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A New Awareness

2018 is here and we now must face our most cruel and base emotions and fears. We've made a commitment to be better than we were and the movement for change is upon us. Spirit is rising to meet the challenges. It will be important to take time to really understand our reactions to the events unfolding in our world.

Simple Needs of Body, Mind, and Spirit

We all seem to yearn for some of the simple pleasures of life. The pleasures we experienced before we grew up and the world got complicated. We hear about the advances in technology and we turn to these to make our lives easier and simpler. All the while we complicate how we manage to do everyday tasks without taking or making time for ourselves. Technology disguised as simplicity can trap us within the need to be wired and on all the time. We rush forward to the newest, greatest, best ... whatever. We are constantly bombarded by people wanting our attention, our energies and us. We are thoroughly exhausted and still people, friends, and family want more; more time, more energy, more from each of us. This crush of demand from the stuff of everyday living pushes us further and further from the simplicity we search for and crave. Through this rush to live we've lost sight of the basic needs of body, mind, and spirit.

Sure we know about proper eating, exercise, and all of the other healthy habits we've established, begun, or at least maybe thought about. We can't always accept what we are told about our bodies when we understand that something isn't right within it. Trying to get help or assistance to feel well again can be a struggle. Everyone has an opinion; right, wrong or critical and turning to technology and the internet can make things worse if we don't consciously remove potential programming. Get up and do ..., get up and move ..., get up and be ..., all of these remove us from our own mindful expressions of our needs. No time is spent enjoying the activity or being with those with whom the activity is shared.

Now we are seeing the surging need to be conscious of our mind and its health. We are learning just how fragile our minds and our mental health can be. We see how our thoughts are manipulated to allow others to prosper or cause harm. As these sentiments divide us it weakens our sense of safe community, justice, and tolerance and is skews how we see our world and our place in it. Our minds struggle to balance what we know is true, what we are told is true, and what we see as true. We can begin to feel overwhelmed by information and the needs of everyone and everything. The constant chiming of bells, alarms, alerts, and news items, have us jumping at shadows and our fears grow disproportionately with reality. These fears manifest deeper and stronger than many care to admit too. They invade the space that is required for our minds to be calm, still, and quiet. We find our problems mounting with no foreseeable escape route.

Even our spirits search for a more simple and deeper connection to the divine and our spiritual communiites. Ritual, dogma, and burdensome traditions no longer have the same feel of connection or authenticity. This can create a lot of the hate and rage we see in our churches, and cities around the world. The need to feel connected; the need to be joined in a community of like-minded souls is an oasis for the spirit. It fulfills one of our most basic needs. The beliefs don't need to be the same but the permission to be a part of a loving, supportive community is what every spirit craves. This is freeing beyond the confines that have been imposed. It allows us to explore our relationship with the divine and with others without fear.

The bodies we've been given carry on for years with care and attention. Yet we tend to forget about all of the aspects of our being. We search for nourishment for our bodies and our minds and leave our spirit to chance or complain when someone dear strays into new connections. We have a spirit that can be resilient beyond its years. The one thing we know and love about our spirit connections is that when we approach the divine with simple, heart-felt intentions and desires miracles can happen.

I bid you peace as you rediscover the joys of a balanced body, mind, and spirit. Blessings.



Aquamarine (Revisited)

Aquamarine is an ancient and powerful, healing gemstone. Aquamarine is readily available and comes to us from Mexico, United States, Russia, Brazil, Ireland, and many areas of the Indian sub-continent. Aquamarine colouring can be white or a pale blue-green. Said to be from a mermaid's jewelry box, Aquamarine symbolized true, pure love. Legend has it that Aquamarine can help the wearer determine whether something is true or not by the changing colour of the gem. Sailors would keep Aquamarine when at sea as a protection from drowning.

As a tool for physical healing, Aquamarine is a stone that supports many of the glands and organs. Aquamarine has been used to treat sore throats and balance hormones especially pituitary and thyroid. As an organ cleanser, Aquamarine is strengthens and aids the upper digestive system from the mouth and jaws and on through the stomach. Aquamarine also supports the eyes and vision problems and can calm the autoimmune flair ups of some allergies.

Spiritually, Aquamarine carries on with its ability to calm and sooth. For anxious or sensitive people Aquamarine can ease the feelings of being overburdened and overwhelmed. Aquamarine also promotes tolerance and releases judgments. Aquamarine is wonderful for opening and honing intuitive and clairvoyance skills. Used during meditation opens up channels of awareness and potential and can help to balance the needs of body and spirit.

To get the most out of healing with Aquamarine it is best worn daily and should have contact with the body. Each time Aquamarine is used it is recommended that it be cleansed. Rinse under running water and allow to dry in sunlight or in a bowl with other Aquamarine gemstones.



Aquamarine (Revisited)


Thoughts for August & September

Late summer is here. The "dog days" of summer have arrived with all of the heat that summer can muster. The heat ripens the crops in the fields and orchards as we await our season of bounty and the start of the new spiritual year. Early harvests begin and they foretell of the coming bounty and the work still to come. Yet there is still time to celebrate the conclusion of this spiritual year. There is still time to relish in the still long days and cool nights. There is still time to play before we begin our rushing harvest work. The work of reaping what we have sown, and storing away as we prepare, at least mentally for the cooler days that are coming.

Yet we push those thoughts away in favour of today. We know what is coming and we do not wish, at this time, to be reminded of it. For now the larders are beginning to fill. Fresh fruit and crops are enjoyed while at the peak of their ripeness and others are stored away for colder, darker times of the year. There is no fear in what is approaching. To some it is a relief, the work is done, the heat and fervor that took hold of life in May and June is dissipating. A growing sense of serenity and of a job well done begins to settle in. We know it is too early to bask in such thoughts and yet when the cool evenings come we know we can smile with satisfaction that we have planned well and moved forward in our desires and we can still celebrate and vacation with family and friends.



"I Awake"

"I awake to singing birds and a brilliant rising sun.

I awake to a need to be heard, to be seen, and to be myself.

I awake to new life and to new energies.

I awake to old loves, new loves, and growing friendships.

I awake to the nuance of speach and meaning.

I awake to a changing perspective.

I awake to a growing community of light and life.

I awake to a world of possibility and potential.

I awake to Life!"


August 2018