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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Gratitude and Joy

Gratitude and Joy are easy to find when things are going well in our lives. We can easily find the reason to celebrate good times and good company. We can find the joy in watching a sunrise or seeing a smile light up someone's face. We can feel our connection to God/Goddess/Source in the wind that caresses our skin and bring a change in the weather. Everything seem and feels right with our world.

Then along comes a drama, whether it's ours, a friends, a loved one's or something that just calls to us for action. It dislodges the joy that so recently sang through our bodies and it shocks any sense of gratitude from it's foundation. Just how do we regain that sense of gratitude and joy when our minds and senses are being bombarded with news of economic strife, fear inspiring pandemics, fear inducing violence and the "normal" seasonal madness that seems to invade our lives at this time of the year? Then of course there are the dramas that are part of every day living. It is hard to imagine being grateful or joyful for some of the experiences we go through. How can we be grateful when a loved one is told they have cancer, or that a loved one has died needlessly in an accident? How can we be grateful for loosing our jobs, or for being on the receiving end of someone's abuse? How can we be grateful or joyful for relationships that end with heart-ache and disaster? How can we be grateful or happy about an illness, whether it's simply a cold or the flu or something much more?

At these times gratitude and joy can be the furthest things from our minds. These events shift our emotional and spiritual balance. It can be devastating to the ego, mind and body to endure any single one of these let alone compounding them by having more than one rear it's head at any time. Our gut reaction to these usually starts with a "Why me?", and goes on to include "Why am I the only one this happens to?" The dangerous trap of self-pity looms ever closer on our path. It doesn't help to have some old fashion thinking raise it's head to include statements like "They must have been evil, nasty people for God to do that to them."

Gratitude and joy begin with understanding; not just of the event but of our reaction to it. We all know and accept that our life and it's spiritual aspects are about growth, understanding and learning to use these lessons to grow our souls toward a greater connection with God/Goddess/Source. Does that mean we have to be happy about the events taking place? No. However we do need to find the spiritual reason that we dig so deeply into unhappiness because that state doesn't allow us to find joy or to find things to be grateful for.

Once we can determine what has driven our sense of loss we can begin to change our perception of the event so that we can find gratitude and joy within the situation. For it does exist; we just have to look a little or a lot deeper. Being grateful that someone has come to terms with their path can go a long way in helping us to find the gratitude to acknowledge what is happening and to be there to support them. Being grateful and joyful that events have brought the world to a new threshold of understanding ... even if it is one person at a time, can bring a sense of freedom to the gratitude waiting to be released. Remembering the love and joys shared can bring closure and a returning sense of joy. Finding small things to be grateful for opens the gates to be able to be even more grateful. Allow tears to cleanse away blockages to joy and allow yourself to be comforted.

These aren't easy. It takes a lot of time, a lot of patience and a lot practice to find the way to stay living in gratitude and joy. Sometimes it's a matter that requires action. Sometimes it's simply a matter of acknowledging it and accepting that this is something that you can't do anything about. Sometimes its a matter of choice; choosing to be mindfully happy and joyful. Choosing to smile instead of frowning and cursing life. Choosing to be grateful for and acknowledge the experiences of life. Choosing to be connected constantly to God/Goddess/Source and continually looking for that sense that tells us we are one.

Either way living with gratitude and joy is possible and it eases the lessons life has for us.

I bid you peace as you explore the wonders of gratitude and joy. Blessings.




Kermesite is also known as "Red Antimony." Kermesite is found in a few locations around the world; Quebec Canda, California and Idaho USA, Germany and Australia. In ancient history Kermesite was extensively used in cosmetics, especially eye liner and lip colouring. Many of the discovered queens of Egypt have shown residues of this mineral. Kermesite was also prized for it's colour in the science of alchemy. Kermesite is no longer used in cosmetics due to it's toxic nature.

Kermesite has a connection to the 'esoteric anatomy' of the body. Kermesite is now prized as a stone of connection for the Life Force that surrounds and runs through all of creation. As a stone for healers, it allows for a greater channeling of the Life Force energy that is used in Reiki, Shamballa Reiki and other energy healing work. Kermesite allows the energy to flow in and through the hands and feet with greater ease. Kermesite is also said to stimulate the psychic center of the body.

Using Kerrmesite during meditation can allow the user to be open to the Life Force that is all around us and is a part of us. This will allow the spirit to draw into itself all that is necessary for healing; whether on an emotional level or on a physical level. Allowing the Life Force to enter creates a sense of well-being that can be manifested into everyday life. It also creates and maintains a sense of Divine connection to God/Goddess/Source.

Kermesite normally does not need to be cleansed. If you choose to cleanse it, do not use water. Allow it sit for 24-hours in full sunlight.





A BLESSING for Winter Solstice & Christmas

The celebration of the Winter Solstice and of Christmas are celebrations of renewed Light; whether the slow return of longer day light hours or a renewal of your own spiritual connection to the Divine. Either way it is a time for joy and sharing, a time of peace and grace for in all of these things we find the strength and reason to continue. Celebrate the peace and joy that surround you in this gentle time of renewal.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

Help us to welcome the Light back into our lives and into our selves.

Long we have walked and toiled in a seemingly endless night.

Let us see life's true brilliance so that we may dispel the untruths that surround us.

Help us to know the Light that exists within all creation, for this Light is our Light also.

A spark of pure Love, an endless connection to Your Wisdom, Grace and eternal Bliss.

Reveal the Light and celebrate all that is.

Blessed be."



"Renew My Sight "

"I see my world and admire it's beauty. Still I wonder what more is there to see?

My spirit responds 'More, much more.'

My eyes behold the beauty of a child's first smile,

the beauty of glorious sunrises and ombre sunsets. The radiant colours of the birds and flowers.

Yet I wonder have I seen it all? The answer is 'No there is more, much more. Look beyond the physical'.

Adjusting my sight and renewing my senses brings to the front of my vision the Light that exists in all things.

From lowly stone to glorious star, buzzing insect to human, all things animate and inanimate,

all things contain the Light, a brilliant reminder of our universal connection.

Glorious it shines, brighter than the sun and stars. It lights a fire deep within and my own Light shines forth.

There is joy in finding the Light that exists within all. It dispels the shadows of fear and ignorance.

The world is alive and connected, I can truly rejoice."

December 2009