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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Dealing with Change

Change, its something we desire and hope for while at the same time, we fear and detest it. Change is one of those things that runs the full gambit of our emotions. It all depends on whether it is the change we ask for or one that is thrust upon us. Unfortunately our mind enjoys the assumed stability of not changing and the effects on the body can be extreme.

When we desire a change we begin to imagine what our lives would be like if just this one thing changed and that's where the problems begin. Every change has repercussions that echo through everything we do. We don't see it or react to it until the changes begin to effect how we receive our stability. The initial joy of a desired change can turn very quickly into frustration, anger, sadness and so on. Our dream feels like it has been shattered and ripped from our heart and spirit. If a change is instigated from another source, the emotions caused can be even more fierce. A sense of loss, abuse, rage, disrespect and loss of trust take hold and ravage through the mind with ever increasing speed. Our bodies react with adrenaline from stress and our bodily systems suffer the onslaught of a system out of balance.

A lot of what our emotional turmoil is about is really a sense of loss of control. At some point our minds enjoy the sense and perceived security of a familiar routine or function. What we fail to realize is that even if we repeat the same actions every day, or every moment, is that the action is never truly the same. Whether we talk about the motions of our bodies from our heartbeat to our breathing or whether it is about something we enjoy doing, it changes. The repercussions of these events can sometimes take a very long time to appear. Our heartbeat and breathing change with everything we do and yet science says it returns to a standard rate and the functions are considered, for the most part, to be "within normal range." Yet every breath and heartbeat changes how we feel, how we function, how we view our world. We've accepted those changes as inevitable and normal and as such our mind is okay with those changes.

The changes caused by our actions are different. Even if we assume we are doing the same thing every day, there are small subtle changes that we don't acknowledge until the multiplied effect is one of noticeable change. Many times this is referred to as the "Butterfly Effect." Simply put the "Butterfly Effect" says that if a butterfly were to flutter its wings eventually the cumulative effect of that slight breeze can become a hurricane over the course of a year or so. If we were to follow the same route to work every day or do the same job or something similar we assume it is a routine and it doesn't change but it does. Whether the change is off by a millimeter or second, or by a meter, or a minute, the changes are imperceptible but they are there. Eventually each of those changes causes a effect larger than itself, and can become an accident, a chance meeting, a gentle touch or so much more. Basically, being at the right place at the right time or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The changes have culminated in another change, whether we wished for this change or not.

The symptoms of change can be very interesting. For myself the desire for change has been a growing sentiment for a number of years, especially when it came to moving. The where, when and how always seemed to be the crux that held me and my expectations of past visions and messages awaited. The response from the Universe this year was now that some of the other changes had been accepted more were to be expected. In response other expected changes from two years ago began to manifest and culminate in larger more noticeable changes including that long awaited move. These changes were not as expected or desired but once accepted the energy of the changes began to permeate the very fabric of everything else that was due to happen. Upon my mind and spirit the sense of freedom which was the result of these changes has been liberating beyond belief. The need and desire to hold on to what I believed was to happen melted so quickly when I embraced the new scenario that it almost felt like it never existed or at the most was part of a long remember dream. My spirit and mind both celebrate the new sense of exhilaration and the new horizons that have opened within my life path. Ties that we self-imposed are melting away, releasing even more dreams of grand adventures. Movement and change have become a joy, and more importantly an accepted way of living.

So what are we to do about changes? Basically all we can do is to move within the change and manipulate our life and our perceptions to the new situations that arise. Yes, it is far easier said than done! However the benefit of accepting such mental and spiritual changes is that it can ease the outward turmoil and ease the body into a new state of being. You see when you accept and embrace the changes in your life, your life becomes so much more open to new possibilities. You release the limitations of what society and the mind say you need and you become aware of the abundance of opportunities, possibilities and new adventures. The sense of freedom and the sense of having control of yourself, even if it is just emotional, allows the mind to believe it is in control.

I bid you peace as you flow with the changes and embrace all that is possible in your life. Blessings.




Bismuth is a common, heavy, brittle silvery white crystal while in its raw state. The oxides that form on it can range from pink to red.. The colourful bismuth seen below was created in a laboratory setting. Bismuth and it's oxides can be found around the world. Bismuth can be found from Bolivia, to the United States of America, to Germany and England and even Australia. Bismuth has many uses into today's world both medicinally and cosmetically. A solution containing Bismuth is a common remedy for upset stomach while the shine inherent in the crystal and it's oxides is used in many cosmetics to add a shimmer glow to the skin and complexion. Bismuth is considered by many to be a master healing crystal and is known as the "Metal of Transformation, Progression and Order," and sometimes as the Philosopher's stone.

As a tool for physical healing, Bismuth has a calming effect on the body and it is especially useful when life changes are happening very quickly. As a travel aide Bismuth can help cope with any stressful or difficult situations that arise. Bismuth has also be used to help reduce fevers by opening up and realigning the bodies energy fields. Bismuth has also been shown to help those suffering from shock or mild catatonic states.

Spiritually, Bismuth helps combat feelings of isolation and abandonment. Bismuth is also a useful tool for shamanic journeys due to it's ability to open the lines of communication and permits astral travel as well as physical travel. As a crystal of spiritual communication and connection, Bismuth can help anyone that is near it feel calm, serene and connected to community and to Source.

Bismuth does not require cleansing or recharging.


Bismuth bismuth2

Bismuth (Laboratory)


Thoughts for August and September

August, the dog days of summer. We roast under a brilliant, hot sun and yet, while we relish the heat we begin to notice the ever shortening days, and cooler evening breezes. It is time for the last summer hoorays or just one more family vacation. We shorten our attention to see just one more day of play and freedom. August is the time of high summer and ancient celebrations, some of which we still carry on with today. We know in our subconscious that eventually these times of togetherness must give way to more solitary times but for now we celebrate and cram in as many fun get-together's as we can. So for this month, celebrate your life, your friends, your times together for as the sun shines so should our spirits soar upon these glorious summer days.

September arrives without a whole lot of fanfare, at least not for itself. Preparing for the return to school and regular routines, seems to take up most of our thoughts. We longingly leave the summer behind, with fond memories of hot summer days and warm nights. Yet the world around us begins to show the signs of coming changes and a new anticipation begins to build. We begin to see the celebrations for all of the fall and harvest festivals. We see farmers markets bursting with bounty and all the fruits of their labours. So begins the Fall season. Our season of bounty and the start of the ancient new year, full of fulfilled promises and dividends of our hard work that has occupied our minds since early spring. It is important in this time to not only celebrate our bounty but to congratulate ourselves, for it is our hard work and dedication that has brought us through our changing seasons to this new place and way of being.



"Accepting Change"

"A newness creeps into my awareness, something has changed in my perception of the world.

I wonder how that can be for I like my world. It is a safe place in which I can hide away.

Yet in some part of my mind I asked for this. I desired this. I needed this.

This change, this disturbing yet liberating change has shaken my foundations.

Strange it seems to cling to the very thing I desire to remove and change.

It seems to hold me in a tight, fearful grip.

I stop and breathe.

I know I asked for it, I desired it, I wanted it and now it is here.

With it comes new possibilities, new adventures, and everything new.

I can be reborn as I choose, as I desire, as I claim my new reality.

I can and will embrace this new change and all new changes.

For I am ever evolving and ever changing both inwardly and outwardly and so must my world."



August 2012