goddess, Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, Universal Self, Higher Self, Source, All and so on. These all refer to a heightened spiritual connection that helps us in walking through the ups and downs of our physical and spiritual lives.  Every single being on this planet is connected to them in one form or another.  Even those who state that they don’t believe in religion or in a supreme being are indeed connected and it may not be a connection that we understand but a connection it is.

There are groups that will tell you that their's is the only real connection.  The truth is that only you can tell which connections are right for you.  When we open to connection and connecting with truth, we will sometimes find ourselves confronted by well-wishers who would see us follow in another’s foot print.  We can also find those who would like to see us fail. How we deal with each of these types of individuals shapes our very existence. The task we have is to find the connections that work for us.  We must also understand that some connections can, will and must change as we evolve. Our spiritual and personal growth depends on it and if we are unable to or unwilling to allow these connections to evolve we end up with heart-ache, sorrow, frustration and hurt feelings. These feeling and emotions can at times seem to last forever.  While endings and change can hurt they can also be a marvelous gift of freedom and changing our perspective can help immensely.

Dependence … is another seemingly self explanatory word; to have full reliance on. Again those well-wishers and those who believe themselves to be “in the know” have now coined a new phrase “co-dependency.”  They have delighted in telling us how awful this is for our personal and spiritual growth.  But is it really as awful as the "experts" say?

Again it depends on your perspective. If you need other people, and things to do for you what you refuse to do .... then dependency and co-dependency is crippling to any growth, spiritual or personal. We must acknowledge and commit to living our lives and experiencing all that it has to offer; the great, the good, the so-so and the bad. All of these experiences combine to create a beautiful spiritual being; you.

If however, you consider your place in the macro and microcosms then the answer must be that it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

We are co-dependent on the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the love we share. We are a part of everything and therefore we must be dependent on some things in order to exist. Just as everything else is dependent on us, whether we believe it or not. This is dependency and co-dependency at its finest. It is part of the energy and life of this world. This also doesn't mean that we have to stop eating meat or any other foods however we must remain conscious of the connections that we have and the service rendered by any food for our consumption.

So why have dependency and co-dependency become such public villains to our psychological and spiritual health. The answer is simple .... divide and conquer. We've heard the term. We've applied it to our work places, our wars, our inhumanities, our social groups, our clans and more. We've attached it to so much of our lives that we've begun to fear our own shadows and that is where society seems to be driving us.

Fear, the universal crippling energy. We desire to touch another like minded being but we also have been given a fear program. Fear that a dependency will grow. In that fear, society has rendered us ineffectual as spiritual beings because all spiritual and personal growth has stopped. That which we desire most, spiritual community, has been taken from us for fear we will be used or that we will become so dependent on another that we can't fulfil our dreams and potential.

As we each walk our own journey of discovery, we will at times need to face things that others won't, can't or don't understand. Our faith in the universe, in the Divine and even in ourselves will be challenged. However if we keep in mind the connections and dependence that exist in our lives ... either physical, spiritual or in some combination, we can tap into these connections and find the support and love we need. We will always have the choice as to how dependent we need to be. We will always have to choose how and which connections we will make and keep. Choosing to be mindful of our connections makes the journey a little more bearable and a lot less lonely.

I bid you peace on your journey to discover your connections, your necessary dependencies and the love that surrounds you. Blessings.




Angelite comes to us from many sources that include Britain, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland and Libya. It is a relatively new stone to the healing world. Most samples of Angelite are pale blue with some white inclusions. The crystal is usually opaque however the white inclusions can at times resemble wings. However these "wings" are not as distinct as the ones found on seraphinite.

Angelite is a fantastic stone for all healers. As a stone that can open the channels of communication, it can allow a greater flow of healing energy to be channeled. Angelite can be used to open the meridian energy channels throughout the body. These channels allow energy to flow to all parts of the body and brings about balance. As an elixir people have found that Angelite can help balance and heal any thyroid and parathyroid problems. Angelite has been used to repair blood vessels and helps to balance out fluid levels. It has also been shown to aid lung function.

In the realm of self, Angelite is a crystal of true connection. It is said to heighten ones ability to contact spirit guides, guardian angels and to connect with the Divine. Angelite will allow the user to understand and find true compassion no matter the emotions of a situation. Angelite also helps you to find the strength and words to tell your truth to the world. It can help to impart great feelings of calm and tranquility to otherwise stressful or difficult circumstances. Angelite can help to dispel abuse, both physical and mental leaving the body, mind and spirit stronger and more sure of they're place in the universe.

Angelite should not be cleansed in water. As a soft crystal it has a tendency to begin to dissolve in liquid. Therefore if you feel the need to cleanse and recharge your Angelite it should be place in with clear quartz crystals overnight or allowed to remain in full sunlight for a day.






The celebration of Lammas or High Summer is an early celebration of the harvest. For now the early crops are being harvested and the forecast for our season of bounty is now tangible. We relish the hot summer days for even now we notice that the sun is beginning to set earlier, a reminder that autumn, our season of bounty and the start of the ancient new year, is approaching. So for now we celebrate the hot days of summer and the fruition of our dreams and hopes.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

the warmth of the summer sun touches a spark deep within us,

we take in the warmth and make it our own as we face the world.

This growing warmth is a small part of your Divine energy that showers us daily.

We in turn, radiate this warmth out into the very fabric of our life.

This warmth is a bounty to be shared and enjoyed.

Blessed be.



"Free My Spirit"

"Oh how I wish to free my spirit from the cares and toils of daily life,
To feel unbounded joy course through my body, mind and soul.
To feel laughter rise up from deep within, and bring new adventure to my living.

What is it that fetters me ... surely not the things I love and desire.
Their attachment to me is like a mighty chain that I have forged with my longing, wrapped tightly around my mind,

and my purpose is bound tight by the fear of loss.

To free my spirit I must unbind myself from my expectations and go empty-handed forward into the future.
I know that all good things that is destined for me wait patiently for me to gain understanding and trust.
One tiny step forward and joy grows, another step forward and the ties that bind loosen, another and fear leaves,
As I step free my soul rejoices for now I can hear the voice of Divine purpose and joy.

I need not be bound by my expectations of myself or others.
Today I will free my spirit and allow joy, love and blessing to be my companions this day and always."


August 2009