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A New Awareness

2013 is a year that is destined to bring to minds, hearts, and souls of mankind, a new and wondrous understand of love. Love with all of it's nuances; the good, the bad, the messy, the aches and the splendid. It will allow us to better understand ourselves, our connections and bring about a more complete knowledge of compassion and of our spiritual growth and empowerment. Understanding this new energy will allow us to grow in ways unexpected. Therefore let's journey forward into a wonderful new experience.

Awareness or Mindfulness

Awareness and mindfulness seem similar on the surface. The meanings are close enough to be almost interchangeable. Yet the hidden energy of the words is very different. One over powering and one acceptance and balance. Trying to distinguish between the two can be confusing at best. The term "Awareness" seems to be the new buzz word circling around the spiritual and mundane worlds. It isn't just spiritual people touting this buzz word either. Doctors, lawyers, police, people from all paths seem to be talking about the need for awareness. While we all have a rudimentary understanding of the meaning of the work, the energy behind it can cause spiritual unease. It feels like the appropriate time to delve into this energy a little further.

We've been told by many people about the need to be "aware." Yet there seems to be a gap in what is expected and what we actually get around to doing. While awareness does serve a purpose in both the spiritual and mundane worlds, it also creates with it a problem that can become or seems to become all encompassing. The problem with awareness is that it expects full, uninterrupted, and focused attention. It demands an active acknowledgement and action of the item you are now aware of. This is the energy hidden within the word itself. In and of itself it isn't a bad thing but it can complicate the process of spiritual growth and can overwhelm the physical senses.

In the physical sense we are told to be aware of our bodies. We focus on our breathing and our heart-beat. We focus on our strengths and weaknesses. We focus, sometimes too much, on our situations whether financial, or emotional or whether we have in abundance or are in a state of lack. We focus and are told to be aware of all and any changes in our bodies that may be a sign of illness or dis-ease. We look around and watch our environment, aware of anything out of the ordinary. Yet as a physical duty, more is expected. Awareness is asking us to focus and be every alert and discriminating for each and every waking moment. Of course the mind is more than happy to accommodate this stance. The mind itself loves this stimulation and it is one of the reasons that we sometimes find meditation so hard to do. In the throws of this physical awareness, judgments rule, snap decisions run rampant, life is only about the buzz and activity of every waking moment. It also allows us to fall into the negative aspects of our thoughts and then we begin to create that reality. When we try to mediate, the silence we seek within is swallowed whole by this calliope of noise and sensation that is awareness. Awareness can become an obsession to the mind and be extremely difficult to break free of!

Spiritually, when we are asked to be aware, we open our body, mind, and senses to new knowledge and possibilities. The problem then becomes trying to balance these two very diverse expectations of physical and spiritual awareness. As we grow spiritually we seek a time of quiet and silence to hear and receive our guidance. Awareness brings with it doors closing, phones ringing, children and partners needing or demanding attention and the rest of the myriad of problems that plague everyday living. Awareness actually interrupts the spiritual silence we need. We know that through this silence we gain our sense of peace, our encouragement, our direction, our purpose and so much more. Yet while this sensory awareness runs rampant we are unable to focus, unable to quiet our mind and unable to open to all that is around us.

Awareness does serve a purpose in the spiritual and physical world in that is a call to action. It brings an energy and drive that will allows us to find our path or purpose if we are feeling lost. It can give us the focal point to move forward and flourish in something that moves us. When we act within that energy we find a growing sense of peace and grace fill our lives. So awareness does have it's place but I don't believe it should be the focus of every thought we have. It is important to keep the energy of awareness in check so that it does not consume us or all of our energy and thought processes.

Therefore, perhaps "awareness" isn't the word we should be using for most of out thoughts and sensory perceptions. Mindfulness is, I believe, a better word and it embodies energy that we are seeking most of the time. Mindfulness is a much gentler energy of observation.

Mindfulness allows us to be conscious of the buzz of everyday life without being enveloped into it. It allows for each thought, noise, crisis, idea or emotion to have it's time. There is time for the mind and spirit to return periodically to study, to reinforce or to refocus the actions and thoughts as needed to establish a calm understanding of events. Mindfulness embodies a peaceful process through the chaos that is living. When we are mindful of our physical existence we feel more in tune with the ebb and flow of life's events. We can acknowledge situations and events without succumbing to fevered action or emotion. Spiritually, mindfulness allows us to acknowledge our sources of inspiration and guidance while accepting life's events. It allows us to flow through our emotions and with the guidance available. Altogether mindfulness allows us to remain or return to a calm and constant state of being while experiencing our path and growth.

Both awareness and mindfulness have a place in our lives and in our spiritual paths. It is by understanding the hidden energy of the words that we can better filter and audit our responses. It allows us to determine where energy is needed and where we can let go. It isn't always going to be easy to determine when to use each but with practice and patience we can begin to take our control back. We desire mindfulness while being called to awareness but like all spiritual growth, each has it's time and place.

I bid you gentle mindfulness in all of your daily dealings and determined awareness when called to action. Blessings.




Shattuckite is another new world stone that was discovered in the United States of America. It's named for the Shattuck mine in Arizona where it was first identified. The USA is not the only area where this stone is found as it has been identified in Greece, Britain, Germany, Norway and a few African states. Shattuckite is also regarded as a "master" stone within the spiritual world. Shattuckite is mainly a bluish stone with many variations within the blue hues including turquoise. Shattuckite is always mottled and usually sold as a polished specimen.

As a tool for physical healing, Shattuckite is mainly used for minor health concerns. It can be used to bring the body into balance if feeling just a little "off." Shattuckite has also been used for releasing tensions held within the body. As an elixir, Shattuckite can be used for tonsillitis, although I recommend visiting a specialist who deals with elixirs for any such treatments. Shattuckite is beneficial for the vocal cords and for promoting a strong speaking voice. Some evidence suggests that Shattuckite is also beneficial for networks that bind the body together, strengthening the bonds and clearing any blockages.

Spiritually, Shattuckite is a "master" psychic stone and will improve all communication from Divine sources. Shattuckite works on the third eye to open and strengthen all psychic abilities including mediumship, clairaudience, clair-sentience, and will help to open any blocked channels. It can also aid in being able to verbalize the visions and messages you're given. Shattuckite promotes speaking truthfully from Source while strengthening the bonds between you and your own guides and loved ones who have passed. If channeling spirit information, Shattuckite becomes a powerful stone of protection, protecting the body from harm and maintaining control of the body while entities speak through it. Shattuckite is known to increase it's vibrational energy with each use and will continue to connect to the highest sources available. For psychic development Shattuckite is useful for clearing past-life traumas that may be hindering or overly influencing actions and reactions in this life. It will help identify the life, the events so that understanding can take hold and release those blockages.

Master stones don't normally need cleansing however if Shattuckite begins to feel heavy or burdened, a quick rinse in warm water and allowing it to dry in full sunlight will help lighten the energies once again..





Thoughts for February and March

February is, in the minds of the residents of the northern hemisphere, the beginning of the end of winter. The days are slowly becoming noticeably longer. The sun's light while still cool begins to bring a little more warmth with it. Our minds turn to the coming season and we begin our preparations for this year's growing season. Both physically and spiritually, we begin to plan our spiritual crops. We seek to plant new possibilities for our own growth and joys. Our desires for growth for the coming year and even future plans that need time and energy from many seasons, begin their progression from thought, to dream, to desire, and into the stage of planning. We use this time to set appropriate timetables, and for some we set milestone markers. February with it's blasts of cold winds and snow is actually the beginning of great things.

March brings with it renewal. The cold abates and gentle warming winds begin to blow. The last of winter's chill is chased from our lawns and our spirits. The birds of spring return and their songs help to buoy us forward with our plans and desires. to sowing those desired seeds for this year's work. The small steps begin, as we test the fertile ground of the mind and spirit for our readiness to begin. Conditions have to be right and the components all meet as our steps become firmer, the plans become more concrete within us and like the early flowers we burst forth in all our glory to the wondrous adventure that is our life journey.



"Simple Mindfulness"

"The sun rises and day begins and yet I am warily aware of much more.

My senses buzz with the hum of a house and home coming to life once more. A world rousing from rest.

It seems the barrage of noise and information will swallow me as it all vies for attention.

I have promised myself to be aware but is this what I asked for?

No, I think not. So today I will begin again to filter my world.

I will acknowledge the noise and din that must be answered.

I will see and acknowledge people, places and events each in their turn.

I will be aware of missteps and dangers ahead.

Yet to myself I will hold my quiet time and thoughts. I will instead remain mindful.

Mindful of the world. Mindful of the needs of family and friends.

Mindful of my body and it's needs and desires. I will allow the quiet to hold sway.

I will rejoice in my mindful view of my world, with senses alive but aligned with purpose.

So today I will meet my day, in perfect mindfulness ."




February 2013