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A New Awareness

2014 is proving to be a tumultuous year of spiritual shifts and upheavals and will continue to do so. The awakening is only part of what is being presented to us. Scandals, repercussions, abuses and more are coming to light and are more than waking people up. There is also a sense of accountability for actions taken but the accountability doesn't end there. Those who would seek to point the finger at those who did wrong must be aware and mindful that their intentions must be for the good of all and not just their ego and image. The finger pointing and accusations are beginning to work both ways. Be aware of your intentions and of the skeletons in your own closet for now is the time when spirits will be laid bare and exposed.

Humility and Pride

Why is it that if we are quiet and humble, people tell us we are no better than a doormat and yet if we have pride in ourselves and in our work we are egotistical and boorish? Most religions warn against the sin of pride and extol the virtues of humility as a way of life. How can two seemingly extreme points of existence survive and make life both enjoyable and worthwhile. Perhaps the problem isn't in the words but in the energy and in the meanings we've come to ascribe to them.


When we think about the word humility, what really comes to mind? Perhaps we envision a mild-mannered, meek person who wouldn't say no or disagree with anyone. This person is usually the peace-keeper or peace-maker in most arguments and every family and every situation has at least one. We expect a humble person to remain quiet and to display a subservient demeanor at all times. We come to expect a humble person to be the victim and have a victim mentality when it comes to confrontations and decisions. We expect to find a person unable to defend themselves, or their desires in the course of every day encounters. We may believe that these people are in some ways inferior and the problem is compounded in that this is often their own opinion of themselves.

What if the energy of humility was something totally different than what we've come to believe? What if we were never taught what true humility is? How easy would be for all of us to fall victim to an unreasonable explanation of such a simple word? What if we've allowed the ascribed meaning to over take what the true intent of the word is? How much would our world change if we began to understand the true energy of humility?

The energy of humility really has little to do with our sense of lowliness or inferiority. It has nothing to do with being humble, quiet and hidden in the face of adversity or trouble. It has nothing to do with being a victim or even being unable to defend our thoughts and decisions. It does however, have everything to do with being human. It is the root of our human drives, desires, expectations, and our faults. The energy of humility doesn't lie in someone's expectation that we concede or relinquish our dreams in order to fulfill those of another. It does lie in being human and in offering help and service where ever we find ourselves to be drawn.

The energy of humility is one of service and it is a service to those who are in angst against their world and their journey. If we are not called to be of service in a situation then there is no reason to put ourselves there. To do that, brings about a spiteful and unreasoning view to the circumstances we find ourselves in. It is harmful to our spirit and to those we have tried to help. It no longer serves the purpose of being human. If however, our heart and spirit call us to be of service then we must allow ourselves to be of service. It does mean that people will misinterpret our actions and reasons. It also means that others will see us as weak, and as we bend in service to some other greater cause; a cause of our choosing. Some will even try to take advantage of our service but it is by choice that we either help or don't help.

Being of service in humility isn't always easy and it will try our patience beyond the understanding of most people who are not called to that situation. Yet the rewards, that we've been told will be ours for being humble, come from the sense of fulfillment, joy and pride that we have served and that we have chosen to help another. Our spirit grows and we become more human and humane. Humility is not a head bowed in inferiority, it is a head bend in honour of service given.


What is it about pride that makes us just as uneasy as we are about humility? If we have pride in our actions and work we are boastful and full of ourselves. People will shy away from the inflated pride as quickly as they do from an overly humble person. Yet the meaning of the word, for the most part, is a positive one.

With all of the positive we still understand that pride has a darker aspect. One that goes beyond the intended rational of self-approval. It is the one that takes us to a place of superiority and insincere dealings with others. This the first thing that usually comes to mind when we think of or mention that someone is proud. We begin to see pride not as self-approval but as a declaration of an unequal standing. This inequity plays into our own insecurities about where we fit into our world and into our friendships. When we allow these sentiments full reign, we fall into the trap of becoming what society and religion have taught us about being inferior.

Our doubts get magnified and blown out of portion and our spiritual path becomes dark and disorganized as we try desperately to sort out what happened. Even if nothing went wrong and nothing really changed, our perception did. It is important that we acknowledge our pride in what we do. It is unfair at best to try and compare it to the life path and talents of another. If our journeys are different then there really can be nothing to compare. Everyone comes to a mountain of doubt and our abilities and our paths will see us succeed in a manner that is fitting and healthy for our spirit and not for anyone or by anyone else's standards.

Of course to succeed in being humble or in having pride will always be a balancing act in this world and in our society. It is possible to achieve and it requires constant attention and care. Yet the rewards speak for themselves and the peace and serenity that builds within can begin to influence our outer existence. Not that life and circumstance will always be easier but that we will always find a way to restore balance.We never seem to find or acknowledge the truth behind these words and until we do, we as humans will continue to hurt ourselves and each other both in word and in deed. We can't control how the world will interpret our actions or thoughts. All we can do is be honest with ourselves and with those we deal with and learn to not judge the world by its actions alone.

I bid you peace as you discover your own balance between being both humanly humble and proud of your spirit. Blessings.



Carnelian (Revisited)

When I began writing about crystals I was aware that I was doing an injustice to the energy of many crystals with my then limited experience. I am therefore going to revisit a number of crystals and give them proper dues.

Carnelian has a long history of use in both healing and for protection. Carnelian was believed by some ancient cultures to be able to restore a person's vitality. Even the ancient Egyptians used Carnelian in their tombs and for protection. Carnelian can be found in a variety of colours including pink, orange, red, yellow and brown. Carnelian is available from a number of countries including the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Australia, Romania, the USA and Uruguay.

As a tool for physical healing, Carnelian is said to aid in digestion and metabolic imbalances. For many years Carnelian has also been used for women's health, including supporting pregnancy, and in relieving cysts and other sources of abdominal pain. Carnelian can boost circulation of both blood and other bodily fluids resulting in better skin quality and restored feelings of vitality. An oral rinse using Carnelian water is said to strengthen gums and prevent excess bleeding. To make Carnelian water simply allow a Carnelian crystal to remain in a glass of water overnight. As with all gem elixirs you should consult a professional before ingesting any gem waters.

Spiritually, Carnelian is a crystal of activity. It can help break through feeling so helplessness and futility. Carnelian supports a sense of idealism and community for those who come into contact with it. Pink Carnelian will help the bond between parents and children and restore a sense of trust and reconciliation. Red Carnelian will help stimulate the body, mind, and spirit into action and will provide a sense of security and comfort allowing forward movement within the soul's journey.

When Carnelian is worn in jewelry it should be allowed to touch the skin to promote a sense of security and comfort. Carnelian in the home should be placed near the front door as it will invite in prosperity and abundance while protecting it.

Carnelian requires regular monthly cleansing under warm running water. The recovery time for Carnelian though is longer than for most other stones and it will benefit greatly from being allowed to rest in full sunlight as long as possible before being used again.




Thoughts for August & September

This August and September are the second and third consecutive "super moons" in this year and the last time we will have three together for quite a long time, XX years actually. The energy and shifting themes that are contained within these super moons have been under a great deal of scrutiny of late. They have been called super moons because the moon appears to be much larger than normal and it has in fact moved slightly closer in its orbit. Yet this natural occurrence can cause some strange effects. People will find them selves pulled out of their comfort zones on these nights of super moons and for spiritual beings it is a time of change. The ability to leave or alter difficult situations is given a boost. Energy builds against staying in the status quo and choices and challenges are faced with a new determination. Some people may even feel more angry at these times as the tide of emotions becomes unblocked. The communal consciousness is growing and accountability are being brought into focus. Injustices and hidden agenda are being displayed and noticed. So these super moons are a herald of changing perspectives and are changing how we will deal with our society and our world events. It is vital in this time that you allow yourself to feel and understand your emotional responses before you take action. This is a time of change and not all change is easy. Be gentle with yourself and with those you love and care about.




"Facing My Self "

"I look at the image that stares back at me from my mirror.

I wonder sometimes where this person has been and what she has done.

Inside I know these things and many more and yet at other times I have to wonder.

Did I miss something? Did I forget something or someone?

A deeper question begins to surface;

Did I forget me?

I look into the reflection of my eyes waiting for the recriminating stare.

Is it there? Did I imagine it? Do I deserve it?

In this time alone, with myself, I must face me in order to truly know me.

For only I can face myself and only I can approve of my actions and thoughts.

As my eyes look back I find not recrimination but a shinning, loving acceptance.

This image is me, myself and all that I am.

In this I can and will be content, and I will acknowledge my worth."


August 2014