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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Good and Evil

Good and Evil, right and wrong ... these terms bring forward very strong emotions and opinions. Everyone has an opinion, even if their concepts and ideas about them are very different. In order to look at Good and Evil we need to separate them into two components, our own personal view and society's view. These two views can either be complimentary or on the opposite side of the scale depending on the people involved, their own personal experiences and their belief systems. Even many in the spiritual community banter these words back and forth, some toting them at absolute truths while others would redefine them.

We all have a concept of what we believe is Good and Evil and how our actions and intentions weigh-in in support of each concept. However when we talk to the spiritual meaning of Good and Evil there are differences that we need to at least acknowledge, whether we agree with them or not. Religions have dictated how Good and Evil are defined in many of their basic teachings. The "Golden Rule" and the Christian Ten Commandments are examples of this. These definitions only scratch the surface meaning of the words and allowed early people to have a basic understanding. While the meanings haven't changed, with spiritual enlightenment we also need to see the words in a truly spiritual light.

A person's actions are usually what we have used to judge whether someone is Good or Evil. On an individual basis, we use these judgments to define who we will exclude and who we allow into our circle of friends and to the degree of access, if any, people will have to our lives. The reality of just taking things on a purely physical level is that we exclude the spiritual reasons for these actions happening. We know that everyone has a path or set of lessons to fulfil. Some of these paths may not be what we would consider to be "good spiritual lives." However in that statement what we have forgotten is that some lessons are not always "positive" examples of living. The Karmic balance dictates that everything is learned in balance ... as I wrote in the newsletter about Karma, we can't understand every aspect of life until we have experienced both sides of the lesson. Also we have those who have chosen to have their lives serve as warnings or as examples included in this mix. Their sacrifices must be accepted with the honour due to those who would teach and remind us of our humanity and of our connections. Some have exposed flaws in our concepts "acceptable" behaviour, how our medical and judicial systems treat people and some have even exposed the corruption of governments, businesses and individuals all in an attempt to provide a better life for themselves, their families, their loved ones and even for society as a whole.

Unfortunately, these events allow those who would judge the actions of others to claim the "higher ground" and to say that the actions of certain individuals are Evil. While as spiritual beings we must also says "I understand that this is their path and I hope they find their balance soon." Those individuals that have paths and lessons that are contrary to ours by all rights may seem to be Evil but that is their path we are judging. Those lessons can run along side, bumping into our paths and creating a sense of disruption and discontinuity in our lives but we too will have a lesson to learn within this frame. They are there to help us grow ... and to grow quickly as we advance in our own learning. Of course this is the ideal and this concept only works and deals on the individual, and personal level of perception.

Society must take a different stand on the determination of Good and Evil. Society has a commitment to the physical welfare of the citizens and can only act on a purely physical level. Society has a responsibility to set the rules of behaviour and codes of conduct that governs everyone. Society must dictate, for the benefit of all, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Our laws and our constitutions are the results of society's take on it's responsibility to the citizens, to allow them to prosper and grow within a frame work of commonality and community. Therefore society will judge actions, will punish "wrongs" done and will make changes where it must for the betterment of it citizens. Society has been ordered to provide justice, even if flawed and it must protect the community. The one thing that we must protect ourselves against spiritually is the expression of satisfaction when justice is served for in responding at the expense of others we jeopardize our own growth from these situations.

We can see that both society's and personal definitions of Good and Evil have many similarities and as many differences. It isn't ours to judge a person's path. All we can do is decide how much of an impact we will allow these incidents to have in our lives. Some may be traumatic and devastating while others may be slight annoyances and yet others will shake and shock the world with their wide spread effects. Our choice from a personal, spiritual path must be to continue to grow ourselves, let go of the pain and hurts inflicted and become masters of our own magnificent evolution. As a part of society, we have an obligation to serve the needs of our community, to protect others when we are called upon, whether by spirit or by the community itself. How much involvement we have will be determined by our path, our lessons and where we are in our journey. How we travel through these experiences of Good and Evil is up to us. We can bemoan our fate, or we can rise to the challenge and stand as tall as possible.

I bid you peace as you journey to discover the Good in life, while watching the world with an unbiased, and alert eye. Blessings.




Ammolite is considered one of the rarest gem stones in the world and one of the newest, as it only received its classification of a valuable gem stone in the early 1980's. Although the stone can be found around the world, the only deposit of gem quality stones is in southern Alberta, in the Canadian prairies. From this deposit only a small percentage will be considered as actual gem stones. Ammolite is a beautiful stone that varies in colour from through the spectrum of a rainbow or of the chakras; purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. It is lustrous stone that captures the eye and the soul.

As a tool for physical healing, ammolite helps to toxins and unhealthy energy from the body. Being an ancient sea creature, ammolite can begin to bring the body back into balance. Ammolite had traditionally been used for protection by the Blackfoot Indians of southern Alberta. Ammolite is also used by Feng Shui experts to promote wealth and financial security as it is. Since Ammolite is an ancient fossil it is believed to have inherited the knowledge of the universe and can restore harmony and well being to individuals, families and any who visitor the home. Ammolite also has the ability to remind us to breathe as it mirrors the circulatory system. It can also increase in physical stamina and energy levels.

Spiritually, ammolite can connect the past and present into useful information. It allows the user to see the big picture. Ammolite also allows the user to connect to positive Earth energy and can bring a sense of relaxation and ease to the mind.

Ammolite should be treated and cleaned very gently, as it is as delicate a stone as opals and pearls. A gentle rinse in warm running water will clean any energies and dirt from it's surface and recharge it.





Blessing for Lammas

The celebration of Lammas or the mid-point of summer, August 1st, brings forth a sense of bounty and symbolizes the success of the harvest that is beginning. The bounty it brings is both physical/material and metaphorical. It is a time to be open to what is truly here for us and not what our fears and nay-sayers would have us believe. It is a time of revelry and joy as we share in all that life has to offer.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

help us to raise our voices in joy at the bounty we receive.

Let us celebrate all the we are given and help us to share this bounty with all.

Help us to realize even the smallest bounty for it's true value,

for even in a tiny bounty can be found seeds of greatness.

Blessed be."



"Face the Day"

"I rise on this bright, sun-filled day,

wondering what the day will bring; what hardships, what joys.

I listen to the birds and sounds of the waking world.

The option to rest here is strong, for in this sanctuary I am warm and safe,

and the world outside is so very loud. It would be easy to remain and hide.

My spirit has other plans, new dreams to be dreamt, new hopes discovered, new joys celebrated.

My spirit responds to the sound of the waking world and I garner the strength to go forward.

I will face the world this day with renewed hope and vigor.

I am met with the warmth of the Light of Life and Love for I have subdued my fears.

I will test myself this day, and I will be victorious. I will celebrate each victory and remember each defeat.

I will acknowledge the loving embrace of life and I will meet the challenges of my day."

August 2010