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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Belief and Trust Become Faith

Belief is another of those good feelings that are easy to find when things are going well in our lives. We can find ways to trust that everything will turn out the way we perceive and desire it. We can feel our connection to God/Goddess/Source and we believe that we are loved and protected. Our "trust factor" is directly associated to how much we feel we can believe. Belief and Trust behave within a very similar mind set as Gratitude and Joy but there are some differences that can have a greater affect our spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

Our belief and trust systems then run straight into the world's path and the paths of everyone else we come into contact with. These seem to upset the "delicate" balance we believe our lives to be based on. We believe we see others moving forward, gaining rewards we thought were ours or were something we desired. The comparisons begin and our trust and belief in our selves and in our inner knowledge begins to falter. A sense of panic begins to set in and we start to feel trapped and if we aren't careful even a sense of depression can start to overwhelm us. We begin to feel left behind and therefore abandoned, even by those we trust. We loose sight of our goals because we believe someone has taken something of value from our life path. The perception of not moving forward can challenge our sense of belief and trust, even though things are moving as they must. That is not to say change isn't occurring however our outward focus does not allow us to see our own progression. We can't or won't judge our own progress because we doubt our own worth or we've persuaded ourselves that we are "meant to suffer at the hands of others". When we falter so dramatically in our belief and trust, we begin to see the rise of self-fulfilling prophesy.

Self-fulfilling prophesy can either be good or be bad depending on how it is expressed. We've all uttered some rendition of a self-fulfilling prophesy at one time or another. Lines that include "All my life I'm going to have to put up with ..." or "... or I'll die trying" or "... even if it kills me" or "if I have to suffer so will they..." and so on. We've all said them and for the most part we use them as an expletive instead of a prophesy. However they do have the potential to become a self-fulfilling prophesy as we continue to banter home the though processes of having to suffer to acquire anything or that suffering is required for change to occur.

I was once talking with a group of women about the path that had opened before me as a healer and our talk had included comments about eventually loosing weight and changing my perception of my health at the time. Laughingly I had included in my enthusiasm "or I'll die trying." In my mind, the phrase echoed that this would be an exercise in will-power and determination, not actual death since I have a full life to be lived ahead of me. However the response I got from one of the women was an extremely stern and unsmiling "Don't ever say that again." This demonstrates that even our words can mean different things to each person that hears them. We do have to be careful about uttering our self-fulfilling prophesies but we have to allow for the context in which they are said. As a single declaration of frustration they can be useful in releasing pent up angst or as an expression of determination. As a repeated mantra however, they can be devastating to the mind and body as it will embed the negative aspects deep within our body and spirit. If that happens, the work required to remove the prophesy can be overwhelming ... still accomplishable but it will be an up hill battle.

As children we had a tendency to believe and trust what we were told, in time this became the faith that we instilled into our minds. The knowledge of our parents, teachers and friends, in many cases became the things that got us through many of our early trials. They served their purpose, however along the way some of our beliefs and truths have begun to change. We have to accept that it isn't necessarily wrong for these to change. They change because our view of our world and of our selves has shifted. The attunement of understanding with the Divine is driving us to examine our beliefs. Belief and trust can only grow into faith if we allow them to take root within our body, mind and spirit.

As with all spiritual growth these aren't easy to master. The truth is even the masters sometimes stumble; what makes them different is that they have chosen to return to a place of belief, trust and faith without seeing immediate proof. They have chosen to make this a non-comprising position in their life and therefore there is always a measure of belief, trust and faith that can be raised up to supplant any fear, doubt or "set-back" that world perceives has happened. It takes a lot of time, a lot of patience and a lot practice to live in belief, trust and faith. Sometimes it's simply a matter of acknowledging it but still doing our best and trusting when our faith is at its lowest. Choosing to say a positive self-fulfilling prophesy and making it your hourly, daily, weekly, life-long mantra can help to ease the way back to faith.

Ultimately what we believe and have trust in will become the faith that carries us forward.

I bid you peace as you explore your beliefs, expand your trust and find the faith to sustain you. Blessings.




Staurolite is found around the world, in locations such as; USA, France, the Middle East, Madagascar, Brazil and Australia. Staurolite is an easily identifiable stone as the crystal structure creates a recognizable cross. There is lore about this cross being formed from the tears of fairies as Christ was crucified, therefore the stone is sometimes called the "fairy cross." Staurolite's unique feature of forming a cross was seen by early Christians as a stone of connection between heaven and earth. Many other ancient civilizations considered the stone a "good luck" with the ability to protect the bearer. The cross itself can vary in colour from yellow-brown to reddish-brown to brownish-black.

On the physical body, Staurolite has been used to alleviate fevers, treat neurological disorders and helps to prevent infantile paralysis. It has also been used to prevent epileptic seizures and relieve headaches. Staurolite has been useful for those who suffer with nicotine addition especially if there is a true desire to quit smoking. Staurolite also aids in releasing depression and can bring a person back to reality there is a tendency to exaggeration or "megalomania." Staurolite has also been shown to defuse stressful situations, especially when there has been an "over-commitment of energy to the situation.

Staurolite is said to be able to connect with very ancient wisdom of past civilizations. It can create a connection between and open the lines of true communication with the physical plane, the etheric plane and the spiritual planes.

Staurolite should be cleansed periodically, at least monthly if the stone is in constant use for healing. Allow Staurolite to rest in warm running water for a brief time and recharge overnight in amongst clear quartz crystals.






The celebration of Candlemass/Imbolc (Ground Hog Day) was traditionally the time when planning would start for the growing season ahead. Today we use the season to decide what we would like to manifest into our lives this year. We also begin to welcome the days as they grow noticeably longer and as the chill of winter slowly gives way to spring. As the sun's warmth begins its return we rejoice in all that life has to offer. Celebrate the warming sun, limitless potential and life itself.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

Oh joyous Light of new beginnings, let us celebrate the approaching Spring,

We have long been huddled against the cold and have forgotten the loving embrace that surrounds us daily.

Lift our hearts as we celebrate our return to Light.

Blessed be."



"Let Me Hope Again"

"Oh Divine Light, find me and light my way out of this place of fear.

Dare I hope to see the Light of love and beauty once again in my life.

Let me bask in joy and in the Light of a thousand smiles.

Let my soul rejoice that I too, can find peace and joy.

Oh, Love most beautiful and elusive of thoughts come home to me once more and remain with me.

For when I find Love, there rest Faith and Hope.

Together again forever deep within my heart and soul."

February 2010