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A New Awareness

As 2015 begins we may find ourselves full of hope for the new year and for all the promises that this new beginning brings. It will be important to remember that while there will be new beginnings, there will also be many more endings. Many of these ending may indeed seem overwhelming but are truly part of the re-balancing needed within our own spirits. The energy changes and shifts will still continue although they should not fluctuate like those of 2014. Again of year of change is upon us and it is important to be calm and loving as each of us travels along our life path.

Understanding Your Authentic Self

There has been a lot of talk about being "Authentic" and recognizing and embracing your "Authentic self," so much so that the term itself has become a potent buzzword in many circles. Yet I wonder how many people really understand what authenticity is being talked about. Many people swear to being authentic in their dealings with others or to being authentic in their emotions. Yet when confronted with uncomfortable facts, they still seem to be able to shield themselves with old, outdated arguments. So it begs the question; what is our authentic self and how do we claim or reclaim it?

Of course as with all spiritual topics we find that even as simple a concept as authenticity has aspects that overlap from the mundane to the spiritual. When dealing with becoming or embracing our authentic self that overlap can become quite large. We begin the journey of becoming authentic we begin to realize that the walls and trappings of being our selves.

Socially Authentic Self

Our socially authentic self is an easy one to identify. It has been said that everyone wears a mask of social politeness and correctness. Our authentic self is the self that we allow to come out when we begin our journey of growth. It is shaped by our opinions and experiences. Yet that is just a beginning because the change in our socially outward state is open to criticism and can be part of the reason that our societies are so slow to change.

Our socially authentic self is one that struggles to find a balance between what we have been taught, what is expected of us both by our peers and our selves, and what we can accept. As we begin to claim our socially authentic self we become aware of how we interpret events that surround us and the emotions raised by these events and people. This can be frightening when we see how raw emotions can be and how desperate situations are.

Yet claiming our socially authentic self can be out of balance when we allow only our emotions to reign. It is a fine balance that permits us to be authentic in our dealings with others. Some will find it easier to be authentic in a crowd where they are not recognized while others will find it easier within their circle of family and friends. Neither of these is fully authentic and it can seem like we are living a lie when we express our desire to become authentic.

Spiritually Authentic Self

This can become a little more difficult to acknowledge because we feel there is more at risk. Our spiritually authentic self becomes apparent in the times when we are alone. When we begin to explore how we react to our spirit's journey. There is a pitfall within the journey to find our spiritually authentic self and it comes in the from of our ego. You wouldn't think that ego would have much sway in this but it does. I've heard many a spiritual person talk about how they can't abide this practice or that practice, or that they can't listen to "the lies told by those in charge" of traditional spiritual teachings. The thing is that it isn't as simple as that and our spiritual self has to allow for the need of others to hear in terms that they can accept. For even within what many would consider to be lies, are bits of truth that allow our spirits to find the opening to become authentic within themselves.

To claim our authentic spiritual self we open ourselves to the possibilities of some very harsh criticism. To add to the discomfort a lot to that criticism will come from those whom we expect to support and understand us. What we sometimes fail to realize is that the claiming of our spiritually authentic self usually begins before we recognize the process. Our act of beginning to look at other spiritual practices and the adoption of the ones that feel right and bring us a sense of stability is how we claim our spiritual authenticity. We may explore many religious and spiritual practices and incorporate each into our way of being as we seem comfortable with.

Becoming Whole

This isn't an easy process and as with all journeys of growth it doesn't happen all at once. Some changes can happen quickly while others can take a life time. Facing our self and being honest about our emotions, our wants, our needs, and about our parts in the events of our daily life can be a daunting task. Beginning this journey will test your resolve to change and to true to yourself. This is especially true if you are the peace-maker of a group. Your resolve to be authentic will be tested at many points in your life. Family and friends will test your resolve and your ability to adapt within your truth. Some may even threaten to walk away from you as their fears take hold, but that is a part of their journey.

Once we begin the journey of looking at ourselves and our patterns and beliefs, we find that the main point of living an authentic life is that there is no turning back. Once you embrace the truth, it becomes impossible to fit back into the regiment that held life together for so long. A flower can't return to being a seed and an animal can't return to its egg and the same is true of claiming your authenticity. It simply will not allow you to fit back into your old comfort zone. That in and of itself can be a frightening and exhilarating concept. Yet it needs balance. When we come to into balance socially and spiritually we find a peace and inner calmness and strength that allows us to move forward. It allows us to make the changes we need and to push our societies to change and become balanced.

I bid you peace as you claim your right to be an authentic, spiritual human. Blessings.



Pietersite (Revisited)

Pietersite is a very common crystal and yet it is a fairly recent find. Pietersite colours range from a golden brown to a mottled blue-gray. Most Pietersite comes to us from Namibia. Pietersite is also known as the "Tempest Stone" for its connection to storm elements and is said to contain "the keys to the kingdom of heaven" according to much of the literature surrounding the crystal. Pietersite is another master healing crystal.

As a tool for physical healing, Pietersite is very useful for stimulating and balancing the pituitary gland, and endocrine system. Pietersite has also been effective in stabilizing hormone levels that effect the body's metabolic rate, and blood pressure. Pietersite can also be beneficial for people who have a difficult time stabilizing their body temperature. It also supports lung and liver function as well as digestion and the assimilation of food nutrients. Pietersite also clears the chakra and meridian lines within the body to promote a healthy balance of energy especially for those who have little time to rest.

Spiritually, Pietersite is a crystal of vision and clarification. Many use Pietersite to facilitate accessing the Akashic Records and for other shamanic journeys. Pietersite can speed the process for reaching the stillness within for mediation. Pietersite also boosts and supports the psychic third eye and pineal gland giving easy access to intuitive messages. Pietersite aids in releasing stubborn attitudes, past traumas and conditioning that is detrimental to spiritual growth. Pietersite allows the wearer to move forward in their beliefs and acknowledge their truths.

Pietersite should be cleansed once the crystal begins to loose its luster. Usually a quick rinse in warm, running water and then allow it to rest overnight with clear quartz.




Thoughts for August & September

Summer is beginning the process of winding down. We reap early rewards for our hard work and battles. Yet this year may hold for many bigger changes. The energies growing around us seem to be those that expect and demand that things be brought back into balance. Those that have felt trapped and bound by issues in their lives may already be seeing some movement. It maybe that it was not expected and yet it was prayed and worked for, mostly in small unnoticed actions. So in some ways it may feel a little sad as we grieve our way into new ways of being, new ways of experiencing our lives and our paths.

Yet with each item we grieve there approaches a newness also. Things long hoped for are near and it will no longer effect the small circles of close friends, this has the potential to impact many lives. We've even seen it as social justice becomes more humanized against growing protectionism There is a new sense of becoming one. Not just the community but slowly on a global scale we see people now embracing standards of being that are becoming universal in their nature. Respect, and higher standards of existence are being demanded by more than just a "grass-roots" effort. Consciousness is part of this new awakening and it can be frightening to a lot of people who are unsure of they're place in the world. As we head into fall expect change, embrace the newness that calls to your spirit.



"My Face To The World"

"Today I rise and I look carefully at my reflection.

OUtwardly nothing has really changed, a few more wrinkles, a few more gray hair.

Yet inwardly a revolution is taking place.

My spirit and soul demand a change, a new way of being.

It no longer about the expectations of others.

It is no longer about the expectations of loved ones.

It is about the expectations of self.

The Divine in me demands acknowledgement.

It now demands honesty and faithfulness within my power.

It demands to be shown to the world,

no matter who is watching, no matter who is commenting.

This is my soul's right to be seen in all it's glory.

So today, gladly, I will turn my face to the world.

My spirit will shine."


August 2015