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A New Awareness

As 2016 draws to its end we find ourselves surrounded by uncertainty, injustices, and a world in need of care. Our challenges have at time been tumultuous and disheartening and yet wonder, joy, grace, and generosity of spirit still prevails. Life is a continuous changing energy. I bid you blessing for our season of returning light and for the New Year. May your life be filled with blessings and love.

When Spirit is Silent

Silence. There are times when silence is a burden and times when it is the respite we need. Silence in the outside world seems a blessing. It is in this silence we can hear nature and be present to the Earth and her needs. We become attuned to the living world and we can find our grounding and return to a balanced life. Outer silence is the realm of earth and of living in balance.

Then we have inner silence. We have experienced this in our private time with the Divine, whether through prayer or through meditation. In silence we seek our answers or guidance of some sort. We trust that in that inner silence we can commune with our guides and loved ones, access our scripts, find some bearing on our next direction, and recover enough energy to carry onward. We understand that on this plane when we choose to be silent, we are seeking information.

What happens when there is no guidance and no answers? We have come to trust in our spiritual supports always being present and assisting us but there are times when they seem silent, distant, and we can find little to no guidance from our normal source. As spiritual beings we know that they are ever present. Yet at those times when they must step back and be silent we fall in to the trap of thinking we are suddenly alone, suddenly without support, and even sometimes without love. When spirit becomes silent it can be a frightening time if you haven't experienced it before. It can even be a bit unnerving for those who have experienced it.

Have you heard the expression "deafening silence"? When we watch television or movies those moments of absolute stillness and silence lend emphasis to the plot and the actions that surround it. Basically something big or unexpected is about to happen. In our spiritual life, when we reach a time of deafening silence we know that the changes that are happening will have a huge impact in our lives and our evolution as spiritual seekers. Many of these changes do not happen overnight but the silence we experience can be prolonged and that's when doubt creeps in.

Spiritual silence can happen two ways; either spirit steps back or we put up wall to silence them.

When spirit steps back and remains silent we are usually at a crossroads on our journey. The decisions that must be made are ours alone and we are called on to use our own resources, our own knowledge and our own experiences to choose the next part of our journey. Once our decision has been made and we actively begin moving in that direction the spiritual silence usually breaks and buoyancy of love and support come through like there was no disruption. This is a normal pattern that may be experienced many times in our lives.

However there are times when we choose to be cut off and to silence the voices of support, usually when we experience a great loss, hurt, anger, or pain. We enter into a living cocoon of silence when we feel we can't deal with the emotions or demands in our lives. When we feel that we are abandoned or burdened beyond understanding we will force the withdrawal until we can spend the time to sort through our responses. This is where we run into problems.

It is far to easy to get stuck in this silence and it can be difficult to break through those barriers to be able to hear again. Many times we try to be selective about what we hear. Perhaps we don't want to hear from that loved one that passed too soon or we don't want to hear that we aren't being as forgiving as we could be, or we don't want to be the only one who moves or who has to act and so on. Whatever the reasons we find ourselves in conflict within the silence. Within the silence we are alone and we fight to not be alone. We want, need, and search for answers but we don't want to listen or to work on them because we feel overburdened by the toll they've taken. We short change our own abilities because of we feel at fault or guilty about the events. We want answers but not at the cost of being exposed and open to the emotions of everyone else.

Like all times of silence, these spiritual silences must end too. We must eventually move. It isn't in the human spirit or nature to not explore ideas and the possibility hidden within. We can welcome the support when we hear it and feel it. We know it is there even in the quietest moments. Most of all we know that we can make it through the silence and come out stronger and more sure of our journey.

I bid you peace as you work through those times of spiritual silence. Blessings.



Coral (Revisited)

Coral is often overlooked as a crystal and yet many cultures and societies have valued coral. Coral comes from the tropical zones, with many locales now restricting the harvesting and collection. Most Coral comes from the Mediterranean, Australia, Africa, Japan, and Canary Islands. Coral has been prized for its beauty, protection, and healing since ancient times. Coral can range in colour from pink, red, white, and black. Pieces of Coral have been found in Egyptian tombs for protection for evil spirits, especially prized for this was Red Coral due to the belief that the red colouring was divine blood. Greek mythology has the blood of Medusa falling into the waters of the Mediterranean creating the Coral reefs there.

As a tool for physical healing, Coral can aid in a number of ailments. Red Coral is said to strengthen blood and circulatory systems. Black coral is said to aid in bringing all of the dark hidden emotions to the surface so they can be acknowledged and released. All coral is symbolic of life and can aid in the formation of new tissue throughout the body. For menopausal women Coral helps to prevent osteoporosis and for children it can help the body to build strong, healthy bones.

Spiritually, Coral is a stone of protection. Coral can help repel negative energy without loss of energy to the body. Coral helps individuals to build healthy relationships in business and in life. Coral also helps improve the perception of family love and bonding. Coral can help the emotional responses of envy and resentment so that it is possible to work on actual issues. Coral helps people interact within group and partnership activities.

Coral should be cleansed once a month by placing in a bath of salted water or resting in a bowl of sea salt.

Red Coral



Thoughts for December & January

We've finally come to the dark of our spiritual year and joyfully we begin to plan for the returning Light. We've shed old regrets and losses with the thinning veil between October and November. The memory of joy remains and we have allowed the grief to begin evolving in to a form of support with the knowledge that nothing is really lost to us for ever. We can now begin to open ourselves to the quiet, gentle support from our guides and passed loved ones. We can even find a reason or two to celebrate the returning Light and the promise that comes with it. We find a reason to avoid the trappings of excess and find comfort from the simple pleasures of warm homes, joyful times with friends and family, and the warmth that comes from the simple displays of love and goodwill the season kindles in all of us.



"At the Edge"

"I come to a precipice. What comes next?

Step forward and into an immense and terrifying unknown?

Yet as I look back I see there is nothing there for me any longer.

For even though there was joy, there was also sorrow and grief.

My losses were great and weighed heavily against my heart and spirit.

Now those losses will be my greatest support!

For in the quiet and stillness of that precipice their voices can finally be heard.

A quiet whisper of support;

"I'm here with you. I believe in you. I will stand with you in all things."

The love that is offered through this whisper buoys my spirit upward.

Resolution, joy, and love abide with me.

So, as I stand here at this terrifying precipice .. I will step forward surrounded by love. "


December 2016