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A New Awareness

Our emotions are running at an all time high and we seem more and more unable to control them. Our temperament doesn't match where and what we thought our lives would be. The normal supports that have worked for us no longer hold much potential. Yet still potential and promise abound if we pay attention.


Many times in our journey we will inevitably encounter many events and disturbances that we will have to deal with. We tend, at these times, to retreat to known habits and thoughts for comfort. Whether through a perception we've learned along the way or whether it was programmed by society's conventions of acceptability, we all inherit a set of criteria that oversees our reactions.

The coping mechanisms and actions we select can only be based on what we know. When we encounter a threat it can seem overwhelming and create huge fears of loss, illness, and desperation. Even the most rational people can become demanding, and argumentative and the longer a crisis continues the meaner and more fearful people can become. Rationale no longer serves its purpose.

There are times when we can allow a weakness, physical or emotional, to show but to have that weakness worsen and to have to face unwanted changes can make coping, and functioning more difficult. Even as an outside observer we make judgment calls when we see people struggling. This can trigger either some self-saving mechanisms that we've been taught or it can trigger a need to be of assistance and a force for change.

Here the world sits in the grips of a global health concern and we can see how everything uncomfortable has grown to proportions most people would have thought a gross exaggeration. We hear people calling for a return to normal while normal left many disadvantaged and the disadvantage has grown to encompass more and more people, spreading fear and anger. We face increasingly worrisome news and it can test our resolve to be kind, caring, empathetic, and compassionate. These events on our televisions, in our communities, and most other forms of communication can become a source of fear and anxiety and can divide a community to its very core. So how do we cope? How do we work through the strife we see at almost every turn?

We need to stop and to really take stock of our lives. Not the casual overview we tend to do when first shocked by events but we really need to dig into our emotional responses and needs and then to escape our own limited field of sight. Its easy in times like these to demand that our own needs are met first as the fear of being unable to fend for ourselves or of left behind creates a disabling fear. We need to shift our focus to our health and the health of our community and that includes all of the members.

If nothing else this health crisis has created a rift that is allowing us the unique opportunity to grow and to become the people that we have always believed ourselves to be. We can be the kind, compassionate, and empathetic people that our spirits need. We can take a breath and take the time to look at our options. We can allow our light and our care and concern to radiate out to those in need and in turn back to ourselves. We need to witness that growing sense of light that comes back to us for it gives us something to build with and to brace against when things get rough once again. Our spirits require us to be of service to ourselves and our communities which is the work of the Divine.

I bid you peace as you take the time to work through these challenges. Blessings.




Strombolite is a stone of cosmic connection, joy, and force. Strombolite comes to us from the southern United States, specifically New Mexico. Strombolite belongs to the Spurrite group of crystals. Strombolite is known as a catalyst for change and for transformation. The Strombolite can a purple-grey to violet and deeper purple with streaks of calcite visible.

As a tool for physical healing, Strombolite is used strengthen and boost the lungs, and cardiovascular systems. Strombolite is also beneficial for aiding the brain in memory retention, and in normal function. It is can support the pineal gland and pituitary glands and help balance the body while releasing stress. Strombolite can also be beneficial to opening up our emotions and can bring about a greater understanding of the needs of others. Strombolite can also aid in clarifying situations and in finding constructive ways to explore change. Strombolite can assist in dealing with loss, grief, and depression. It can also aid in helping to relax to find the joy and even humour in all situations.

Spiritually, Strombolite is great for meditative and visualization activities. Strombolite has a strong connection to Source and to the divine humour that is available once we can see past our struggles. It can aid in connecting to our spirit guides and aides to get through new and challenging situations. Strombolite is said to help with dream recognition and can provide a clearer path to Source. It also helps families find familiar and lasting cohesiveness to work through turmoil and return to a state of love.

To cleanse Strombolite rinse under warm water and allow to recharge in direct sunlight.



Strombolite with Calcite


Thoughts for December & January

The chill winds of winter are upon us. The need to be within a safe place with our loved ones calls to our souls. The last of the dark days start December and we instinctively seek our shelter. Yet the need for shelter competes for our attention as the returning light also calls to us. No matter our spiritual rites or practices, it is our souls that sing when we see the bright lights and preparations for the coming change. It begins to build excitement and anticipation, even when we know we will not always get to see the people who bring joy to our lives. We warm and brighten our homes and we bring our loved ones a chance at respite within our light, joining together and building the energy of calm and peace, happiness and joy.

Even after the celebrations end the revived energy lingers and the light itself begins to allow us to see potential courses for the coming year. Where will our dreams and desires take us? Our soul knows and ideas and the changes needed begin to form in our hearts and minds. We will over the next few months, plan, dream, and explore new ideas that we wish to see manifest this year.

May the Yule and New Year bring you blessings, bounty, peace, and abundance.




"The world and demands weigh heavy against my dreams, desires and ability.

The days seem frought with fear and an excess of information and emotion.

So much needs changing, so much needs healing, so much need everywhere.

Fear and emotion seem to rule the day and I am so weary of it.

Yet within is resilience, a patient, growing feeling of concern and caring.

Today I will take my weary self into my care and nurturing just as I've taken others.

Today I will face my fears and concerns so that I can see the world anew.

Today I will concentrate on the needs of my heart, mind, body, and spirit.

I will regrow my strength, my kindness and my abilities.

I will be weary no more."


December 2020