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A New Awareness

As another year comes to an end and a new one begins we find ourselves wondering just where are world is headed. Our emotions are running at an all time high and we seem more and more unable to control them. Our temperament doesn't match where and what we thought our lives would be. The normal supports that have worked for us no longer hold much potential. Yet still potential and promise abound if we pay attention.

Fear of Change, Loss and Awareness

How strange and menacing our world seems to be becoming. We are used to hearing about strife and turmoil but these have always been remote or at least removed from most of our everyday life. Yet here we stand on the cusp of a new year with raging fears tearing apart what we believed to be carved in stone or at least that's what we seem to see. But what is this really?

We are awakening; we know this. We know that there will be plenty of uncomfortable changes that need to be made. Many of us are making those changes in our own lives. We know that there is rampant injustice and those that suffer are made to suffer more by those who do not wish to understand or empathize. Even more of that suffering has been done in silence or in fear that the small benefits given will be stripped away and yet it is now being exposed to the populace at large. Shock and disbelief abound that we have deteriorated so far in our humanity. Our understanding of what we thought we were as a people, as a community, as a society, as humans, and as beings of light, is being challenged. We are being challenged to be better and more.

It can be very difficult for us to face this part of ourselves. This is bringing forward our darkest thoughts and actions. Those that have, begin denying that those who lack even matter, and they begin to see these fights as attacks against them personally. The right to question, or state an opposing thought brings rash and harsh treatment, with threats that would not have been part of normal social conversations. Children are fighting for their survival when they need protection, joy, and time to grow and learn. It no longer seems to matter if the concern has merit, the fact that someone said something negative about a situation and or character is tantamount to treason and shame and ridicle becomes part of our language.

We chastise those who are aware for they bring a truth some would rather not hear. We yell when different opinions are expressed and divide our society even further. Still the harshness of this time does bring benefits. These may seem small and trivial by some but they all contain potential for change, justice, patience, and a return to balanced way of being. But nothing changes overnight. We've travelled a long way down a dark and dangerous path of division and blind belief.

Yet if we stop for a even just a moment and allow ourselves to breathe, just a bit, we can slow the downward spiral and see the truth of where we really are. We get to see that the things that needed to be exposed, and we can move forward to repair and heal our communities. We can also move forward to help those who have been forgotten, hurt, and misused. It calls to us to be accountable and better than we've become. We have a long history of co-operation to grow and sustain a flourishing society and we can return to this when we stop allowing blind fear and blind faith to rule our actions and thoughts.

I bid you peace as you work through the storms of change, and as growth begins to embrace the reality of our humanity. Blessings.




Tektite is an unusual crystal that is rare to find. A gift from the stars, Tektite is formed from meteorite impacts. Finding a Tektite crystal is considered to be good luck. Tektite is seen as a crystal of protection and magic as it is a rare gift. It has been seen as a token of Divine love and protection that bodes well for future and further success. As a gift from the universe Tektite is a powerful, master healing stone with a high amount of vibrational energy that can benefit the body, mind, and spirit.

As a tool for physical healing, Tektite is very useful for dispelling and working through depression and situations that may seem overwhelming. Tektite has a relaxing and restful energy that can calm the nervous system and any ill effects of too much stress. Tektite has the ability to strengthen the body and helps with recovery from accidents and illnesses.

Spiritually, Tektite is a great tool for psychic connection and communications as it heightens the ability to sense and use these energies. Tektite can ease the process of astral travel and connection to the akasic records. It also increases the awareness of synchronicity and the frequency of them. Tektite has the ability to aid in discerning the truth behind situations and in accumulating information to make decisions based on insight and understanding. Tektite will aid in holding fast to the determination and will-power to acheive the dreams and passions of our paths. Tektite also helps us to trust the divine as we grow ever closer.

Tektite does not discharging or cleaning like most crystals. Tektite's bond with a person will become stronger the more contact between them.





Thoughts for December & January

The light returns and our spirits can once again begin to rejoice. In December we start to come out of the dark of the year and the festivities we plan are simply a physical reminder that our time in the dark healing is coming to an end. We are ready and willing now to make the shifts within our thoughts to embrace a new beginning. The Solstice brings a change to our days. Slowing growing in length once again we can see promise and potential arising out of the dark. Like our spirits after being wrapped and held within the bonds of healing love we physically begin to stretch as we prepare to let our spirits soar in the renewed light

With the New Year beginning soon after we set forth the intentions of our minds and spirits to become a seed for growth and change in our own lives. Potential and promise abound everywhere and can be found in every thought and whisper that crosses our path. The embrace of loved ones sets us free and allows us to acknowledge that we are not alone for this journey.




"Changing Awareness"

"The world looks the same.

The people look the same.

Yet something is very different.

Voices clamouring for change, for newness, for possibility and potential.

They call to my senses

It demands that I open my senses fully to the living world,

but it wants more, much more.

I am called to open my heart, my soul and my light.

I am called to be aware.

Not just of my own doings

but to that of the world and all who live here.

It is a call to awareness and I will answer. "



December 2019