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A New Awareness

2013 has been an interesting year to say the least. Once again the energies of change are upon us. As 2014 dawns, we may feel a little less sure of ourselves and of the world as a whole and yet there is always the promise that comes with the new year. It will be another year of growth and change. We may not always enjoy the growth that comes to us but have faith. For we as a race are as capable of monumental goodness to balance out that which will shock us. Be at peace my friends and may the new year bring you a bounty of good times, and love.

Inspirational Sayings - Some Points to Remember

We've all seen and heard the wonderful and inspiring sayings and pictures that are floating around on social media and in other places. Sayings that keep us believing that anything and everything is possible, that there is a time for everything, reminding us of worthwhile endeavors for our spirits and of course for letting go and moving on. They are helpful when the stresses of daily life get burdensome and yet there is an interpretation for some of these sayings that can cause grief and unrealistic expectations.

The sayings that quote the sentiments of compassion are well meaning and calming. The problem is that most of us have not been taught about true compassion. We have a rudimentary understanding of the concept of compassion, especially in Western society. For us our understanding has been brought about and reinforced by guilt. Guilt over having while others in the world and even in our own cities and towns do not. Scenes of desolation and destruction are shown and while as compassionate beings we desire to help we must be aware of our emotions. As was stated in an earlier newsletter, compassion is not an emotion, it is a commitment.

Sayings that focus on our connection to the Divine and having faith and trust in our paths can quickly boost our moral and then fade just as quickly. Our faith and trust in the progression of our path and journey and in the steps we must take can be a challenge at the best of times. Yet these simple statements can show us where we have misplaced our trust and beliefs and can even point the way to reconnection the two back into an unshakable faith.

Each of these sayings are comprised of more than one meaning. Yes the words denote a sentiment that most of us wish to be a part of and yet under those words there is another level present. One that is more than inspiring, it is a way to deal with and get through the situation, emotion and drama of current events. That is where our focus needs to be redirected, especially when it comes to letting go.

Sayings that focus on our need to let go can be either the hardest to accept or the easiest to do. There doesn't seem to me much middle ground when it comes to letting go. For each letting go we must look at each situation separately and judge it accordingly. Fortunately letting go of some things can be relatively easy and ultimately freeing to the spirit. However it can become burdensome when it comes into conflict with our path. We have all dreamed of walking away from something, a relationship, a job, or some other drama that continues to play out in our daily lives. There is also a bevy of friends saying the same things that these inspirational quotes say ... just walk away, leave it be. This is where we run into problems.

How do we let go and just walk away when the items that come to mind are the current events of our lives. Can we simply walk away? Not always. We can walk away from the small dramas in our life quite easily but when it comes to jobs and marriages concern for the consequences can be paramount. For some it can be and is their path to experience that ability to change their path on a whim or a spirit driven decision. So what happens to the rest of us, the ones who stick it out, stay until the end because that is our path? This is especially true for those that have a justice theme that runs either through or in the background of their lives. Or if there is an experience that has to be gotten through with certain people.

Some letting go is not a physical letting go, at least not at first, but a release of the emotion that has been building around the situation. We also have to understand that to leave some things unfinished in our path is to cheat our spirit and our personal growth. I have found in past experience that this usually leads to having to face those tough decisions and experiences again at a later date and that can also be far more difficult and exhausting to go through. In instances where we have had to return to an experience at a later time we sometimes find that it is no where near as easy as it would have been. Yet if our spirits were not ready to face it early on we need to believe and understand that buried deep within are the resources to accomplish what needs doing. At that earlier time we were either unwilling or unable to dig deep enough to find those resources. We didn't trust in ourselves or in our abilities so it we had more to experience so that we could know the truth that lives within each of us.

For example:

For years I endured an abusive marriage. I thought my child deserved to have a father in his life. I thought all of the events that occurred were my fault, as was the programming that began in the early stages of our relationship. Over the thirteen years of our marriage the feelings of helplessness grew. As I couldn't find within me the strength to challenge him the universe prompted him to leave and I thought I had escaped.

Yet another abuser took over, my employer. I've begun to journal that abuse on a blog page entitled "A Long Dark Road, an Injured Worker's Story." For an additional fifteen years I felt at a disadvantage to take on this multi-national steel maker, Dofasco now ArcelorMittal Dofasco. After another serious accident and having been forced off work because of the respiratory damage I found the strength to make a stand. I won a judgment for the damages and now face retaliation. In all of this I have decided, finally, that I will value myself, my health and my rights. I have taken a stand and I am exposing what happens to injured employees.

In the early years I had not valued myself to realize what I was capable of. It is only through the efforts and changes that every single incident has brought to my life that I am able to do what I have. I have written two books, yet to be published, but they will be published and it is doubtful that they would have meant as much if I had not endured.

It is easy to see why people would say, give up, just walk away, make the change. The reality is that I would not be the person I am in this instance if I had not gone through these experience. My newsletters and spiritual work would be unnoticed in the wide world's attention. Everything that I have endured and am enduring is proving to me that my path is the right one. There have been many times when I thought I would be better off just to walk away. In those moments I can feel my spirit rise and say that I've come too far to give up now. So I continue, as do others who have chosen this type of path.

So what do we do with these inspirational sayings? Firstly we need to examine where they fit into our lives. No one has the right to tell you to stick with something or to leave. That choice must be your choice and it must be made only when you are ready to make it. Many people have taken these sayings to heart and have had more battles, others have had their lives change for the better. It is only after deep soul searching that you can and will make the choices you need to make. There is one saying that I will agree with, "Everything comes in it's proper time." Occasionally that time never comes but for most of us it does.

I bid you peace as you are inspired and comforted by the inspirational sayings that call to you. Blessings.



Amber (Revisited)

When I began writing about crystals I was aware that I was doing an injustice to the energy of many crystals with my then limited experience. I am therefore going to revisit a number of crystals and give them proper dues.

Amber is everywhere and is available in a myriad of colours! Amber is a resin and not a true crystal and yet it is known to be a powerful healer. It is one of the first Master Healing crystals that people come into contact with. As our world is changing we see more and more people being drawn to it's many healing strengths. The colours of amber range from a pale yellow known as honey, to orange, to reddish-brown or cognac, to white or butter and to green and blue, although some green amber is treated to create the colour. Most amber is obtained from the Baltic areas, including Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Romania and Germany. Amber's history is long and respected. There are reports of amber's healing abilities that date back almost 7000 years.

As a tool for physical healing, Amber strengthens and works on a number of energies in the body, including the heart, lungs, throat, digestive tract and chakra system. Amber has also been used to stimulate and stabilize a body's metabolic rate. As well as treat a number of skin ailments that can be the result of an imbalanced metabolic system. Allergies and asthma can be eased by wearing amber. As an elixir amber is often used to treat infections, wounds and boils. Amber has been effective for rheumatism and has been used to decrease pain by absorption.

Spiritually, Amber aids in allowing the wearer to become decisive and removes the blocks and fears that prevent the spirit from stepping forward. It allows for the clearing of depression and can re-balance our outlook on life and life's events. Amber brings forward wisdom, peacefulness and a higher vibration. Amber aids in promoting a positive outlook and opens the channels of communication making expression of thoughts and ideas easier. Amber can also aid in giving direction to achieving any long held dreams. Amber is also a connection between the earth's energies and the higher energies of the spirit. Long referred to as the Goddess's stone, amber is a strong connection to the life-force of the planet.

Amber should only be cleansed when it begins to cloud over or if it does not warm quickly to your touch. A quick rinse under warm running water is all that is needed and then dry with a soft cloth. Do not expose amber to direct sunlight for long periods of time as it can become brittle.


Honey Amber



Thoughts for December and January

The cold winds blow and while we seek refuge in our homes there is a call to the spirit. It is a call of the Solstice and the returning of the light. This is not only the light of the sun in slowly lengthening days but it is also a light that is meant to renew our spirits, our hearts and our dreams. We bathe our homes and selves with bright colours, shimmering fabrics and festive lights. We gather together with friends and family to celebrate with good food and good times.

Within all of these celebrations our spirits begin to shine anew. We allow ourselves to dream of possibilities with the beginning of the calendar new year. It is at this time that we must allow our imaginations to take flight. With the light of our spirits beginning to shine brighter we can experience and explore new options. These are not bound by small, tentative steps but by leaps of possibility and potential. These are the musings that keep our dreams alive. They feed the spirit to give strength to follow through when the actual planning begins. Yet for now, it is the time of dreams and flights of fancy. Explore your desires and let loose the joys that those dreams present.



"Alight My Spirit"

"The cold winter winds blow and howl.

Yet all is not bleak in this season of chilled winds and snow.

A light comes to life and within my heart my spirit answers with unbridled glee.

This light is changing my world and my perceptions.

It feeds flights of fancy in which my spirit can soar and sing.

This light brings the stirring of desire and dreams.

So I will allow myself to indulge in these dreams, these wonderful stirrings of imagination.

For in my imagination I can recognize and believe that I am Divine and I am empowered to be me.

While the winds howl and the chill grows colder I will soar in the newly begun light.

My spirit will shine and I will accept that I am the light."



December 2013