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A New Awareness

Our emotions are running at an all time high and we seem more and more unable to control them. Our temperament doesn't match where and what we thought our lives would be. The normal supports that have worked for us no longer hold much potential. Yet still potential and promise abound if we pay attention.


The world thrives on boundaries; national, provincial/state, region/county, city, and neighbourhood are all bounded by some boundary that was necessary. Most of these are out of our hands yet we can influence them as people come together. Personal boundaries can be a trickier path to navigate. These can run over a wide variety of areas of our lives and impact every interaction we have.

As we grow we begin to look at our relationships and how they impact our well-being and we begin to make decisions about the boundaries we need others to respect for us. Setting boundaries may sound easy and in some instances it can be. Where we tend to miss the mark is when we need to change our boundaries. During trying times, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed and its common to see people gravitate and hold on tightly to what is known and to what has always been done. We cling tightly to those we care for, our various friend circles and our habits. This can cause conflict when our limits are reached and our boundaries breached.

As new people come into our circles it is much easier to establish a starting point of boundaries. We read the energy and see if we fit or if we feel uneasy. Initial starts allow us to set firmer rules and we understand as awareness grows and actions happen we can adjust their standing within our circles. These boundaries can become flexible over time and people will move in and out of circles as their own life paths dictate and by the shared events and choices and the resulting impacts. Friends will sometimes try to influence our boundary choices especially if they feel another of their friends should be included into more inner circles. Being firm and standing for our boundary beliefs and needs can challenging if we aren't sure of our own commitment to ourselves.

Boundaries become much harder within families. There is a closeness that doesn't exist in normal friendships or work-based introductions and meetings. There is an expected openness based on family familiarity, caring and love. We trust those we grow up with. They are our first loves, supporters, defenders, guides, and teachers. That is the nature of family love. All the growing pains and squabbles are the beginning of our boundary development and how we will handle any future boundary disagreements.

Our experiences and the people involved will always impact our boundaries. Most of the time we move and rearrange our boundaries without a second thought at least until a crossed boundary causes hurt or angst. Depending on the severity of the breach or the constant continuation of pushing that boundary can cause caring dynamics to breakdown. With all this on the line it can be difficult to remember that our boundaries work both ways. What we restrict as hurtful or unhelpful on our inward boundary needs to be reflected in our outward conversations whether or not it impacts someone else's boundaries.

I bid you peace as you examine and readjust your boundaries. Blessings.



Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is a powerful healing stone that comes to us from one of India's most holy rivers, the Narmada River. Shiva Lingam are always found in shades of tan and will have either grey, red, or brown stripes or markings and is composed of Jasper, Basalt and Agate. The shape of the Shiva Lingam is a cross between the phallic representation of the Hindu God - Lord Shiva and the egg of fertility of his consort the Goddess Kali. These unique stones are shaped by the flow of the river and polished by local villagers. These are then used in rites and ceremonies. Shiva Lingam is a direct connection to all elements, all energies, and represents creation.

As a tool for physical healing, Shiva Lingam is a powerful stone for clearing and balancing the chakra energies. It can boost vitality and during meditation can increase lung and oxygen capacity. Shiva Lingam can cool the body or hold heat as is needed and can aid in balancing and strengthening the body's electromagnetic fields.

Spiritually, Shiva Lingam is a transformative stone and is said to carry storm energy if that is what is needed to break old, outdated beliefs and habits. Shiva Lingam allows the bearer to see both side to situations and energies; light/dark, male/female, and allows us to see the unifying forces of nature and the Divine. Shiva Lingam also can bring a sense of harmony and acceptance to our interactions and self-acceptance when we are working on ourselves. Shiva Lingam's connection to the Divine can open and raise our intuitive nature.

To cleanse Shiva Lingam rinse under warm running water.



Shiva Lingam


Thoughts for August & September

August is here and while the heat and humidity are reminders of the season, many feel lost and unsure in the current state of our world. Some rush to find a way back to normal while others desire and need change. We are finding out that there are flaws in our societies and in how we've addressed our priorities. This can be overwhelming and leave people feeling lost, adrift, and fearful. Fearful people become angry people very easily.

Yet there is promise ahead. We no longer have our heads buried in our work so we can see our world as it is. We can touch and be with those who are close to us. We are relearning what our priorities need to be, where we fit in, and where we are most useful. This is a summer of work. Work on our hearts, minds, bodies, spirits, relationships, and societies needs to become our focus. This is our time and chance to learn to walk in the light of life and love and find value in everyone and everything.



"A Helping Hand"

" The road ahead is bumpy and unsure,

pitfalls lie in wait for an opportunity to cause distress,

With a sigh I move forward cautious but determined,

there is a need out there and I can no longer ignore its call.

It may be for myself or for another but I can and will do more.

I reach out and take the hand that is willing to help me

and I can stand tall with their help.

I be the hand that helps another up and watch with joy and gratitude

when they decide to move forward once again.

The road is long and there are many opportunities

for a helping hand."


August 2020