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A New Awareness

As 2016 begins, we face many more challenges as spiritual beings. Our awakening can at time be tumultuous and disheartening and yet it can also be a time of wonder, joy and grace. The energy shifts will still cause some angst and some upsets. Emotions will run from one extreme to the other and yet in between will be times that will bring our spirits the respite and rest that is needed for each new shift. As we embrace the new understandings of ourselves and our world we will continue to grow and support each other.

The Thinning Veil

It seems a sad strange way to begin each year and yet every year begins with a passing of two of some iconic figure. This year it feels more surreal and more shattering as the numbers seem to be rising. To add to the feelings of loss many of us are also feeling the presence of those who have already passed. This thinning of the veil between worlds will effect many of us differently and we need to be conscious of how we respond.

During this time of the thinning veil even people who are usually unaware and very scientific in their evaluation of life may be in for some surprises. Complaints of floating eye specks and of being touched will be common and irritability could be the outward display that they are becoming uncomfortable with this new assault on their senses. The awareness being raised for these people is just the beginning of their spiritual growth.

Those who are curious but have never really explored or been very open to spiritual experiences may themselves begin to question their beliefs and the reactions their senses have to these new experiences. For these people this can be an amazing time of discovery and the beginning of new magnificent journeys. The laws of synchronicity will begin to manifest within their lives and many will be hard pressed to say that they didn't notice it.

People who have been mildly aware of the movement of spirits and have been able to sense them may find the same sensations taking on a new and more forceful feel. There will also be a renewed interest in past events as the memories clear and recognition of the signs and symbols become more frequent with new similar triggers. Past lives and interest in who they have been and the loves and lives touched will hold more interest as acceptance will become more of the norm for them.

Sensitives and empaths in some cases will have just as hard a time as those who didn't believe. The veil will thin in some cases until both worlds and beings exist simultaneously within both the mind and physical eye. Clarity of vision and of understanding will be put to the test and our own emotional responses can cause major shifts and upheavals. There will be little to deny as learning and inner knowledge bring about wonderful experiences that can either delight or terrify depending on interpretation.

Those who have always seen and heard will also have their patience tested by friends and loved ones experiencing these changes. Taking time to regroup inner resources, setting boundaries, and grounding can help deal with the emotional storm that everyone else will be wanting help with.

Even the children born during this time will return to us with knowledge that can astound. There have always been stories of a child saying to a parent or grandparent; "remember when you were young and we did ...."! The potential for children coming back with entire family histories mentally intact and accurate will be a joy if you allow and let your spirit believe in the truth it hears. Even the spirit within those children will recognize family members born to different branches of the family drawing everyone back into the communal knowledge that society has taught us to separate from. Their knowledge of individual soul journeys and the ability to distinguish allies at an early age is meant to serve and protect them.

The thinning of the veil that is happening in 2016 will be profound for many people. Yet as with all shifts not everyone will be aware of them. Some people will continue to deny the ability to contact passed loved one, guides, angels, and other divine beings. This is truly just the beginning and the changes and knowledge that will flow forth can be wondrous for everyone.

I bid you peace as you experience the wonder of seeing through the veils. Blessings.



Pearls (Revisited)

Pearls are very common and although not crystals, they can impact our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Pearls are traditionally white or off-white though more colours like black, green, gray, and other colours are being created with human assistance. Most Pearls comes to us from most coastal regions where oysters are available. Although not the only mollusks to produce pearls, oysters are most often used for seeding. Pearls are mentioned in many ancient texts including the bible and it is said that Cleopatra would serve ground pearls in wine to her most important and influential guests. Many superstitions surround the gifting of pearls, with the most notable being that pearls should never be given as an engagement or bridal gift because they symbolize tears.

As a tool for physical healing, Pearls have been shown to be of great use to those who suffer with migraines. Elixirs of Pearl water are said to help women balance their hormones and glandular systems. Always consult a specialist in elixirs before consuming. Some texts also reference pearls as being able to decrease allergy sensitivities.

Spiritually, Pearls are beneficial to becoming open to accepting and following your path or journey. Pearls have the energy of flowing and can aid in finding the channels of possibility that aren't so easy to see, channels that may actually speed us to our destinations. Pearls can aid in finding and maintaining inner peace at any age.

Pearls should be cleansed overnight by soaking in salt water, using any natural sea salt. Allowing Pearls to rest in a seashell will keep them bright and energized. Pearls will be most beneficial to the body if they are worn often against clean, dry skin.




Thoughts for February & March

We sit within slowly watching the returning light. Our spirits get anxious and ready for the coming change. Even with the cold winds and winter snows that come, we sense the earth preparing to begin her gentle move forward. Our time in the dark is coming to an end and we long to stretch outward and to reconnect. Our dreams begin to form deep with in us and we experience the thrill of anticipation. Not meeting our dreams is not even imagined as we push our boundaries, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

We must spend our time to prepare our mind for the changes that come. For this time is the time of planning and of lofty dreams. We see beyond the basics and stretch our minds and hearts toward our desires. At this time of the year it is easier to find the pathways to accomplish our goals. The many opportunities and benefits that exist within each pathway are also clearer. So allow yourself to dream as small or as large as you wish it to be.



"Open My Eyes"

"Too long I have waited and existed in fear.

Today will be different.

Today I will trust in the will and glory of the Divine.

Today i will open my eyes and see all that is.

I will not be bound by my own misconceptions.

I will see me as I truly am.

I will see my family, friends, and everyone else as the Divine intended them to be.

Today I will marvel at the glory and beauty that only open eyes can see.

From this day onward, my eyes will be open."


February 2016