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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Scientific or Spiritual, Everything is Possible

Isn't it wonderful how small scientific announcements can vastly impact and change our world? It's amazing that a small change in scientific thought can have huge repercussions in our everyday life. Simply looking at the last 100 to 150 years of our evolution will show you just how far we've come and just how far simple changes in thoughts have altered our very existence and our understanding of ourselves, our world and universe. So it's understandable that people depend on those thoughts and perceptions to define their world and it's also understandable just how unwilling they are to let go of those perceptions. There is safety in the thought that the world and our place in it has been a little more defined. Yet is that really true?

Science would have us believe so. Science likes structure and likes to have understanding. Science needs to define everything, from our planet's movement and rotation, to our biology and health, to every facet of our everyday lives and beyond. Every aspect of our lives is currently defined by some scientific principle. Yet science itself is always changing. New theories, new "advances," new discoveries are always on the horizon. There are also vastly differing opinions between different scientific groups. These scientific groups and communities are always trying to prove or disprove some theory. Yet, each will manage come up with their desired results in time. Therefore there will always be an allowance for any variant, based on the number of investigations and whatever principles are open to slight alterations. The interesting thing is no one ever questions or raises scathing objections to these variations ... there are always "sound, rational" explanations that seems to suffice.

Yet when the spiritual world collides with the scientific world, no allowances for change or for possibility are allowed. The rational, scientific mind set almost becomes unreasonable in it's interpretation of spiritual cures, marvels or "miracles." Spiritual changes and miracles are usually put down to misdiagnosis, misunderstandings, irrelevant and irrational, some other safe explanation or outright denial. We as spiritual beings should welcome and understand these changes but they do in fact seem to shake the foundation for some of our base scientific beliefs. We do know that spiritual changes happen and they happen quite often, even on the physical plane. It seems though that as spiritual beings we tend to hide these wonders. We hide them from ridicule, not just from science, but from our peers, our churches and religious organizations and even from our friends and families. There are few blows to our spiritual self that can withstand the seemingless harsh onslaught, at least initially, from those we care about or from our community. We do, over time, reassert ourselves and the knowledge and belief in what we've experienced but it can be an uphill, internal battle. The part of us that seeks a "scientific, rational explanation" can be a very strong influence but we do know what we know, what we've seen and what we've experienced.

When our spiritual world fully interacts with our physical being and wondrous changes occur we experience an onslaught of emotion. Joy at the marvel of what has occurred, relief and release as we heal in untold ways and unfortunately sometimes a hint of fear, creeps in. Yet, why should these marvels be any less than those of the scientific world!?! As spiritual beings we've seen cancer tumors shrink before our eyes, we've changed the body's processes to reverse and end diabetes, chronic inflammation and digestive dis-eases. There have also be cases where some base genetic tendencies like severe autism start to reverse it's rampage through a person's mental and physical state. Basically changing the genetics inherent in every single cell.

A case in point:

A woman has a severely handicapped and severely autistic child. This child is almost wheelchair bound, unable to recognize most of the signals that the body sends throughout the nervous system and is totally unable to communicate with his family and care workers. Now, eighteen years later we have a child's two-year old mind in a grown, adult body and the cost of supplies and care are escalating. So we chose one item to start with, like use of diapers are causing a financial drain on the family's resources. Healing and programming the body, mind and spirit begins with gentle talks each night as the child goes to sleep. Having the three aspects, body, mind and spirit, of this child begin to recognize the sensations of the body's need to release waste products in a more adult manner without the need for diapers and repeating the process every night. At first not much seemed to change, however then the Universe adds a catalyst about a month after the healing programming started. The catalyst is a younger health care giver, perhaps five to six years older than this child's actual adult age. Within an hour of this care worker's arrival, this child demanded that the diaper be removed and used the toilet for the first time in their life!

The belief that we have allows us to carry on with the spiritual changes that can so greatly impact our physical and biological functions. We have faith in science but we need to reinforce our faith and trust in the spiritual side of our being also. Whether we wish to refer to them as miracles, cures, healing or just knowledge, the potential is truly limitless. We are only bound by our perceptions of what science will allow and we must remember that science is still imperfect in its interpretation of us and the world. If we will allow science to continue to grow and learn and change the way we live and understand ourselves and our world, are we really so misguided and blind that we can't allow our spiritual world to do the same?

I bid you peace as you find your balance between the worlds of science and spirit. Blessings.




Galena is a shiny, lead-based metallic crystal. Although mostly sliver in colour some variations with a light purple sheen can often be found. It is available from many locations around the world such as Canada, United States, Britain, Bulgaria and Russia. Galena is common in many silver and lead mines around the world. Galena is sometimes referred to as "the stone of harmony" because of it's ability to bring balance to physical, mental and spiritual living. One of the most ancient uses for Galena was in the making of kohl for eyes, in ancient Egypt.

As a tool for physical healing, Galena works to reduce inflammation and is said to benefit the circulatory network of veins and arteries throughout the body. Galena when is used for physical healing it is thought to help the body to absorb more of the necessary base minerals that the body needs to be healthy.

Spiritually, Galena is said to help build a desire to see things through to completion. It enables curiosity to take a leading role to help the mind explore new avenues of thought and possibility. Galena can remove old restrictions that we believe were "carved in stone" or that were imposed by others on our thought processes. Galena is said to open the mind and expand the consciousness. Galena can also the user to find a balanced harmony with all planes of existence while remaining grounded in reality.

If Galena is to be used in elixir format it is important to remember that must be used externally only due to the lead content of the crystal. Galena rarely needs to be cleansed but will benefit from time spent in full sun.


galena galena2



Thoughts for February and March

As Winter begins ever so slightly to release it's grip on the northern hemisphere we begin to look forward to what Spring may hold for us. Not just on the physical plain but also on the spiritual. Love and renewal go hand in hand into the slowly lengthening days of Winter's end and Spring's beginning.

February is traditionally the month devoted to love and romance but we tend to get lost and focus on the outward expression of that love and desire. As important as sharing our expressions of love can be it is also important that we remember to also focus some of that expression on ourselves. While that may seem selfish it is vitally important that we can express our love for ourselves. All too often it is easy to find fault with ourselves. Whether we are all too focused on our external or internal self, we are very critical and unforgiving of our own perceived short comings. We find reasons to be unhappy with our outward appearance or with how we react to people or situations that seem to impact our every move. Then we beat ourselves up over what could have been, what might have been, what shouldn't have been or over actions taken or not . So this February make a promise to yourself, to show yourself tenderness, forgiveness and most of all unconditional love.

March brings a gentle warmth and all the hints of Spring. With the melting snows we see the beginning return of life. Tiny crocus flowers and tulips begin to dot the gardens and everyone waits to see the first robin of Spring. Newness and renewal take root all around us and we too begin to want change and growth in our own lives. March brings with it hope for something new seems to be around every corner and we seek to find ways to make that happen for our personal lives too. We can feel the joy return to our footstep with a lightness and bounce that seems to defy all of our internal and external turmoil. We desire newness and new beginnings and March brings us the opportunity to make the changes needed. These changes need not be physical, not yet at least, but are mental and spiritual in nature. We allow ourselves to shed old perceptions. and old ways of understanding to make room for a new way of living. This March open your heart, mind and spirit to everything new and reborn.



"Who Will I Be"

"Who am I and who will I be are the words and phrases that seem to haunt my waking hours.

Everyone seems to have an opinion, everyone desires recognition, even me. Titles and letters,

certificates and degrees seem to draw people's attention. Where do I fit in? Is it a

simple desire to be seen that stirs within or is it something more? I wander and

wonder as if I am yet unformed. I know that I am, I know that I exist.

I feel my heart beat, and my breath gives me voice. Yet there is a sense of something missing.

How can that be when I can see my reflection in a mirror and hear my voice sing?

Perhaps missing is the mistaken impression, perhaps I am changing and growing into myself.

Perhaps I have not recognized the chrysalis that is allowing me to become me.

But now that I feel it, now that I know it exists, I feel confined and trapped.

Now is my time to break free, now is my time to be the person and spirit I choose.

I chose it once before and now I will choose it again.

I shall be me and I shall be glorious as I reflect all that is wondrous and Divine in my life."

February/March 2012