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A New Awareness

As another year comes to an end and a new one begins we find ourselves at a crux of change. Whether the change is good or not, whether we agree or disagree, we must commit to being the best we can be. Not only for ourselves and our families and friends but for our communities, our cities and our world. Yet our spirits are embracing newness and a reason to trust in the building of our awareness. We can grow and become the best that our spirits need us to be. We must learn to shine.


It's December and the season of giving and light is in full swing. We have donation boxes and kettles everywhere and in light of the season we find it easier to open our hearts and wallets to those charities that help those who suffer during this season. We spend time and resources searching for the perfect gift or meals for those we will share the season's gatherings with. Within the rush and the hustle and bustle we feel complete in spreading what joy we can and we sometimes push past perceived boundaries. This is the generosity of the season in all of its glory.

Yet before and after the season we tend to tighten our purse strings against those that need. We lack the joy of the season to be more open to the needs of others. We acknowledge our own lack and it can harden our hearts against those who are also struggling. We may be fighting to keep our homes and families together so we struggle to see the full need of others because our needs are paramount. There isn't anything wrong with this perception but we must be aware of universal struggles. Its easy for people to say "I don't have, so why should you?" Even if these are not fair comparisons our minds tell us that it doesn't matter. This is the ego's response to finding or feeling a lack whether real or imagined. The world has changed drastically since we were young so comparisons loose perspective.

Once we find ourselves lucky enough to finally have the flow restored we can find that our hearts do harden a bit in fear that the bounty will dry up and it can make us seem a little more hard-hearted than we would normally be. Yet unlike charity, generosity comes as a deeper release of fears, hurts, and doubts. Generosity isn't about giving everything away or giving till it hurts although to listen to most people that is exactly what they expect. Generosity is about trust and a gracious release of the fears that society has placed into our minds and hearts.

Our expectations can fuel our generosity when we understand the pressures of ego and society. Within the concept of enough there is enough for everyone but the demands of a few with the ability to sway our thoughts against those that lack continues to feed our fears that we too will be in a situation of lack and loss. Those without in most societies usually lack the ability to make their needs known to the population at large but it doesn't change the need or our ability to seek balance.

Yet if you spend time with those we see as lacking, their sense of generosity goes beyond what most people would expect. They don't see the lack as a reason to be miserly or cruel to others. They don't fear loosing what they don't have. They can and willingly do share from their hearts so that the suffering is lessened for all. In their state of lack is a balance of understanding the generosity that comes from being open and fair.

While this may not be as prevalent as we wish we can still work at our own generosity. As with all spiritual growth letting go of our fears and programming can be difficult and generosity is no different. Our fears are real to us and yet they rarely come to fruition the way we imagine the worst. Fear makes us want to stay within the framework we've established and outside forces can seem unfair and unrealistic to us while we hold tight. In reality all we can do is slowly release the hold that these fears have on us. Yet it is best if it does not allow us to be blind to events as they unfold. We are one race of beings; all with a story and a path to walk in this life and to ease the suffering with a little generosity can go a very long way.

I bid you peace as you rediscover the balance within a generous life. Blessings.




Epidote is an interesting stone to use for healing and has many purposes. Epidote comes from Australia, Canada, China, Russia, Argentina, Brazil and the United States. Most specimens are a combination of red jasper and green Epidote. When specimens are mostly Epidote the colour can range from pale yellowish-green to almost black. Epidote was well known to the ancient Greeks and due to the combination of stones the idea that what formed together should stay together. Legend has it that the bearer of Epidote will be the finder of lost and misplaced items.

As a tool for physical healing, Epidote primarily supports and strengthens all of the body's functions and the immune system. Epidote is especially favoured for healing after long or serious illnesses as it supports a strengthening the underlying physical weakness. Epidote can aid the digestive system and body's metabolism. Epidote has also been used in strengthening the respiratory tract and elimination of phlegm.

Spiritually, Epidote brings clarity to situations and attitudes. Epidote enhances and strengthens perception and stimulates participation and interaction. Epidote can aid in handling sorrows and working through the grieving process. Epidote can aid with feelings of self-worth and self-pity as its strength is in bringing together thoughts into balance and understanding. Those beginning their spiritual journey and growth can benefit from using Epidote as part of the strengthening commitment to themselves and their psyche.

Epidote should be cleansed regularly under running water. Recharging of Epidote should be done monthly by allowing the crystal to rest with rock crystals.





Thoughts for December & January

The cold winds blow and while we seek refuge in our homes there is a call to the spirit. It is a call of the Solstice and the returning of the light. This is not only the light of the sun in slowly lengthening days but it is also a light that is meant to renew our spirits, our hearts and our dreams. We bathe our homes and selves with bright colours, shimmering fabrics and festive lights. We gather together with friends and family to celebrate with good food and good times.

Within all of these celebrations our spirits begin to shine anew. We allow ourselves to dream of possibilities with the beginning of the calendar new year. It is at this time that we must allow our imaginations to take flight. With the light of our spirits beginning to shine brighter we can experience and explore new options. These are not bound by small, tentative steps but by leaps of possibility and potential. These are the musings that keep our dreams alive. They feed the spirit to give strength to follow through when the actual planning begins. Yet for now, it is the time of dreams and flights of fancy. Explore your desires and let loose the joys that those dreams present.



"I Opened"

" I opened my eyes to a bright new day and to the potential within it.

I opened my mind to the possibilities held within the rising sun and my dreams.

I opened my arms to embrace those I love and those in need.

I opened my body to the touch of love, healing and well-being.

I opened my ears to those who suffer and struggle.

I opened my heart to the world and became one with it.

I opened myself to a newness of spirit and life.

I opened all to become a beacon of light and open I shall remain."


December 2018