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Dealing With Our Doubts

Doubts, how they haunt our plans, our thoughts, and even our dreams. Doubts are a normal part of experiencing our lives and they can range from the easily dismissed to crippling impasses. Unlike some things we grow though, doubts have an insidious side as it quietly erodes our faith and trust as some situations seem to drag on and on before finding resolution. As with the other various lessons in our lives, our coping mechanisms come from years of trial and error, and observation. Sometimes it serves us well and others require us to do a lot more of the work.

Doubts begin very subtly and it usually begins with our own thought process and our experiences. Even the perception of a little misstep along our path can create the chaos of growing doubt. The doubts that we can easily dismiss are usually things that we have worked through before or are almost done with within the course of our current path events. As with any journey we can always find similarities of doubt within situations and this would normally allow us to react and get through the doubt with some ease. Yet there are some that keep coming up and they come up at what usually would be a turning point.

As much as we would like to shy away from having to deal with some of our doubts it is when they stand in front of us and derail our lives and our perception of events that surround us that we have no choice but to confront and really look at our doubts. This by no means lessens what we have experienced but it can help us when we finally reach the point of breaking through the doubt that we can find the fear and fear-based actions we've taken and relied on as a form of self-defense. Years of layered fears can be part of the doubt base that we need to dismantle.

Even just glimpsing the fear behind the doubt can start the process of clearing the doubt. It begins to open the senses of our spirit. The underlying fear can be a surprising discovery and occasionally we may find that the fear itself has little to do with the actual size or result of the doubt it raised. It allows us the opportunity to see how our processes can be warped when we are in a state that is unable to make sense of and work through events whether they are trauma based or not.

Doubts may knock us off course for a while and that is okay. It gives us the opportunity to examine our thoughts, doubts, and lives in ways we hadn't thought appropriate because of circumstances or time. Doubt does have a purpose and it is to keep us safe and secure in our path but they can be crippling and seem to disrupt even the most levelheaded when they suddenly arise. With time, patience, and determination we can work through doubt to new experiences, new possibilities, and new potentials.

I bid you peace as you face your fears, conquer your doubts, and find the joy that is possible. Blessings.




Septaria is a crystal that is a mix of minerals. Septaria is sometimes known as Septarian Stone or Dragonstone and is considered to be a strong aid in healing. Septaria colour combinations can vary with combinations of yellow, brown, grey, or white. Commonly Septaria will contain Yellow Calcite, Aragonite, and then either Limestone or Chalcedony and possibly Baryte as a white inclusion. The distribution of the minerals creates crystals that usually have unique and varied appearances. Septaria comes to us from Australia, New Zealand, North America, Madagascar, and some locations in Europe.

As a tool for physical healing, Septaria is beneficial for any healing room as the Septaria can boost the healing energies. It will also aid the healer in finding the appropriate treatment path. Septaria has a positive effect on bones, teeth, and muscle flexibility and strength making it an excellent stone to carry while recovering from trauma or illness.

Spiritually, Septaria is a crystal of connection, connection, and mental flexibility. Septaria aids in the growth of personal spiritual strengths and powers like psychic ability and clairvoyance. In group work, Septaria allows for a broader sense of what is possible and brings a tolerance and a willingness to work together. Septaria can bring a greater sense of cooperation and group togetherness to activities and meetings. It can allow for better focus on problems, issues, and possible resolutions. Vibrationally Septaria can raise the energy of group chants and drumming as there is a strong connection to earth energy and shamanic values of healing and aid.

Septaria will benefit from an occasional rinse under warm water before being used.


Calcite/Limestone/Aragonite - SeptariaSeptaria



Thoughts for August & September

A time of bounty and abundance graces the warm days at the end of summer and we realize that summer is beginning to wind down. August with its bounty of crops; crisp apples, sweet corn, juicy peaches and more fills our larders and allows us to be generous in thought and deed. A time of sharing the joys, successes, achievements and bounty of all the planning and work that was done.

September is also on it's way and with it the start of Autumn steeped in bounty, joy and preparing for the coming winter. The harvest shared among family and friends inspires the connections that will see us through the cold and dark of the seasons to come.



"Shadows of Doubt"

"Shadows surround my thoughts, creating wild imaginings.

Bubbling wells of doubt and fear cloud even the simplest act,

Wishing me to withdraw further and hide away.

Yet within there is an awakening, an awareness of light and possibility.

A light to dispel the shadows and examine the fear and the doubt.

A smile grows as the truth behind the doubt and the fear is revealed.

Now I am free to of this shadow of doubt."



August 2021