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A New Awareness

2017 is certainly a difficult, and painful year. In the midst of all our wonders and glorious achievements some of our baser fears and uncertainties have been made manifest. Yet our response has been quick and determined. A fever pitch of spirit has risen and will not be silenced or returned to old ways. In many ways we are loosing or have lost some very dear relationships and connections but there is the potential that all that has been stripped away is indeed making room for massive growth and rebuilding. In order to rebuild our hopes, our dreams, and our potentials away from false beliefs and misunderstandings so that the footings that we put down now will be strong enough, durable enough, and held dear enough to make the changes that will wake and grow us in to the beings we were always meant to be.

Coming Back to Oneself

Those who know my story will know that it is a common tale. Every person, no matter their life path, will recognize the events. A path born with a dream, dedication, plan, construct, perseverance, illness, loss, grief, emptiness and eventually all of that drama and turmoil ends. Then what? How do I move forward? How do I regroup? Do I resurrect the old or start anew? Do I say to "hell with it all" and just exist? It can be as crippling as the illness, loss, and grief were. To be honest it is the one resounding question that I get asked. Whenever someone needs direction or isn't willing to ride out the events that must be gone through, it is the question that most believe will bring them peace of mind.

Yet it isn't going to be the answer any want to hear. To wait and be patient ... is not in their mind sets. This is part of the human experience. We now live in a world of immediate answers, immediate reaction and change, immediate acknowledgement, and immediate gratification. But a life event that seems to shut down everything that was important is crushing to the psyche. Believing in our life path and mission these events can send us into a tail-spin of panic and doubt. We are harder on ourselves because we believed in our path and our mission and the possibility and potential involved. Yet no one said it had to end, change perhaps but not end.

These events usually serves the highest of our life lesson goals, which automatically moves it into a mindset that a simple answer is wall that is needed. The usually answer is to go back to the beginning. Look at where the talent and life path lies and begin moving within that energy. Does it work? Not always but what it does do, is provide an outlet for the spiritual energy into a project that is at least a little more in tune with the path vibration. This in reality is a way to force the spirit and mind to calm down. Given a course of action the mind, body, spirit gel into action and relief is gained not be accomplishing the dream but giving life to what brings joy and peace.

Where we can run into problems is when we choose new sources of growth. Maybe you've studied one of the many healing modalities that called to you and never found a right feeling place to practice and someone offers a new modality of healing. There is no issue in learning. We excel when we learn but jumping from modality to modality can become a habit and an easy escape. However when these diversions take us too far away from our path and plan it can make us feel even more alone and lost. We go from feeling secure and free and interested to feeling more lost, more unsure and more confused. This is when we search for some direction and hearing the thing we least want to hear, we allow ourselves to be crushed by our own will.

This time of learning, this time of being away from the path, is about regrouping and about healing those parts of the path that are in conflict with the journey. This regrouping stage can be short or long and unfortunately some of the longest that I've encountered have been at least a decade in length. It is a challenge to the spirit and to the dream. A lot can happen over that span of time and new possibilities may have been presented. Even things that may have been improbable have become an interesting exploration of mind and talents.

We have choice during these times. We can simply wait and be content with the way our journey is or we can let the mind explore possibilities while our spirit is recovering and mending from our life events. Or we can loose ourselves in exploring every possibility and potentially change or loose our direction. If we are true to ourselves and our journey and we allow it to take the course it must we do come out ahead even if we must be content with an altered vision. As with every journey of discovery, nothing is easy, and nothing is what we thought but we have the ability and the foresight, if we pay attention, to make our lives miraculous once again.

I bid you peace as you come back to your path in your time. Blessings.



Charoite (Revisited)

Charoite is a relatively new crystal to the western world. Charoite is another beautiful purple crystal that is very similar to Sugilite. Charoite has lighter colour bands make it easy to distinguish. Charoite comes from the Chara River in Siberia. It is often used by Mongol tribes in a celebration tea elixir that is believed to strengthen the ties that bind them together, as well as in jewelry and other decorations.

As a tool for physical healing, Charoite supports and boosts the immune system and aids in the removal of toxins from the liver, pancreas and other organs. Charoite has been of benefit to those who suffer from a lack of energy and general feelings of unease. As an aid for anxiety, Charoite can help to calm the mind especially at night so that rest is possible. Charoite can increase dream memory and induce a deep healing sleep for adults, and a calm night for children.

Spiritually, Charoite is a crystal of change and transmutation. Chariote is indispensible for anyone experiencing spiritual change. It stimulates inner vision, and can help ease each spiritual change that is encountered. Charoite is very effective in clearing the body's aura and chakra points. Charoite allows the wearer to accept the perfection in each moment. It also allows for the release of fear, especially deep-seated fears that prevent joy and cause illness. Charoite can open the spirit to understanding past lives and to bringing balance to personal and collective karma levels.

Charoite should be cleansed each time it is used in a healing or ritual. Rinse Charoite in tepid water and allow it to dry and recharge in full sunlight.




Thoughts for August and September

August, the dog days of summer. We roast under a brilliant, hot sun and yet, while we relish the heat we begin to notice the ever shortening days, and cooler evening breezes. It is time for the last summer hoorays or just one more family vacation. We shorten our attention to see just one more day of play and freedom. August is the time of high summer and ancient celebrations, some of which we still carry on with today. We know in our subconscious that eventually these times of togetherness must give way to more solitary times but for now we celebrate and cram in as many fun get-together's as we can. So for this month, celebrate your life, your friends, your times together for as the sun shines so should our spirits soar upon these glorious summer days.

September arrives without a whole lot of fanfare, at least not for itself. Preparing for the return to school and regular routines seems to take up most of our thoughts. We longingly leave the summer behind, with fond memories of hot summer days and warm nights. Yet the world around us begins to show the signs of coming changes and a new anticipation begins to build. We begin to see the celebrations for all of the fall and harvest festivals. We see farmers markets bursting with bounty and all the fruits of their labours. So begins the Fall season. Our season of bounty and the start of the ancient new year, full of fulfilled promises and dividends of our hard work that has occupied our minds since early spring. It is important in this time to not only celebrate our bounty but to congratulate ourselves, for it is our hard work and dedication that has brought us through our changing seasons to this new place and way of being.



"A Hand"

"Darkness surrounds.

Fear binds.

Hate hurts.

Words cut.

Lies waste.

Solitude reigns.

Through the darkness I travel, in small realms, fearing the unknown.

Safe in a false belief, I am hidden but wanting so much more.

Yet there comes a change ... a chance to be.

A hand reaches out through the darkness and it cuts through the fear and hate.

It salves the wounds of careless words and lies.

The cost of taking this hand?

Trust ... a simple word with the driving force of spirit.

Trust in possibility and chance.

Trust in potential and in failure.

Trust in the joy of trying.

Take my hand and I will take yours.

Through the fading darkness, light and possibility become life."



August 2017