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A New Awareness

2017 is certainly off to a difficult, and painful start. In the midst of all our wonders and glorious achievements some of our baser fears and uncertainties have been made manifest. Yet our response has been quick and determined. A fever pitch of spirit has risen and will not be silenced or returned to old ways. In many ways we are loosing or have lost some very dear relationships and connections but there is the potential that all that has been stripped away is indeed making room for massive growth and rebuilding. In order to rebuild our hopes, our dreams, and our potentials away from false beliefs and misunderstandings so that the footings that we put down now will be strong enough, durable enough, and held dear enough to make the changes that will wake and grow us in to the beings we were always meant to be.

Healing Energy Isn't Just Reiki

As spiritual beings we all have an innate sense of the abilities that the Divine grants to us. We have come to an understanding of the healing principle. We have all had experiences with Reiki, Pranic Healing, and other forms of energy healing and we may even practice one or more of these modes of energy healing. We know that every being has the ability to be a healer. Even many pet owners will agree that they have "special bonds" or "have felt better after being with their pet." I've seen animals take the brunt of their owners health issues and pass early so that their owner could have more possibility. Where we tend to loose sight of things is when we determine that healing energy must appear in a form that we are comfortable with.

There are many people who, though trained in the healing arts, prefer to not to be thought of or use their skills as usual and we have those who don't believe that they are healers or that they may not be very good at it. This isn't a waste as long as they allow spirit to move within them. They will find other ways to manifest their healing natures without seeming to compromise their sense of ability, worth, or privacy. Sometimes its important for healing energy to manifest in more mundane and comfortable ways.

Do you know someone who can make anyone feel comfortable as soon as they walk into the house? How about someone who can whip up a meal and party trays without a second thought? How about someone who always happens to show up when you least expect it but so need help? Do you know someone who's smile and hug change your mood and day? Or maybe you know someone who will give up a day off to cook or help a senior who is alone? Sound familiar?

We all know at least one person like that. Their caring nature out shines any hurt, distrust, or manipulation they've encountered. Sure they may be selective about who they help but the empathy that they bring to these situations are stepping stones for healing and other healers. A lot of these healers are empaths and they seem to move around their "patients" with an ease that belies they're experience. With their gentle actions these healers have a special role to play between the people who believe energy healing to be nonsense and those who trust in its possibility.

These are the people who may be someone's first introduction to an alternative healing modality. They bring forward a gentle energy that can foster an budding interest in what is possible with spirit. Its in this gentle exchange that the healing principle can begin to work and make the gentle changes necessary. When these healers join with other healers and modalities it can create a strong and resilient group that both grounds and supports each other.

I bid you peace as you witness the different people who bring healing to your life. Blessings.



Kyanite (Revisited)

Kyanite can be a very strong healing crystal. It can be found in many shades from an almost white to very pale blue to dark blue. Kyanite comes to us mostly from the European community, especially Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, but can also be found in Western Africa and in some areas of the United States. In ancient Greece Kyanite was favoured as a stone of protection for long sea journeys and was made into amulets for many travelers.

As a tool for physical healing, Kyanite can aid in healing throat and neck issues. Kyanite has also been shown to help with eye and hearing problems. Kyanite is excellent for people who are not used to speaking in front of crowds as it opens the lines of communication.

Spiritually, Kyanite is a stone of speech and expression. Kyanite creates a positive energy field that can calm the mind and clarify issues. Kyanite can also be used to dispel feelings of inadequacy and sadness. Kyanite can aid in opening the mind and spirit to learning new languages and experiences.

Kyanite should be cleansed every time it is used for healing or after a stressful day if worn as jewelry. Rinse Kyanite under warm water and allow to rest overnight with clear quartz or rock crystals.




Thoughts for February & March

A new year is underway and with it comes new plans, new dreams, and new opportunities for our lives and spirits to grow. The slowly lengthening days call to our instincts and desires to grow and become more than we were. Our minds begin to stretch the limits of what was thought to be possible and our potential to change grows. We will no longer hide from what the world thinks of us. We are leaving the dark of the year and we are leaving any dark thoughts where they lay. Today we will face a bright sun, a lengthening day, and the new beginnings it heralds. We will face forward and welcome the new season of growth, the highs and the lows, and we will celebrate our lives and connections.



"Healer's Touch"

"I reach my fingers out to touch another's pain.

I can feel what is expected and spirit guides my hands and touch.

Softly my fingers enter through another being's aura protections and a connection is made.

The spirits within both bodies sigh in warmth and connection.

The relief that begins to flow touches everything in both lives.

Pain begins to fade and the body finds a common ground for healing.

Both understand the need for the use of gentle time, gentle touch, and Divine guidance.

Accepting the gift of energy helps both become stronger.

This touch is amazing, whether for a moment or an hour, the changes

spur the body on to more wonderful and inspired feelings of wellness.

Today spirit touched a healer who touched another.

Spirit found a being willing to help and one willing to be well,

and two more lights joined for the good.

Today I reached out."


February 2017