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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.


Worthiness .... ask about the meaning of the word and everyone will have a different idea. It is something that we sometimes are jealous of, or something that we can easily apply to other but strangely we never seem to offer it inwardly to ourselves, at least not very often.

Basically "Worthiness" is being worthy. Being worthy of what ... of everything that enhances the spirit and the heart. Of course the intangible ones are again the big ones. We are worthy of unconditional love. We are worthy of unconditional acceptance and respect. We are worthy of gentle touches and soft spoken, kind, loving words. We are worthy of boundless joy and we are worthy of peace. We are worthy of being; as we are as long as we allow others the same joys and peace.

Society has a habit, even well-meaning friends or not so well-meaning friends of saying "Who do you think you are to have or to do ....", "What makes you or them so special?" "Where do they get off doing ...." and on and on the liturgy of snubs and put downs goes on. Then there are those who are famous and wealthy .... they endure more criticism and a lot of it from people they don't even know. "How could so-and-so have that much money and only give that little bit away" "They stole that idea from another company and look they made millions or billions." "Look they're only doing ... for publicity."

Every action, every reaction is judged against what we are willing to accept as our own worthiness. If during your child-hood you heard "That's nice dear but that isn't something for people like us ..." or you were told someone was "getting on their high horse and would have be brought down a notch or two.." These were the judgments that we learned to base our own worthiness against. Through-out the course of our lives we restrict what we deem appropriate as our worth.

As a healer coming into and accepting my power, this has been one of the lessons I've had to learn. In sharing my joy of what was to come I was on the other end of someone else's judgment of my worthiness with comments like "Who do you think you are when I've been doing this for years?" or "Do you think that's really appropriate?" Then adding to the battle was my own ego ... as to whether what I am choosing to relinquish of myself is worth the change I'll create or what is equitable for the work I do. To know that there is a growing period made the transitions easier for the ego.

When the spirit understands what it is worthy of achieving, wonderful things begin to happen however it is the ego that can sabotage the best laid plans. The ego doesn't always want the best ... it wants what it deems us worthy of. We can introduce the ego to our full worthiness but we must remember to ease it along like a petulant child, that isn't sure if it will like the change. We must prove to it and to ourselves that we are indeed worthy.


I bid you joy on your journey to discover your worth for you are magnificent. Blessings.



Andalusite (Chiastolite)

Originally discovered in Spain, Andalusite has had a long history as a healing stone. Andalusite is a rarer stone in that is is only found in a few places world-wide; Spain, California USA, and Australia. Andalusite was renowned in ancient times for it's effectiveness. Depending on how the stone is cut and polished it may shine as a lovely golden yellow or it may display a very distinct cross formation which is actually a graphite inclusion in the stone. The cuts that show the cross or "X" is also known as Chiastolite. I have also seen these stones referred to as "faery stars" or "faery crosses".

As a healing stone Andalusite is very effective on the psyche as it can encourage a person to begin discovering themselves and help them in finding their independence. It is a wonderful aid for working through depression. Andalusite also benefits the portion of the brain that deals with memory. On the physical plane, Andalusite works well to help control muscle spasms and erratic nerve impulses and has even been said to reverse nerve paralysis as well as joint and muscle paralysis.

As a stone for psychics and healers it can be wonderful addition to your collection. Its effects on the brain can aid in removing energy blockages and can help you focus on solutions rather than the problems. It is also beneficial for the heart work and for work on the Solar Plexus; since this is where we hold are pain and traumas.

To clean Andalusite place it in a stream of warm running water and then charge in bright sunlight.




The celebration of the Candlemass or Imbolc is an ancient mid-seasonal celebration. It marked a time when the lengthening days began to be more noticeable. It was normally celebrated on February 2; our Ground Hog Day. It was traditionally a time when farmers would begin the work of deciding on which crops would be planted, which would hold the most potential for the coming growing season. So it is a time for us to look at the seeds of our life and to prepare to plant those that hold the most potential for us.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

Allow us to see the potential of our dreams and of ourselves.

Allow us to see the seeds of greatness within each person we meet.

Show us how best to bring these seeds of potential into actual achievements not just for our own good but for the good of all."

Blessed be.



The celebration of the Spring Equinox is the start of our spring season. Now we begin to feel the warmth of the sun. This year the Spring Equinox occurs on March 20th. Early spring flowers bloom and the world and our lives vibrate with a growing life force as warmth returns.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

Help us to use the strengthening warmth of the sun

to bring into being that which we desire,

Allow us to welcome new abundance and life into our

daily lives and remind us we are worthy of great things."

Blessed be.



"My Well of Silence "

"His laughter caught my heart. His joy invaded my sorrowful heart as I swung in a hammock beneath the pines under the blue.

I felt the sky astir with His presence moving through me. My body became still; my power of silence dug into my bosom until a bottomless well sprang up.

The bubbling waters of my well clamored and called all thirsty things around me to come and drink of my inspirations. Suddenly the vast blue pouted and plunged its blue lips into the well of my heart. The pines, the sailing clouds, the mountains, earth and the planets put their mouths into the well of my bliss. All things in creation drank of me. Then, satisfied, they plunged into the waters of my immortality. Their gross bodies touched the transmuting pool of my soul and became purified and luminous. Just as grains of sugar dissolve in a pot of sparkling water, so the cloudlets, tall hills, scenic beauties, stars, lakes, world, brooklets of laughing minds, long winding rivers of ambitions of all creatures traveling along many trails of incarnations -- all melted in the ocean of my all-dissolving silence."


From Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda