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A New Awareness

As 2015 draws to a close, our world is being rocked by events that frighten and threaten life. We move to save animals. We move to save our planet and our environment. We now need to move toward become our reality; one race of beings that live, grow, and support each other. Fear is the great immobilizer, yet we have the potential and the promise within us to make this world whole and safe.


Cocooning is a term usually used for when someone returns to the other side and it involves a deep separation that the spirit needs to readjust, to heal, and to process the lessons learned from their life. Yet there are other times as well when we seek the comfort of cocooning and all the precious healing that occurs even when alive. The recent events of extremist attacks and bombings have left people feeling un-tethered and adrift. So perhaps understanding the healing we can do within our cocoons will be of use to help us get through.

Cocooning After Death

Being cocooned after death is when most people think about when the term is used. It describes the events once a soul returns home. Before reviewing and looking objectively at the journey just completed the soul needs time to adjust and heal. Every life has trauma, hurt, abuse or neglect at some time and all of these along with the joys of love, family and friends are all given a chance to be understood and incorporated into the soul's slow perfection. It also allows the soul time to acclimate to the realm of The Other Side and all of the connected emotions and knowledge that flows throughout it.

Cocooning Before Life

As the time approaches for a soul to reincarnate it again enters once into a cocoon stage. This stage is necessary to the soul's return. It allows time for the path to be put in place and the connectedness begins to fade. The cocooning that happens here is usually shorter span of time. Spirit orbs can sometimes be seen coming to rest where energy and life are evident. Slowly these orbs grow denser and the cocooning begins until such the time when the spirit flows out into the forming body.

Cocooning before and after physical life are necessary stages that help with the transition between realms. Yet cocooning happens on an everyday level and sometimes goes far beyond our simple expectations.

Cocooning At Home

Weather and world events will cause us to seek to cocoon at home. It is our sanctuary for the most part and where our hearts tell us we should be safe. We close the doors and windows tight against any storm that rages. Whether that storm is emotional, a natural or man-made disaster, a trauma, or the weather, our reaction is the same. Hunker down, hold tight to those we love and depend on until we find our strength and footing again to face the world. Even if our everyday lives are spent alone, there is something every soul finds comforting about being cocooned at home.

This is also the reason that the initial distrust of someone or something that is different comes from. The fear that many of these events create can cause us to want to close off everything. We begin to think only of our needs and we fear the chance to help others out of fear that no one will take care of us. When our homes are taken from us because of war or disaster the sense of loss and abandonment is very real and very large. It can shatter family units or it can unite them with a stronger bond but need for a home that will shelter will remain every soul's dream.

Cocooning As A Community

Cocooning as a community can be an odd thought. Until we talked about cocooning at home, we saw cocooning as a private event and for just our own good even if we did expand it to include our close loved ones. When we come together as a community to cocoon and shelter amazing things can happen and change. Recent attacks by extremists have proven this. After some of the most horrific events of peace time, communities and even the world has begun to move into a new direction and a new sense of awareness is beginning to grow. Our circle of cocooning widens with each hug, with each thought of standing together, with each change and redirection toward love and connection our cocoon spreads. It brings a sense of calm and healing that happens at a much quicker pace and covers a far greater area. It allows others to come out from their private cocoons to find that the world spirit will come together for mass healing. It will hold our hands until we are strong enough to stand freely with others. It is the beginning of accepting our full humanity no matter our ethnicity, or our gender, or anything else for that matter.

Yes we have seen the fear both from those who have experienced the terror as well as from those who fear the repercussions of helping others. Yet we know deep within us that there is room for all and resources for all. These are the lessons the world herself must experience and we have little choice but to come together to cocoon ourselves, our societies, our humanity and our planet as we share our lives together.

I bid you peace as you find your strength and healing within the cocoons of your choice. Blessings.



Lepidolite (Revisited)

Lepidolite is a common crystal. Lepidolite is usually purple or pink in colour and can be mottled or striated in structure. Most Lepidolite comes to us from the United States, Brazil, Madagascar, and the Dominica Republic. Lepidolite is one of a number of master crystals for healing both spiritually and physically.

As a tool for physical healing, Lepidolite is a wonderful crystal to place near computers and other electronic devices. Lepidolite has the ability to absorb electromagnetic pollution in and around your home. Lepidolite has been used successfully to treat allergies and to strengthen the body's immune system. When placed on a dis-eased area, Lepidolite can sometimes be felt vibrating as it realigns the energies and heals. This will at times also help to restructure DNA whether for healing or symptom relief. Lepidolite also has been used to treat exhaustion and is used under a pillow at night as a sleep aide. When used in a gem elixir, Lepidolite can decrease the symptoms of menopause but please consult a person who specializes in elixirs and their effects. Lepidolite has also shown some promise in treated neurological and joint pain.

Spiritually, Lepidolite is a crystal of spiritual movement and growth. Lepidolite can help calm the spirit through some of the major life events that impact our spiritual well being. Lepidolite opens the channels for major spiritual changes. It can open the Akashic records during shamanic and astral travels. Lepidolite can be a very effective as a sleep aid, simply place under the pillow to have restful sleeps. Lepidolite can help release and deal with addictive, emotional, dependant, and psychological patterns that can be ingrained.

Lepidolite should be cleansed monthly by running under warm water. It should then be allowed to rest in full sun for a couple of hours, preferably with tumbled hematite.




Thoughts for December & January

The chill winds of winter are upon us. The need to be within a safe place calls to our souls. The last of the dark days start December and we instinctively seek our shelter. Yet the need for shelter competes for our attention as the returning light also calls to us. No matter our spiritual rites or practices, it is our souls that sing when we see the bright lights and preparations for the coming change. It begins to build excitement and anticipation, even when we know we will not always get to see the people who bring joy to our lives. We warm and brighten our homes and we bring our loved ones a chance at respite within our light, joining together and building the energy of calm and peace, happiness and joy.

Even after the celebrations end the revived energy lingers and the light itself begins to allow us to see potential courses for the coming year. Where will our dreams and desires take us? Our soul knows and ideas and the changes needed begin to form in our hearts and minds. We will over the next couple of months, plan, dream, and explore new ideas that we wish to see manifest this year. May the Yule and New Year bring you blessings, bounty, and abundance.



"I Will Stand"

"The world shook today and many souls cried.

My heart wept for the sorrow and loss.

Yet it brings a change and the world grows a little closer.

We stand together.

I too will stand and will not let fear be my ruler.

I will stand with my humanity and my compassion.

I will reach out and support others to stand and face their fears.

Together we are stronger, we are more and we can face anything.

So today, I will stand."


December 2015