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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Injustice and Justice ... beyond Forgiveness

We've all encountered or know of situations that seem to be extremely unjust and we wonder how justice or forgiveness can be found when these events seem so incomprehensible and immoral. Justice and Injustice are the societal aspects of our personal forgiveness themes. There is still a personal matter for someone that resides at the very heart of every injustice and someone or some group has had their very lives altered by these events. These events can seem small and insignificant or large and traumatic and their effects can alter how organizations and communities function. These events tend to shake our foundational beliefs in how society, as a whole, should function, at least for those who witness or are impacted by them.

As with all aspects of spiritual life, some people will not see injustices as the injustices that society or communities see them. They will see events and will think of countless other events that would have far more serious or far-reaching consequences. Their perceptions are dictated to by the spiritual path they walk and by the types of experiences and loyalties that lie within their understanding. What we need to recognize is that whether society feels something is unjust or not, is simply a reflection of a concept that has been established by the current society and establishments. Changing society's perceptions of what is an injustice and what is justice, is done not and should not be done with the intent of destroying the society or it's establishments but in restoring balance for the members of the community and society as a whole. Society's concepts of established protocol change all the time, it is only when with a heavy fist part of society refuses to change, that problems occur. Whether it is as large as revolutions happening lately in the Middle East or as small as changing the way a company does business in its community, change happens. Society and the community as a whole will always react to change. Some will support it whole heartedly while others will wail in despair that now they are the injured party and still others will shrug their shoulders and carry on with their lives.

For the individual or individuals that have been effected by these events, allowing them to unfold, believing in a just forum, even fighting verbally or physically, all take on an important role in the spiritual development. However, for these people learning and allowing the release of the buried rage, anger and hurt has to be of paramount importance. We need to recognize that there will always be comments and innuendo from those who don't understand or who don't wish to understand and these are just a few of the facets that will need to be dealt with. These hidden emotions run far deeper than some of the emotions that we covered in forgiveness. These hidden emotions tend to have a far great effect on the rest of our families and friendship circles not to mention the physical devastation that can happen throughout the body as it tries to work through these emotions.

This hidden rage can be compared to a cancer that destroys both the body and spirit and in some instances can even manifest as the actual disease. Wanting revenge and justice as paramount emotions corrupts and impedes the body's ability to heal and remain healthy. This anger can damage healthy organs and can cause a lifetime of pain, suffering and malaise. Mentally, this anger can and will at the very least separate people from those who love and support them. It creates a void within the spiritual self and mind that can multiply until it is an all consuming and malignant physical force that drives people away. This can be especially true for those who come to us wishing to help or those who wish to begin, strengthen or deepen their relationships with us, for they approach us with open hearts and we in turn can be careless and cruel for our rage makes us fear being hurt and misused.

Families and friendship circles are sometimes the only remaining hope that those who go through these events have and depending on their structural strength they can determine whether these relationships will last. Families can be torn apart due to misunderstands and misinterpretations of the events and weaker friendship will sometimes drift away. Others will remain throughout the event and rejoice and celebrate their renewed and strengthened bonds. It is important though to realize that going through these events even if society must change, it is a personal, spiritual change that happens within.

At all times it is important to remember and take notice of our emotional bearings. Turning away from people out of spite, fear or hurt, wishing to see extreme re-balancing of events no matter the cost to others, craving to see the mighty fall, all have serious repercussions for the individuals at the centre of these events and for those who support them through it. These emotional stances play havoc physically, mentally and spiritually. We must recognize the need for balance, the need for calm surrender and the need for forgiveness. Again this forgiveness does not mean that those who were deemed to be in the "wrong" should have continued power over you. It is however, an acknowledgement of participation in the events, a re-balancing of the needs of society and self and a release of the hidden and hurtful energies that we have stuffed inside our bodies and minds.

There is light at the end of all of these events although at the time of the deepest emotions that light might not be visible. Constant and positive affirmations help but they don't get to the heart of these matters and events. Something more is needed and for each individual it is different. A deep commitment to continuing on no matter what, a gentle pride in wearing the scars that these sometimes traumatic events wreck upon us and time to release the hurt and anger all must be developed in such a way that each person finds peace and balance for their own spiritual and physical well-being. This isn't an easy task and in my life, this battle has raged on for close to sixteen years. Now, as it begins to draw to a close in my mind and spirit I know that justice is beginning to happen and that others will benefit from the events that have shaped my being. Now the healing truly begins and I too can now release the last of the deeply hidden hurt and anger.

I bid you peace as you experience your changing sense of justice. Blessings.




Celestite is a beautiful, white to pale blue, translucent crystal. Although it was once easily found it is becoming rarer and with that the cost of obtaining these crystals has started to rise. Traditional deposits of these crystals can be found in Britain, Madagascar, Morocco, Libya and Egypt.

As a tool for physical healing, Celestite works to remove toxins and brings balance to the mind. Celestite has been used for relieving stress induced insomnia and other forms of tension from the body and helps the body to relax. It allows the mind to open to new possibilities and helps provide mental clarity to deal with complex ideas. Celestite is said to aid in healing cuts and bodily trauma while easing pain. It has also been used to improve sight and hearing disorders

Spiritually, Celestite is said to attract good fortune and peacefulness. It contains a high vibrational energy that has heralded it as a "Teaching stone." Celestite allows the user to tap into the angelic realms and access divine knowledge, peace and energies. Celestite is used by many people who are looking for something to open up the lines of spiritual communication quickly. Celestite has been used to recall dreams, facilitate out of body experiences and as a tool for enlightenment.

Celestite should not be cleansed with water as the colour of the crystal may fade. If it must be cleansed allow the Celestite to rest with tumbled hematite crystals with the points facing skyward. Celestite rarely needs to be recharged but can benefit from very brief moments in direct sunlight but care must be taken as the colour can fade if left too long in the sun, so just a minute or two should suffice and not more than once or twice a year if absolutely necessary.


Celestite celestite2



Thoughts for December and January

Autumn is coming to an end and the cold grasp of winter is close at hand. The worsening weather sends us scurrying and we tend to remain close to home and hearth. The celebrations of autumn are finished and the time ahead seems devoid of celebrations except for the Winter Solstice and New Year. Yet December and January bring a special joy to the spiritual heart. Steeped in ancient history and culture we find reason to celebrate through the burgeoning cold, changeable weather and harsh winds.

December is a buzz with preparations for Christmas and the Winter Solstice. Trees are trimmed in bright, shinny bobbles and fragrant aromas of baked goodies spreads through our homes. Yet Christmas and the Winter Solstice have ancient connections that remind us that even though it is cold the light is returning to our lives. The days begin to lengthen and we welcome this celebration with family and close friends. We have spent our time celebrating our victories and healing within the dark time of the year and now we are ready to take on all that the returning light brings to us.

January arrives to start our new year and with it comes new seeds of hope for an ever changing, ever more prosperous year. Although we instinctively know that this is the last of our festive family times until later in the spring. We know and accept that this time of the year is our quiet time to nurture the light that has returned and to begin to see it blossom within our own spirit.

May the upcoming holidays, bring you peace, joy and prosperity.



"Changing Dreams"

"Time ticks by and I peer over my life wondering what happened to my dreams.

I didn't notice them slipping by and with that there is a sense of loss; a sense of loosing who I am.

Yet there is more to see if I were to truly face that loss. The dreams are there but with time they have

matured and become something more durable and more substantial. True some may have slipped away,

but that comes with growing into who I have become, some have changed to become what is needed now.

Others are yet to be reborn for they are the seeds of future dreams and possibilities.

My heart and spirit are gladdened by these revelations, for in them is the promise of new beginnings

and new hope and these are the sustenance that feeds the spirit, the heart and the body.

For now I will rejoice and celebrate my ever changing dreams."

December 2011