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A New Awareness

As 2016 begins, we face many more challenges as spiritual beings. Our awakening can at time be tumultuous and disheartening and yet it can also be a time of wonder, joy and grace. The energy shifts will still cause some angst and some upsets. Emotions will run from one extreme to the other and yet in between will be times that will bring our spirits the respite and rest that is needed for each new shift. As we embrace the new understandings of ourselves and our world we will continue to grow and support each other.

Being a Strong Support

We have experienced so much heart ache and pain over the last few months. The terror the seems to surround many places on this planet has permeated even very distant lands. Its all the news talks about, instilling more fear, more terror, and more rash actions. As humans we seek to understand what is happening for our logical minds says "why" and yet our spirits cry out for we feel the crushing pain that our collective spirit has experienced. We see to offer love, comfort and support to those affected by these events. We give what we can, we share our homes or food and our love to help and we wonder if we can do more, say more or be more. It can become very overwhelming!

At times we feel like there is nothing we can do on the world stage so we seek to comfort friends and family as they experience more personal tragedies. They seem easier to handle than other events. Yet are we helping? Where does our loving support become overbearing and burdensome? It would seem strange that something that started so simply with the best of intentions can go so wrong in the eyes of the supporter or supported.

When we feel the call to support a loved one we need to pay attention to both our loved ones situation and their emotional response. We will serve no purpose if we go about saying well intentioned advice or reality checks when they need spiritual support. It can be very hard and very frustrating when our assistance is not taken as we intend. Yet it could be as simple as the timing not being right. Our perception of where they should be on their path of grieving and rebuilding can interfere with any progress, cause hurt and upset and even raise tempers.

A Time of Self-pity

When our loved ones become stuck in a self-pitying state of "being left behind to tend to people and things" or simply "being left" the emotional ravages can become onerous. It can be very difficult to let go of people and situations that have been a source of security even if it wasn't healthy to begin with. Knowing there was pain, knowing there was hurt, and knowing there was love that is suddenly gone is very hard to work through. Seeing people change from a state of health to one of terminal or severe illness can challenge the most loving and supportive people. Seeing people weaken quickly or suddenly can throw a well balanced and loving relationship into turmoil.

Yet dealing with our loved ones self-pity can be difficult and tiring. Its difficult to watch them sacrifice their own health out of feelings of guilt or pride. The urge to grab them by the shoulders and show them all the good they have done can be overpowering. This again is our perspective. We feel they should be moving on now and beginning their journey back to the being we know. The truth is they will never be that person again. Their loss is a life-altering event and it can be the catalyst for the next part of their path whether or not we agree with the direction they eventually take. We need to be patient and sometimes gently urge them to look beyond the corner that they've built.

Every event we witness is a crossroad in someone's path. The decision on which path to take can be long and difficult to watch. What is important is that they know that no matter the choice, no matter the indecision, they are loved and supported the best way we know how.

A Time of Rebuilding

When our loved ones are beginning to move forward once again, we can sometimes allow reality to colour our conversations. Our concerns are legitimate but how we express them and the advice we give can seriously derail a path choice and experience for our loved ones. With limited income ... can you afford that? With moving ... just move somewhere else. With a job change or search ... change fields, do something different, just stay. The list goes on. All seeming well learned and sage advice and yet our well meaning can interfere with the direction that spirit and their wishes them to take.

We tend to take for granted that logic and our own experiences are the only course that makes sense. We want to see them safe and our experiences have coloured our outlook. It is hard to let go if we've been a supporting figure for any length of time. It is a sentiment that every parent will face one day when we see our children take their first steps into the world and begin their adult lives.

We need to allow our friends and family to make choices. Offer advice when asked but allow them to grow within their own path and experiences. There can be pain and heart-ache ahead but we know that they are strong and they know that there will always be those that truly listen and support them. Or better yet there may be wonderful success in a path that we ourselves would not have taken.

I bid you peace as you experience the beauty of giving and receiving loving support. Blessings.



Pyrite (Revisited)

Pyrite is very common crystal that has roots back into ancient Greece. Pyrite is distinctive with its brassy yellow to gold colouring. Most Pyrite comes from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Sweden and Australia. A beautiful stone called Pyrite Sun has gold and silver highlights and comes from the mines in Illinois. In ancient times Pyrite was used to make to start fires much like flint is. Pyrite was the stone of choice that alchemists would attempt to change into gold during the Middle Ages. Ancient native cultures would polish Pyrite to a mirror finish and use it as a scrying stone for divination.

As a tool for physical healing, Pyrite Is beneficial in healing the lungs and respiratory system. In cases of anxiety and worry Pyrite can be used as a touchstone to help ground and reduce fears. Pyrite when worn in jewelry can help the body to relax and heal any muscle spasm. Pyrite can aid in detoxifying the liver and gall bladder and help balance the digestive acids and tract. You women who suffer with menstruation can sometimes find relief holding Pyrite over their abdomen while laying down.

Spiritually, Pyrite is beneficial as a problem solver. Pyrite has the ability to ease the thought processes that make finding workable solutions possible. Pyrite allows a person to strengthen their auric fields by connecting to healthy earth energy. Pyrite is a wonderful stone of protection from all negative energies including man-made toxins and pollution as well as energetic pollution.

Pyrite should be cleansed once it's sheen starts to become dull. Resting to discharge and recharge in a bowl of sea salt, away from water, Pyrite should then be allowed to rest in full sunlight until it gleams once again.




Thoughts for August & September

The dog days of summer are here. This is the season we've been waiting for and summer fun is at it's height. It's a time for family and friends to reconnect to each other and nature. We enjoy these day with abandon and they in turn seem to fly by. The days are a little shorter now and we notice it more and more. We know that all too soon there will be a changing of seasons. As with each seasonal change there is still much joy and anticipation for what remains. Even the changing energies of the planet surge to new heights whether emotional or physical. We grasp and find a way to enjoy what's left. At this time we also begin to reap the some of the rewards of our earlier endeavours. The promises of change and more begin to show some progress. It isn't a time to give up as there is still so much do, and to experience. There is an inherent joy in the sun and warmth that carries us through as we experience bounty in our lives and it is a bounty and joy we share with one and all.




"We hear the voices of everyone around us.

We listen to their words of wisdom and concern.

Yet there are more voices, those that speak through my thoughts,

my heart, my head, and the voice reason.

Which to choose? What to pick?

Quietly another voice speaks, quietly at first, faintly.

My own divine light, the voice of my spirit, now demands to be heard.

Some advice is dismissed, some accepted in faith and

the best decisions are made for me, for now.

I will hear the voices but I will heed my own "


August 2016