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A New Awareness

As another year comes to an end and a new one begins we find ourselves at a crux of change. Whether the change is good or not, whether we agree or disagree, we must commit to being the best we can be. Not only for ourselves and our families and friends but for our communities, our cities and our world. Yet our spirits are embracing newness and a reason to trust in the building of our awareness. We can grow and become the best that our spirits need us to be. We must learn to shine.

Changing Attitudes

As we moved through the process of changing patterns in our lives, we often find that those changes trigger others within out mind and desire to be truer to ourselves. Some thing that usually changes and in big ways can be our attitudes. Many of our attitudes are based on our experiences and when we start to look at them we find that many of them no longer serve us the way we thought.

Attitudes are very difficult to change. We hold them dear as they form the foundation of our way of being. When there is a need to change them or change is thrust upon us our initial reaction is usually to rebel and cling even more tightly to them. No matter the harm that is held within those attitudes we will hold on. We cherish the security those old attitudes provide and anything that is contrary raises emotions of fear and then anger. Much of the news on our televisions shows just how fearful people can be when attitudes are forced to change.

While we hold dear to these outdated ways we begin to doubt the sage advice that has, in the past, given comfort. Yet as we move along our path we might find that we have a harder time embracing every sentiment that these old attitudes bring. We begin to give credence to newer information and begin a time of quiet reflection when we meet the things we no longer agree with. We sort through new ideas and begin the realigning of our thoughts with our newly altered attitudes. These are hardly set in stone. We will spend a lot of time going back and forth between the conflicting points that we are working on.

We can even get so wrapped up in our reflection that we back slide into old patterns along with our old attitudes determined to see it work. It can be a difficult time as we feel lost and adrift in an emotional storm of doubt and change and yet this is the very catalyst that we need to actually face our selves and our beliefs. Where old beliefs and attitudes stand toe to toe with the new ones that demand recognition. It is an awakening that will not be ignored, as it can be one of our most difficult growths that our souls can do.

Yet when we accept our new attitudes and sort them into our spirit wonderful things begin to be possible for us. This growth is a new way of interacting with our world and our path. We may find that some things no longer hold sway the way they used to. Now there can be a passion for living where there was doubt and even our circles of friends will change to support our new needs in becoming.

I bid you peace as you examine and revise your attitudes and become the person you desire to be. Blessings.




Hematite has a long and lasting history of human use and it was prized by many ancient societies. Mainly used during battles and wars, Hematite was used to staunch the flow of blood from wounds. Hematite is a common, easily found stone. Most Hematite comes to us from Brazil, Italy, England, Switzerland, and Canada. Hematite is normally a gray-black or reddish-brown and once polished it has a metallic sheen. Hematite is sometimes referred to as "blood-stone" as the polishing water usually becomes red.

As a tool for physical healing, Hematite is still used to staunch the flow of blood. Hematite is a great support for cleansing the kidneys and in the formation of new red blood cells. As a blood and circulatory support Hematite can aid in the formation of new tissue and in the absorption of iron. Hematite has been used to help with anxiety, insomnia, and cramping of leg muscles. Hematite also works along the chakra and meridian pathways of the body to balance and redirect energies. Hematite should not be used on areas that are currently inflamed as it can increase the amount of inflammation.

Spiritually, Hematite is a great for connection and understanding. Hematite is a stone of grounding and works to meld mind, body, and spirit to allow forward movement on the life path. During astral travel many find that Hematite forms a strong connection with the body and makes the process of returning easier. Hematite allows the wearer to overcome self-doubt and self-imposed restrictions. Timid people are able to find their voice and improve their confidence. Hematite makes survival in tough times seem less daunting and can foster the necessary willpower.

Hematite should cleansed regularly but not with water. Place Hematite with rock crystals or quartz; it will discharge and recharge within their energy.


Hematite Necklace



Thoughts for August & September

It is time for the last summer hoorays or just one more family vacation. We shorten our attention to see just one more day of play and freedom. August is the time of high summer and ancient celebrations, some of which we still carry on with today. We know in our subconscious that eventually these times of togetherness must give way to more solitary times but for now we celebrate and cram in as many fun get-together's as we can. So for now, celebrate your life, your friends, your times together for as the sun shines so should our spirits soar upon these glorious summer days.

September arrives finding us preparing for the return to school and regular routines. We longingly leave the summer behind, with fond memories of hot summer days and warm nights. Yet the world around us begins to show the signs of coming changes and a new anticipation begins to build. We see farmers markets bursting with bounty and all the fruits of their labours. So begins the Fall season. Our season of bounty and the start of the ancient new year, full of promises and potential. It is important in this time to not only celebrate our bounty but to congratulate ourselves, for it is our hard work and dedication that has brought us through our changing seasons to this new place and way of being.




"Today Is a Day of Change"

"The world demands attention for all the woes and ills to be healed.

Yet I am miles away, here, alone, and aching myself.

Today I decide to change my view and my advantage.

Today I will rise with determination and strength.

Today I will seek out something or someone that needs help.

Today I will do a little less for myself in honour of serving others.

Today I will be not just what the world needs but what I need also.

Today is a day of change and I will embrace it all. "



August 2019