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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Power, Empowerment and Control

Three simple words ... three simple word that can cause fear, loathing, obstinacy, bring judgment, retaliation, mental angst and so on. Three simple words that our society has misunderstood, misused, mis-communicated and turned against hope. So if we don't really understand these words or how they really impact us, why then have we allowed others to dictate what they should mean to us?

So let's deal with the reality of each of these and how we should be incorporating them into our lives, if at all.

Power - the most misunderstand and misused of them all. Society has told us that if you are rich, glamorous, or an elite of society that you are by rights, powerful. Unfortunately for those individuals they've never been told the downside to this power or how to use this power and as a result in those lives we see power but we also see dread, fear and eventually a separation from that lifestyle or other people. For the rest of the world, we've been told that we are "powerless" and in some terms that has been equated, ever so mistakenly with uselessness. We've heard the terms; "can't fight city hall," "can't compete with the big boys," and so on. When we do hear of someone taking on those fights and those competitions, we become enthralled and enamored that someone could actually do that .. and win, let alone have a shot at success!! Oh there's the catch .... society compares power to success.

The reality of power is that it is contained within. No one can give it to you and no one can take it away. It is not the "measure of a man or woman." it is not something that is up for bargain or for sale. With the coming shift in our planet's vibratory status we have to allow each person the right and allow them to see the necessity that says each of us is equal, each of us is powerful. Most importantly no one has the right any longer to be powerful over any one else. Success along with all other personal growth is just that personal and no one has the right to judge you on that. No longer is being powerful card blanc to do as we will to hurt and affect other people. No longer can we gain by being powerful over others and no longer is our power something to be hidden away. Power is and always will be our own personal joy at life and the wonders it contains. The wonderful thing about accepting your own power comes with how you are perceived. Power brings with it a certain poise, a certain calmness and a certain strength. It contains no bragging but is full of hope, and faith and acceptance for ones self. It is a wonderful sense of coming into Life.

Empowerment - one of the buzz words in the spiritual coming of age. Unfortunately society equates it and we sometimes equate it with weakness. If we aren't powerful and someone else has to let us be powerful by empowering us ... then we are still weak and not powerful. Therefore society still looks down on us. Empowerment puts us on the still not worth someone's time and energy roster. It is a miscommunication based on the errors associated with power.

Again empowerment if we want to allow it to exist, is personal. No one can grant this to you. They may be able to show you a spark of the power that lies hidden within you; especially if by circumstances you've long buried it to avoid being hurt. Empowerment is simply a key ... a key to the wonders of your true identity, not as defined by society but defined and designed with our Divine origin. The strength to use that key is yours and yours alone. Not based on standards of wealth, social standing or popularity but on the fact that you were born powerful and strong. The choice is yours!

Control - the last of society's dictates. Control, for society has been directly associated with power. If you aren't powerful then you can't be in control. So what it is that we're fighting to control? We do not have the right to control other people and make them do our bidding. Now, this does not over ride what society has put in place for society to function; all society needs rules / laws that make living together peaceful. These are a necessity until we further evolve into true spiritual beings. The control we tend to seek is the control over what happens in our lives and more so how we interpret these events. Control however is on of the words that has spread beyond it's true intent and has been turned into a negative. The perception is that if you aren't in control then you are at someone else's beck and call or you're free game for anyone who would try to take advantage of a situation.

Control like power is personal. It is not something that you should be giving away; nor do you have the right to relinquish control over your life to someone else just because you don't happen to like what's happening or you don't want to face people or things. We so bend our perception of control and our life, that we allow fear to over-ride truth; even the truth that we are all in control of our lives. We see people throw away control of their lives to "controlling" friends because to sit and face ourselves can be a daunting task ... at least until we learn to love ourselves and appreciate the events in our life. The reality is that in relinquishing control we end up feeling even more unloved and even more rejected by those that we feel should be the ones to love us. As with a previous newsletter that dealt with love; you have to love yourself before you can truly give and share love. So control is personal and you are the only one capable of controlling your life. Control that which you can and leave the rest to the Divine to handle. It's just that simple.

I bid you peace in understanding as you embrace your power. Blessings.




Ajoite is a rare stone. It is formed by oxidation of copper in quartz crystals. Ajoite is available from the state of Arizona in the USA and from the Messina District of South Africa. Unfortunately this rare stone will continue to be rare as the mine in the Messina District of South Africa was flooded a number of years ago and is no longer a viable mine. The images below are from a piece of Ajoite from the South African mine.

Ajoite has been called the "Master Healer Stone" and for good reason. Ajoite is said to be a main conduit for unconditional love and is said to resonate deep within mind, body, and soul of those who are attracted to it. Used to balance and connect all of the body's charka points, Ajoit also connects us to the heart of the earth and to the spirit of the cosmos. It is a stone of true spiritual connection to all that is and it helps with understanding that "all that is" is indeed in a state of perfection; no matter what appearances may dictate.

Ajoite is used to release hidden and trapped judgment and emotional hurts that have been buried deep within the psyche. It allows the user to understand the darker aspects of human nature and to surround that in a non-judgmental, unconditional love. It really isn't about releasing this darkness it is about understanding it and with understanding there can be no fear, no hate, no malicious-ness, just truth and unconditional love and true compassion.

Since Ajoite has such a connection to the "perfect" state of being and consciousness it acts very positively on changing and healing all cellular aspects of the body. As it brings the body and spirit into contact with our perfect state, that perfect state must become a physical reality. That said Ajoite brings about quick healing to the body and mind. Ajoite is said to help release anger, frustrations and replaces them with a calm new way of observing the world and your role in it.

Ajoite normally does not require cleansing, however if you absolutely feel that you must cleanse it I would suggest letting it sit within a dish of rock salt for a few minutes.


Ajoite2 Ajoite3



A BLESSING for Winter Solstice & Christmas

The celebration of the Winter Solstice and of Christmas are celebrations of renewed Light; whether the slow return of longer day light hours or a renewal of your own spiritual connection to the Divine. Either way it is a time for joy and sharing, a time of peace and grace for in all of these things we find the strength and reason to continue. Celebrate the peace and joy that surround you in this gentle time of renewal.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

We celebrate the joyful return of hope, love and Light into our world,

we embrace the peace and grace that simple faith and joy brings to us,

Guide us and be with us to so that we may fully accept that these,

your most magnificent gifts, are valuable beyond time and measure.

Let this Light be rekindled in our hearts and spirits as well."

Blessed be.



"I Am Flying Home"

"Good-bye, blue house of Heaven. Farewell, stars and celestial celebrities and your dramas on the screen of space. Good-bye, flowers with your traps of beauty and fragrance. You can hold me no longer. I am flying Home.

Adieu to the warm embrace of sunshine. Farewell, cool, soothing, comforting breeze. Good-bye, entertaining music of man.

I stayed long reveling with all of your dancing with my variously costumed thoughts, drinking the wine of my feelings and my mundane will. I have now forsaken the intoxications of delusion.

Good-bye, muscles, bones and bodily motions. Farewell, breath. I cast thee away from my breast. Adieu, heart-throbs, emotions, thoughts, and memories. I am flying Home in a plane of silence. I go to feel my heart-throb in Him.

I soar in the plane of consciousness above, beneath, on the left, on the right, within and without, everywhere, to find that in every nook of my space-home I have always been in the sacred presence of my Father."


From Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda