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Tarot Cards
The idea of wanting or needing to know the future is part of the human experience. Tarot cards have had a place in human society for a long time, at least five hundred years and probably a lot longer than that. Their beginning is obscure and unknown. We all want to know what is coming, how to prepare or how to prevent the inevitable. The Tarot cards represent the obstacles and growths that each person must endure along the path of life. Reaching the end of a cycle is not the end but a return to the beginning, to be repeated with new obstacles and new challenges. Tarot decks are normally divided into two sections, the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana represent stages and major influences on each stage of your journey. The minor arcana represent the separate facets of each stage. They are aids to understanding what is occurring or why something has occurred.

The minor arcana is divided into 4 suits, Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles and each suit is divided again by numbers. In general terms each of the suits brings with it an underlying meaning. It focuses on the details of the cycle you are traveling.

Cups - corresponds to emotions, feelings. They show the development of feeling and the impact they have on us and those around us. Cups are associated with the heart and the heart is the holder of emotions and love. Therefore it will relate to love, both spiritual and passionate and to the experience of feeling and loving.

Wands - corresponds to mysterious powers. The power of imagination and the creations that the mind can perceive and create. Wands become the symbols for the development and challenges of imagination. They can also warn of the folly of not using common sense to temper your imagination.

Swords - corresponds to the mind and the thought processes within. Swords embodies the mind in all it's aspects, good and kind deeds and the darker, baser thoughts that abide within. It is the base of imagination and it is programmed to remember and learn from the experiences, conflicts and experiences of everyday life. Ultimately it will bring clarity and understanding to any actions, any thoughts and to the words you live by.

Pentacles - corresponds to the foundations we lay. It can be the resources that support our lives. It can be the money, the earth, our shelter and ultimately our self worth and the value we put on our achievements. The Pentacles suit describes how we can or should adjust our lives as we pass through the challenges, disappointments, and rewards that are available to us as we grow and live our lives.



Fossils allow us to release old programming and to be open to new ideas. Fossils are reminders of our past, both near and distant. They hold information about the stars and where we came from. Fossils can be used to enhance telepathic communication and can put you in touch with all forms and realms of reality.



Shells are considered a magical gift. Shells help to stimulate both the mind and the body. Shells can also help to protect you from unco-operative attitudes and actions. Shells also remind of us of our connection to the environment and the continuity of our eco-systems.



Aquamarine is used for clarifying perception and eyesight. It is useful in releasing old patterns and conditioning. It can be used for centering oneself, inspiration, and for peace of mind in stressful situations. Aquamarine is known to reduce fears and is therefore an excellent stone for sensitive and psychic people. It is also good for meditation as it allows you to better connect with nature and is known for being able to quiet the mind and reduce stress. It promotes tolerance for others and has the ability to create stable, harmonious surroundings. In olden days Aquamarine was given to sailors as protection from drowning and for courage in battle.


Smudges & Smudging

Smudge is a mixture of herbs, oils or incense that are burned to cleanse and guard a sacred space. Smudge is also used to cleanse and guard your body, psychically and spiritually. It can be wafted over the body breaking the unhealthy connections that people sometimes used to "borrow" your body's energies. As you waft the smudge over you, conciously use the smudge to open your ears to hear the truth, open your eyes to see the truth, open your throat to speak the truth, open your heart to feel and know your truth and open your mind to accept the truth.

Smudge bundles are available commercially or you can create your own. The more common smudge bundles contain Sage, Juniper and Sweetgrass, but other combinations are available. If you wish to harvest your own herbs, do so as the plant is just coming into bloom during the waxing moon. Harvest the herbs slowly and gently, asking the herbs to help create a powerful and personal smudge. Harvest herbs in 8-10 inch lengths. Bind your herbs together with thread or animal hide, starting at the bottom, tying tightly until you get about half way up the bundle. Concentrate on the herbs and the powers that each holds. Hang the fresh smudge stick to dry.

Mantra Meditations

Mantras & Their Meanings

"Om Dum Durgayei Namaha" - Rough Translation: 'Om and Salutations to that feminine energy which protects from all manner of negative influences, and for which Dum is the seed.'

This is a mantra for the divine spirit Durga. Durga is an aspect of the Divine Protectress. Typically shown riding a lion or a tiger, Durga has a hundred arms, each with a different weapon of destruction. Yet she is exquisitely beautiful to behold. The interpretation is that if you are a pious and sincere seeker of truth, her sight can produce ecstasy in a variety of beautiful forms. But using the truth for negative, harmful or demonic purposes, will bring forth a countenance that is as terrible as Kali, the mother of life and death.

"Om Mani Padme Hum" - Rough Translation: 'Om, salutations to The Jewel of Consciousness (the mind) which has reached the heart's lotus.'

This mantra is practiced more than any other in the world. It is pre-eminent in producing a state of dynamic compassion. Dynamic means that this compassion contains the ability to be able to powerfully manifest in both subtle and obvious ways. One of the simple yet profound teachings which accompanies this mantra is the concept that when the mind and heart become united, anything is possible. The implications of this simple thought are staggering. If you want to change the world for the better, this mantra should be in your spiritual toolbox.

Meditation Thought for the Month

" Beginning with the early dawn each day, I will radiate joy to everyone I meet. I will be mental sunshine for all who cross my path. I will burn candles of smiles in the bosoms of the joyless. Before the unfading light of my cheer, darkness will take flight."

By Paramahansa Yogananda, "Metaphysical Meditations"