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A New Awareness

2012 has been a remarkable year with much more to be experienced. Yet there are many who fear the changes that have already begun. In this newsletter I hope to share, at least an introduction to marvelous new adventures and terminology awaiting us. I ask you to breathe, and to join in the celebration the new age of love that is dawning. Enjoy the compassion, enjoy the peace and find yourself in a place of true grace and calm.

2012 and Beyond - Our Energy Evolution

There has been a lot of talk and speculation about the ending of the year 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Most of it centered on the date the Mayan calendar ends; December 21st. What a lot of people fail to recognize is just how many changes have happened spiritually this year and with even more to come in the months to follow perhaps it's time to organize our thoughts.

Mayan Calendar

Yes the Mayan calendar and the 13th B'ak'tun ends in time for the Winter Solstice. Throughout history, the solstices and equinoxes have held special meaning for all civilizations. Firstly they were a way of dividing the year into understandable segments. Combined with the seasonal changes it allowed for civilization to prosper and grow. With the end of the calendar, fear that the world will end has taken hold. Fear is the driving force behind this need to "duck and run for cover," and some have allowed this fear to grow until they threaten suicide and other rash actions. This solstice really is no different in this regard. What is different, is the reliance on the "end of the 13th B'ak'tun."

For spiritual beings, December 21st, marks a new period of spiritual growth and enlightenment. This indeed will be frightening to many people. People that have depended on the scientific world for stability may be hard pressed to cope with the spiritual waves taking hold. Gifts long hidden, long buried under the fear of censorship and repression, will be and have been clamouring for attention. Recognizing and accepting these gifts will shatter some of the frailer facades that have surrounded those who fear to know more.

All eras and ages of evolution have been about massive periods of industrial, economic and mechanized growth. Periods that changed the world, for the most part, for the better. Of course there is still work to be done but there is an established base of understanding about our world. What changes now is that spiritual and psychic growth will come to the fore. Religion is changing, much to the chagrin of its hierarchy and the reality is that it must if we are to grow into our new potential. This will also effect many of our businesses. The change from greed and the need to amass wealth will shift to a gentler, more even distribution. That isn't to say that this will be a quick change or that poverty will instantly disappear. What it does mean is that our focus is shifting and in many circles that shift has already begun. Some big businesses are flailing and not understanding why. It is part of the adjustment the world and our evolving societies must go through.

Vibrational Energy

Vibrational Energy is a fairly common term heard through many spiritual circles. Changing the vibrational energy is about taking us from our base emotions and into a calm and inner peaceful state that soothes all events. There is a lot of talk about vibrational energy and the energy of manifestation. While we have to trust and act the way we desire our lives to go, vibrational energy changes within us the means of how we react to it. When we begin to vibrate closer to our true being or path, events begin to align and create openings and opportunities to advance our life.

Vibrational energy can sometimes be very difficult to grasp, especially if your mind-set is firmly rooted in science. Atoms don't change. Genes don't change. In scientific terms; vibrational energy changing doesn't seem possible. Yet we as human beings have the ability to heal our bodies, to change the outcome of events and change our perspective. When we allow these vibrational changes to happen we actually can find that we have no desire to revisit emotional turmoil and dramas. They don't serve us and in being immersed in those "lower vibrations" can cause dis-ease and un-ease when we allow our selves to get wrapped up in emotions that we've let go of. It does become more than a mental change. It becomes part of the whole newness that is taking shape within and can and will continue to change as we need it to.

Crystalline Beings

There had been talk in many of the spiritual circles about becoming 'Crystalline.' People nod, seem excited but without full understanding and appreciation for the meaning. Becoming 'Crystalline' is a change in our intuitive, psychic nature. The structure of our emotions, our mental thought process and our intuitive, psychic nature begin to form a firm, solid base on which our lives unfold. Becoming 'Crystalline' includes changing our vibrational energy. To many it also includes using crystals to heal and restructure our bodies into states of health and stability.

The resonance of crystalline people is a strong, sure energy without being overbearing or controlling. Progression in becoming crystalline is synonymous with "walking the talk." These individuals know themselves and others for their true nature. They are determined and intelligent and a driving force to bring an awareness to all beings.

Children of the New Age

There have been a number of terms coined to label these children; Indigo, Crystalline, and others. The truth is that for the last 30 odd years, there has been an ever growing number of people coming into this world who are more aware, more "in tune," and that have a whole new way of communicating. These children have brought with them new concepts of how to communicate. The relish texting, instant messaging and any other forms of communication that are quick, immediate and to the point. Experts spread dire warnings about the lack of correct communication, and that it is becoming a lost art. Yet this is isn't the first generation to believe that communication forms must remain constant. The reality is that over the last 100 years or so communication standards have been altering at a phenomenally fast rate as compared to our historic standards. The early 1900's saw long, flowing formal letters penned. That changed to telegraphs and shorter letters with more familiar guidelines. More changes came and went and telephones began replacing letters. Speed started to become paramount. Information wanted to flow and for the most part people accepted it as convenient. We could still rely on the printed and written word to do business and to communicate in a more formal and strict structure.

Then with the advent of computers, cell phones, and internet barriers seemed to fly apart. Texting started to infiltrate the young minds, instant gratification, instant acknowledgement, instant everything. The complaints from parents echoed everywhere that "kids today don't know how to communicate." What failed to be recognized was that the energy supplied through these instant messages with their abbreviated slang carries for this young generation a whole set of nuances and emotion. These simple blurbs of text now convey to these individuals a whole message while some older, less aware folk stumble and are either amazed or lost within the communication. I've heard people say that they almost fear the children coming in, as they have too much awareness. I have a relative who is dismayed that her granddaughter is acting and living much beyond her 2 year old age. Yet more and more of these children are coming into this world. They know they're purpose. They know how they'll get there. They accept their intuitive, psychic and healing natures. They are here to help those caught in fear to move past the old, strict mind sets; so that as we evolve within this new energy we can be kinder, less fearful and ultimately more connected and in tune with our spiritual sides.

All of these changes while frightening to some bring joy to others. We are beings on the cusp of another evolutionary jump. One not just based on the needs of a few but on the whole of humanity. Our world is changing. We are changing. The star charts are showing alignments and conjunctions that haven't happened for many millennia. A new season of joy and love is dawning. For now our world continue as we know it. Small changes will begin to show and will be felt locally and beyond. Patience will be needed, understanding too. Yet we have the opportunity to be a glorious and divine race of beings who will cherish life and love.

I bid you peace and joy as you celebrate your ever changing spiritual energy. Celebrate your life, love and laughter. Blessings.




Larimar is a "New World" stone. It is only found in a few spots in the Caribbean; the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. A beautiful translucent stone that can range in colour from blue, to blue-green with occasional gray or white veins running though it. Many legends surround the properties of Larimar and have deemed it to have an association with Atlantis. Larimar is also referred to as an "Atlantis Stone." Larimar is a master healing stone due to the enormous amount of energy stored within and how it interacts with our mental, physical and spiritual states of being.

As a tool for physical healing, Larimar is said to help strengthen bones while easing dis-eases of the bone such as arthritis, and some spinal conditions. Larimar is useful for easing muscle aches and some circulation problems. Larimar has been used as a stone of protection from negative energy and will aid it releasing any such energies trapped within the body. On the mind and psyche Larimar can aid in creating a calm, buoyant feeling while releasing self imposed mental and spiritual restrictions. Larimar can also induce a joyful, playful energy into every day living.

Spiritually, Larimar is said to open the channels of communication with all of creation and the Universal Consciousness. Larimar aids in breaking old thought patterns and mind sets to establish new ways of thinking and existing within a spiritual life. Larimar is a stone of limitless and boundless possibilities, like the sea and sky it resembles. Said to be a stone of angelic communication, it can bring peace while new lines of communication open. The vastness of the energy of Larimar can also aid in releasing blocks created by past heart-aches and past-life traumas.

Larimar can be cleansed either weekly or monthly depending on how often it's used, by rinsing in warm running water. Larimar must then be allowed to sit in full sunlight for a minimum of 1 hour.


greenblue-larimar whorls larimar-cut back



Thoughts for December and January

December is a fun month. Spiritually, we prepare to leave the time of spiritual darkness in which we spent our time healing and releasing all of the hurts and joys of the past spiritual year. Our time of aloneness begins to disperse and we prepare to celebrate the returning light both spiritually and physically. In the northern hemisphere our days will soon begin to lengthen although the days and nights are chilled. We prepare to celebrate the return of people and an openness into our lives. We can sense the newness starting to take hold and we become giddy with childlike delight. We celebrate within our hearts and homes with warm food, bright decorations, and festive joy. Allow this joy to take place in your heart, mind and spirit to carry through the next year.

January is our society's new beginning. We, together with our loved ones, celebrate the opportunities that the new year symbolize. Traditionally brought in with cheers, shouts, with good food and good friends and family, it is a time of promise. A promise to try harder, to try something new, to expand and grow in ways that may have only been a dream at one time. It is a time full of opportunity and promise. All available for the taking if we are brave enough to reach for it and to accept the outcomes. This is a time to dream of new adventures, and new experiences. Be open and allow the joy of possibility flow around you and through you.



"Allowing Myself to Change"

"I stand at a precipice. The cold winds of fear whip around me.

The 'Doomsayers' reckon the end of the world is at hand.

Turmoil, strife, war and ancient prophesies haunt the world at each and every turn.

Yet within I will it and I am calm.

The voice of external fears seem to slide away in the buffeting winds.

A joy and an eagerness bubble within me. Excitement takes hold.

The change begins deep within me and my spirit is ecstatic.

The prophesy of the old passing will allow me to shine brighter.

Therefore I will jump whole-hearted off the of precipice!

I will become all that this new world and new way of being demand of me.

I will shine. I will be glorious but mostly I will be blessed within the changes!"



Yet my spirit is joyful and my mind and body try to cope with calm that seems to go against how the world wishes to be seen.

I am not alone yet this is an internal and private struggle to adjust.




December 2012